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[FAR VERONA // E02 Q&A] The Yancy Incident and Other Stories


(AnneMunition) #22

Regarding how nobles view non-nobles, I don’t think that’s a lack of understanding on our part but that there are moments when our characters have decided to eschew that status quo in favor of defending a member of our team. We actually talked about that in one of the previous videos, I can’t remember exactly when.

Regarding the “how and what synthetics are” - I think you’re saying that because I asked today how we could tell what a synth was. I felt chat really took that comment too literally and immediately started spamming with “You can’t, that’s the POINT.” I was trying to understand how we got the intel to come after this one specific person and whether there’s like a database where we can search other people’s faces or something to check if they’re a synth. I also misheard Adam when he was describing one of the suspected synths we dealt with today; that misunderstanding was cleared up during the episode. I understand they look exactly the same as humans. I disagree with you that we aren’t on the same page as the rest of you with the lore there.

Edit: As others have said, it’s also literally only been two episodes and you haven’t seen TOO much yet of our characters having to confront that dichotomy. You might be prematurely judging how our characters feel.

(Dave_Human) #23

This might very well be the case. I think after voicing the opinion I’ve definitely overreacted, so I apologise if this came across as too accusatory or negative. I wasn’t thinking of a specific instance, more that the question was asked multiple times by different cast members, or this was how it seemed? I could have misheard or misinterpreted for sure.

Hearing your character’s clear stance and extreme views was a highlight of the episode. Perhaps if I’d focused on that, as opposed to the more nebulous bad feelings I wouldn’t have written anything.

Thank you for your participation with the show, I’m still really looking forward to future episodes!

(lady8jane) #24

And now he has the correct title in the Great Wiki Library … :smiley:

(AnneMunition) #25

No worries! I LOVE how passionate and excited everyone is, so I definitely want to do the show justice and do a good job in general. I was aware that chat misunderstood my line of questioning so I wanted to clarify it for everyone. I think I was trying to read something about my telepathic contact ability when he was describing the scene, so I just misheard him and needed clarification. It’s also just one of those things we have to remind ourselves of - like I think I called the synth “he” multiple times because it’s described as a human male and we’re not used to referring to human males as “it.” So, even though my character would definitely refer to synths as “it,” that’s just a hard habit to break.

I’ll try to do better! I’m sure we all will. :smiley:

(Steven_Smiley) #26

Awesome episode, loved all the characters.

(Meeguls) #27

I just want to positively call out Anne for the work she’s put into her character and the show. And this isn’t because of the dumb negative stuff directed her way from chat during the episode. I legit want to recognize and acknowledge her effort. And this isn’t meant as a criticism of the other players either. They probably have things we don’t know about yet but this is what I’ve noticed from Anne.

Anne has been the most active in the discord, created a twitter account for her character with a portrait, has clearly read the wiki on Serpens and is trying to use the stuff they’ve created (she’s given her parents appropriate noble titles for instance), etc. She respects the lore created by the fans and is trying to “get it right”, even though the cast is under no real obligation to do that. Thanks for your hard work Anne! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Edit: Oh and the fact that Anne was in here commenting on stuff! Her engagement with the community if off the charts.

(thisrogue) #28

This is not even a question, I’m just so excited and happy with this cast and their character. Booker is growing on me, Riley and Nomi are polar opposites that I loved from day 1 at first sight and Jaycen is the anime character we needed to complete the team.
I’m really really glad for the new additions to the team. Everybody is new to the system, and of course hiccups happen but there’s no words for how happy y’all are making me each week and how I hope to see more of your stories… so please don’t die.

PS: Anne, use the 12 HP walls of meat that is your crew, stay safe.

(Tarras_que) #30

Telepathy and precog are some of the toughest disciplines to suffer through, especially when you don’t have handfuls of effort to throw around. Telepathy doesn’t really feel like telepathy until level 2 when you can read thoughts. You’re more of an empath until then. Also almost all the Telepathy techniques require you to use the core skill on the target first. That means you have to spend at least two effort to use them. Precognition techniques almost exclusively require you to commit effort for the day.

Two easy ways to grab more effort: metapsionics 1 gives you +1 effort and the Psychic Training focus also gives +1 effort. Also the focus lets you cheat into a level 2 psychic skill before level 3. Nomi could potentially get any discipline to level 2 (it costs 3 skill points for a new discipline, 2 for the two she knows already) at the start of next session. That will give her 4 effort to throw around.

(Ground_control) #31

Small useless rule comment about the full warrior ability that Max doesn’t have because he is a partial warrior (so it doesn’t matter outside for other gms/players this show may confuse), according to page 18, it’s not a free reroll once per fight after a attack failed roll, it’s a full&free auto hit per fight after a failed attack roll. According to space fight example later in the book also works with ship weapons, unlike the autododge ability which doesn’t work with vehicles.

