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[EP 05 Q&A] Glorn in 60 Seconds


(sinderfell) #21

Entirely fair, not everything's gonna be a hit for everyone. I love all three shows, even if I may or may not be a garbage monster who lives off bad puns.

For real though, gdi Adam with this thread title :itmejpfml:

(KidCronos) #22

@AdamKoebel Can we expect Rex to see more visions of the prince in the future? And will said visions be as "steamy" as the last one :itmejplewd: ?

(crowly_) #23

Nice Alf reference at the end :slight_smile:

(CultureSyndrome) #24

I done did some doodles during Nebula Jazz, they're nothing special, barely related but I felt I should share The Madness

(CultureSyndrome) #25

Fugene was also left alongside his sibling, yugene. I could see them being good antagonists for eugene. maybe they also have an army of Wombat children as henchmen.

(AdamKoebel) #26

I know you meant this as a criticism but like, thank you? :smiley:

(AdamKoebel) #27

:itmejplewd: yes. yes you can.

(TheDesec) #28

Yeah, you're welcome. "Those" cartoons are silly fun to watch. They are entertaining. But my ability to pay attention to this kind of goofy, silly stuff, is very limited :wink:

Also: Feedback and criticism often go hand in hand, I guess. I'm just telling you why I don't like NJ that much. I'm not asking to change it! I don't have to like everything. Like fish. I don't like fish.
I'm sure I'll drop by sometime when the show is live, but I won't bother to keep up and fully watch each episode, like I do with other shows :stuck_out_tongue:

(banned) #29

The Huntress culture is so interesting.

Like bearing a child is nothing, it's just a thing that happens if you have sex (to them not implying this as a relaity), but the physical intimacy required for murdering one another is a binding of the souls.

Outside of the insanity that is, it rings very close to some of the later stuff in the Hannibal TV series.

(AdamKoebel) #30

It's a little bit kung fu, a little edgelord, very much like "the only true act is to kill" vibes.

(Luclazy) #31

Hey @AdamKoebel, was Qin, or another character maybe, being the chosen one roughly planned, and do you have any ideas for what Qins powers as the Unjarred One are/will be?

(banned) #32

Mmm, maybe I'm just looking too deeply into it. I'm close to a rewatch of Hannibal, so it's been on my mind.

(sinderfell) #33

I mean, I think anything involving Qin at this point is just Adam assigning context in the moment to the unhinged nonsense that is a Jesse Cox PC, with a sprinking of chat memes. As great as everyone in the show is, it really feels like the perfect sandbox for Jesse and Dodger in particular.

(AdamKoebel) #34

oh yeah, it's this for sure.

(DBCrumpets) #35

I am absolutely in love with this show Adam, it's SO funny. Thanks for bringing about a really great comedy roll play show!

(bloodeballs) #36

Would love to see the big bad instead of Fugene be the spurned marsupial lover, petting Fugene a la Ernst Blofeld of James Bond.

EDIT - Loved the dune reference!

(BorisIgnatievich) #37

Just caught up on the vod, I'm not sure if I feel violated by the mental image of a small pink marsupial floating in Eugene or not :itmejplol:

Really excited to see more about Pokkets homeworld too, she's kind of felt the least involved so far, and this should help flesh out Aurora more (that last 20 minutes was already one hell of a start in that regard!)

(Kol_Saresk) #38

I just imagine as one of those cartoon or anime scenes where someone gets subdued by being shot with some sort of gel bubble and then they're stuck floating in it, but the bubble is talking lol.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #39

Amazing show all.
Minor Nitpick Adam. I'm pretty certain the high prince had Silver hair, not blue/black :wink:
Sorry, im a sucker for details.

(banned) #40

I thought the High Prince had Gold hair, or was that Gold skin, Silver hair, purple blood?