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[EP 05 Q&A] Glorn in 60 Seconds


(AdamKoebel) #1

all hail the blixnort leboloax'ta, he who feels the feelings

(Macaluso100) #2

Do you think if Qin had a podcast with those two other lizardmen, he'd call it "My Brother, My Brother and Me"?

Also "I want to find a chink to exploit" - Sam Strippin, 2017

(thyL) #3

I am in awe of your pundabilities, Adam.

Just commenting to say that I love that show.

(Luzahn) #4

So Adam, how are you so good at corrupting Sam? He went from trying to resist eating people to just chompin' whole rooms in four episodes. Even Gallahan took longer than this to go all evil.

(TheWorklessGamer) #5

All praise the great unjarred one. He who was reborn with salt water in his eyes. And rage in his gills.

(FikonSpik) #6

I for one am really interested about what compels Jesse had in store for Eugene at the great escape!

(teebeeohh) #7

wow adam , just wow. that pun

btw is qin in danger of going crazy since his spirit jar was probably on their ship and they have been separated for weeks, arguably by enemies? since i assume he only gets mystic kung-fu powers after the trials

(moenoel_) #8

So, if Jesse uses his jacker hacker skills to literally hack the planet next episode, will that suffice to prove him Lisan al-Gaib (or whatever the hell he substituted for it) of the lizard people or what?

(NaiElak) #9

Has anyone read Yahtzee Croshaws new book "Will Save the Galaxy for Food" ?

The "Eugene One" ship reminds me of the "Corona Platinum God of Whale Sharks" from that book if its as undefended as it sounds

"Start with something shaped vaguely like a jar. A huge, thick, curvy jar with very few aerodynamic properties, the kind of thing they sell yeast extract in. them make it the size of a house so that its curved, spidery landing legs are visibly straining under the weight. then find some way to give the jar a tumorous disease that covers it with observation bubbles, each housing a bedroom or some decadent facility or another"

"Its functional, yeah, but look at it. It might as well have a big sign trailing out the back saying 'Pirates please kill us and take all our stuff', and it would only move like a whale shark if the whale shark was on dry land in Earth Gravity"

(MrMustacho) #10

he introduced a woman

(amrean15) #11

A wonderful show indeed Adam! It's truly amazing how you can look at the Sci-fi genre and generate two different atmospheres like swan song and nebula jazz.

(MrMustacho) #12

i'm guessing the loss of his jars is what unlocks his dormant jarrless power

(nightblade3) #13

@AdamKoebel what is your thought Process when you are creating these campaigns I would love to know where you draw inspiration from.

(uncecio) #14

oh gosh the pun of the title lol also the prince whispering into rex ear, i laugh really hard. I seriously believed they wouldn't leave margeritavile this episode, but what about six arms lady?

(MrMustacho) #15

the cast probably has a lot of influence on the feel of the universe

(AdamKoebel) #16

I draw inspiration from everything but this campaign is inspired by 80s pop culture, comic book sci-fi, jazz music and cartoons!

(AdamKoebel) #17


No, there are specific rituals to prove whether one is He Who Is the Jar.

(evilwelshman) #18

@AdamKoebel @Dexteritybonus:

If "Fugene" returns as the show's arch-rival like Jesse predicted, would every word of his starts with the letter 'F'? For instance, like - "Fou feft fee fon FargaritaFille!"


(TheDesec) #19

Ok, stop! Feedback time!
In the Blades feedback thread I claimed we're an honest audience/community, and I'd like to provide my 2 cents on Nebula Jazz.

After a few episodes Nebula Jazz is to me: Funny, happy, silly, colorful, joyful and merry. Even a gruesome scene, when Rex ate a Wall Street Penguin a few episodes back felt like a goofy cartoon to me.

Also, I get that puns are funny, and there have been many puns on all other shows. But I feel like everything in NJ is a pun. It's too much for me. It makes me uncomfortable. I can't watch NJ anymore. And I'm 100% certain it's because it's too silly. At times I felt like watching Ren & Stimpy, or Spongebob (*).

I got this feeling after two shows, but at first falsely accused the new ruleset for my discomfort with the show. I know I don't like the ruleset, but if that was all, I could ignore the technicalities for the sake of the storytelling.

Don't get me wrong, I loved every single cast member in different shows. NJ is just too silly (and all that) for me, so I'm peacing out. Feedback over.

I hope everyone else keeps enjoying the show!
See y'all tomorrow on Blades and Courts! :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

(*) I mean this in a bad way, just in case you like those shows. I can watch shows like those for 10 minutes and then I got enough of that for a good long while...

(Macaluso100) #20

^^^ I mean that's fair I think. I can't watch Court of Swords at all because it's just too brutal and I don't find watching characters die and players barely struggle to survive every episode fun. This show is way way more up my alley and the puns and stuff kill me. No need to feel like you have to like every show! West Marches was another one I just couldn't get into.

Blades is a show that seems like it's a good in between but I just haven't taken the time to sit down and watch hit