(ThatBronzeGirl) #32

That is kind of how I saw it as well, we talked about it a bit in one of the videos if I recall correctly. I don’t think of nobles as a monolith and I always figured that they all didn’t speak and treat non-nobles the same way. Kind of like how not all high caste people treat low caste people as subhuman… a lot of them do but a lot of them don’t, even though they still benefit from the caste system. Although I am sure the current crew is the exception and not the rule. In the first episode, I definitely didn’t feel “chummy” with anyone on the crew until I saw them specifically (each character in their own way) do something out of the norm that made Riley feel safer to rely on them. Personally, I feel like its a nice way to show the PC’s morality early on. Although they may be nobles they still have their own set of values and I feel like it would be boring if they all pretended Riley didn’t exist the way the noble NPCs do. Her presence in their crew poses a unique challenge for them, and they constantly have to weigh her usefulness against the issues they face dragging around a non-noble. That is precisely why Riley tries so hard to be useful. On some level she probably understands that its easy for her to wear out her welcome. Just my 2 cents! Sorry for the wall of text~!

(disusedgenius) #33

I dunno, most of the shows have a half-dozen episode run up for the players to really own the world they’re operating in. The only reason I think it seems worse in this case is that a lot of the audience has a huge amount of knowledge that normally only Adam would have.

The setup is also a bit different to Swan Song, which occupied more of the scummy mud of the universe. Fancy space-opera stories with heavily lored political systems always have a lot more exposition and setup to churn through and you can only do that so elegantly in an RPG. CoS had similar starting issues and, well, I’m not sure whether poor Wheat ever really understood why everyone yelled at him during Dark Heresy. :slight_smile:

Plus, as someone who has deliberately avoided the GM prep, the cast were generally raising questions that I had as well. With the synth inspiration seemingly somewhere between Blade Runner and Alien it’s tough to know where exactly the show is placing itself, so if they don’t ask, I won’t know either!

(papercull) #34

Now that the main ship has been shown in the show I have some rules related questions. In the prep streams Adam stated that the PC’s ship was a fully crewed Corvette, which would be a Frigate-class starship, however according to RAW the minimum hull size for shuttle bays is Cruiser. So a Fleet Cruiser would better match the in-show description given and with a minimum crew size of 50, compared to the max size of 40 on a Corvette the crew size could be comparable to what Adam had originally stated as as goal. This is from the Building a Starship section of the rules starting pg94 and the fittings table pg97.

So I guess the question is, Is the ship a Corvette or a Cruiser? Thanks for the show.

(AdamKoebel) #35

I think I might bump it up to Cruiser size, actually. :smiley:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #36

Looking forward to the eventual downfall of Yancy :smiling_imp:

(Ground_control) #37

Yeah you definitively should. I would suggest a logistic ship hull but it’s not in the base game, only in the military ship book Skyward Steel (where all the good hulls are if you ask me). It’s far less a big weapon system than the basic cruiser and it got a lot more place for support systems and star trekkie stuff. 40 mass 40 power is the sweet spot if you want to house rule it.

(tralfamadorian42) #38

Perhaps the Fornax and Crux patrons could offer some suggestions for the ship’s fittings.

(Womprats) #39

Hey @AdamKoebel , it felt like the Synth registry that Crux is in possession of threw you off a bit as after some discussion during the game, the players basically brought to light that being able to scan (the scan is of their face/appearance I guess?) a person and look them up in a database makes synth identification a whole lot easier than the previously intended requisite of dissection.

Any thoughts on this situation? Think you mentioned it would involve a roll, but the difficulties abstracted by the roll aren’t super clear.

If it is an appearance-based registry, perhaps facial altering stuff became widely sought-after among synths, which could be a way of making it an unreliable method of identification in the fiction?

(d098s) #40

Man everyone’s so quick to shit on Yancey. He had a person run up on him and try to wrestle a gun out of his hands resulting in it going off. Then he immediately used a laz patch to save the life of the person that assaulted him even though she was just a pleb and he didn’t have to. Then he let a non noble talk trash to him about it because he feels bad about what happened. I’d say Yancey due better then you guys are giving him.

(profnesbitt) #41

Close but the gun didn’t go off because she was struggling with him that would be more understandable. He took a step back from her to make sure she couldn’t bind his gun up again and then shot her. Makes him significantly less of a victim of circumstances.

(AdamKoebel) #42

It really didn’t. This was always the plan since the beginning. Crux doesn’t have the full database, some was destroyed during the early battles and some synths were never registered. Simple as that. What Crux has is partial and even that runs afoul of appearance modification, hacker tampering, etc. Plus PRISM provides the necessary data to match observation to data and isn’t always available or forthcoming.