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[EP 05 Q&A] Glorn in 60 Seconds


(Olf_Himself) #41

If he's a prince then surely he had Blue Blood? :itmejplol:

(mrmercer13) #42

New theory: when slimes reproduce their name is based on the letter they can say when they are cast off from the main body e.g. Eugene was the letter E cast off from the slime known as Ugene, who was the U cast off from Gene, etc. This would likely mean that many of the older slimes would simply be known by singular letters, though some may be older than this naming convention.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #43

All I want to say is - I LOVE this show :itmejpheart: and Adam your puns and song references are on point :itmejp10:

(wirenfeldt) #44

@AdamKoebel I really want there to be a Charlie's Angels-esque group in this universe called Rex's Exes.. Saw it in the comments of the VOD, make it happen Koebel!

(leovaeg2) #45

I agree about the tone of the show, but I'm on the side of loving it :slight_smile:

now, I am a youtube viewer, so maybe that's why it works better in that medium - 30-60 minute chunks of hilirity are sometimes more manageable than a 4hr blitz of it

(Cheshired) #46

Just finished up 5th ep. Good stuff. I just got to say that I love it a lot.

Brown furry creature eating cats absolutely got me.

(dsc5x) #47

I heard that all Rex's exes live in space Texas

(CultureSyndrome) #48

Rextra Rexual Rextivities (RxRxRx)

(Bezier123) #49

Not sure why, but I love this idea so much!

(Bezier123) #50

That is an amazing idea. Hopefully ir becomes canon very soon!