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[E91 // Court of Swords // Q&A] The Caravan Ambush


(AdamKoebel) #1

arrows from above! so many arrows!

(Mr_Undergr0und) #2

Once again, following tradition, everything goes to Hell.

(Olf_Himself) #3

Those fucking rolls man.:itmejps:

(Bgriffs) #4

JP the Kinslayer.

Can’t wait to see what Kali has unleashed upon the world. :itmejphype:

(Ty_martinez) #5

Just going to say thank you Zeke for doing what we all wanted I cant wait to see what happens next episode.

(korulski) #6

I wonder, if Kali rung the bell lightly, he’d have seen Jadara and could’ve saved here, right? Just didn’t realize it?

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #7

…and everything was going so well. Those rolls, oof.

Why do I get the feeling that Kalimat got rooked by the Page?

(Scara29) #8

So many crits and then just some real bad rolls. You did good Dan, hopefully Yoji and Kali can drag Jadara’s body back to the cult to get resurrected.

So the target lady had advanced healing? Now that Kali has killed her it’s unleashed something? Can’t wait to see what happens next time.

(Scara29) #9

He could well have gotten duped by the Page, the Bell after all is the Queen’s project, and if the Page just wants to mess up the Queen’s plans then getting the holder of the Bell killed works just as well.

(Scara29) #10

Kali couldn’t have rung the bell again softly as he’d already rung it 3 times getting up close to the mage at the start of the fight. If he had had a soft ring left then maybe he could have gotten to her and stabilised her.

(swillw3) #11

If I was going to craft a bow, and have it be extra special, what kind of roll would you expect?
Rangers suck, IMO, but I have one, who needs to carry a group.

(korulski) #12

I missed the beginning of the battle, ty for clarifying!

(CrazyKSK) #13

If I remember right jadara was downed by the bell when they found it and got a free succesful death save, would that not be enough to keep her alive?

(Starmage) #14

i wonder who the dead guy in the waggon was, i guess like a priest or overseer to the “target girl” seeing how special she sems to be… and how powerfull a mage the mage would have been if she didnt had been killed in one hit :smiley: spells etc

or how this all would have went if they would just have talked to eachother, but it was a ambush afterall not negotiations… but there must have been quite a bit of lore and story with all them waggon peoples.
guess next time we will find out more with whatever happens to the girl after the stabbing.

it was a really great episode.

(Ezekiel_III) #15

I was out of rings, unfortunately. I used 3 to get the drop on the mage.

(Scara29) #16

No problem :smiley:

(almara2512) #17

i just love the fact that jp rolled so well during the combat, and when jadara was dying, he crit failed and killed her, it sucks but at the same time it sorta rocks too, and if dan makes a new character at lvl 10 then this group will be very powerful, if dan makes a lvl 10 bladesinger(since they are allowed to use some of the elven subraces) with the defensives that subclass has, then i can see the group becoming very very powerful, especially with spells like animate objects and bigby’s hand and later with tenser’s transformation.

(Xtc_269) #18

Adam, when the Heavy/Gladiator was feared by Kali, why didn’t he take the dash action during all four rounds of the fear, as per the spell description? Instead, you allowed him to hide for three rounds, instead of dashing.

The reason why I ask is because doing so contributed to Dan’s character dying. Rather than the Heavy/Gladiator being back into combat after 1 turn, it would have taken 4 (or 3 more turns). JP’s crit fail would have happened while the Heavy/Gladiator was still 60 feet away from Dan’s character. And JP would have killed the Heavy/Gladiator right on the same round he returned into combat.

Those 3 rounds of not dashing allowed him back into combat much faster, and it had massive consquences to the outcome of the fight. Are you guys using an alternate version of the Fear spell?

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #19

Their initial plan wouldn’t have worked since the caravan NPCs were already suspicious and expecting a trap. All it would have taken is one bad deception v. insight roll and the fight would’ve been on anyway, except with our boys at a significant disadvantage.

Outnumbered as they were, going straight for the ambush was the right call.

(AdamKoebel) #20

It’s my understanding that line of sight is what makes that spell do the movement thing. I’ll review for next time!