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[E47 Q&A] Interview with an An Annepire


(corran1189) #42

I also want to see an Eldritch Knight or a Bladesinger

(Typoko) #43

Wizard could be rather on point as the players have some beef with one wizard so they might need one to find that one or as an settlement the party would be given someone to give them help on their journey to get Ramus his soul back. EK is also pretty much a wizard as they use Int as casting stat. Problem with EK is that they are mechanically weak if one doesn't cheese things up and for example get cantrip spells from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. EK gets a bit better at level 7 when they get both level 2 spells and the ability to cast a cantrip and get weapon attack as an bonus action. The casting just doesn't seem to work well with other Fighter abilities such as Extra Attack.

Imho, Evocation wizard would be good for JP. He can go and cast all of his good AoE spells without having to worry that some of his allies are within the are of effect. Big numbers! Much dice! Wow! Such damage!

What i would like to see as an quest for a wizard would get access to some ancient literature that would contain some spells that would be homebrew. It would be a cool showcase of the fact that one doesn't have to only follow the limitations of the rule books when it comes to magic and it would give a really good motivation for a character. Not like i follow the limitations as a DM because for example the rules/spells of creating undead minions are extremely laborious and inefficient. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #44

Agreed you'd definitely need those SCAG spells it an EK. I'd love a deep Arcane storyline, I really enjoyed that Wizards tower episode.

(Olf_Himself) #45

What I really liked about Enoch is the power game aspect of him. I would really like someone to play like a really broken character but it might be hard at the level we're at right now.

(Monstercloud1) #46

I really wish Adam would include SCAG/EE beyond just the race options. The Cantrips from SCAG really add quite a few options for anyone that could cast cantrips, and anyone who took the magic initiate feat. Green-Flame blade could be flavored as a Mara-based spell, and Lightning Lure perhaps based around the Tower (No matter how far you run, you will face destruction).

(Twitch: eyearcana) #47

I don't think he said no to it, I just don't think the other player's know about it.

(Monstercloud1) #48

I don't know - he's never brought up the options in character creation, and I imagine if he did allow it, he would of made players, if not at least the main cast aware of it by now.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #49

@AdamKoebel Would you allow the four spells out of the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide for players to use?

(VyRe40) #50

Variant human fighter, spear feat with Sentry feat is pretty wild and great for controlling the flow of the fight.

(Typoko) #51

Most of the broken things require the use of things outside of the basic books so they won't be available for CoS. In book broken things usually involve combination of feats like Enoch had. Another one that is rather crazy is Sentinel (phb 169) + Polearm master (phb 168). Monsters entering your reach of 10 feet provoke opportunity attack and if you hit something with opportunity attack their speed is reduced to 0 so they can't get next to you. You also get bonus action extra attack with Str damage modifier and you can hit enemies if they hit your allies next to you and you can ignore disengage when someone tries to get away from you... and then you drop their speed to 0 when you hit them. Problem is that this build requires solid understanding of the rules and how to abuse them and everyone in the party needs to know how to position to not let the GM ignore him.

Imho, a lot of the things can seem broken when used correctly. The players in CoS do not usually get out the most of the situations as they can. Many times movement is skipped when they could do positioning. Life cleric with Healer feat could just baller out heals to keep everyone up and going and would needed to be killed before anything else could die.

(AdamKoebel) #52

Yes, definitely, if someone wanted to take them.

(Monstercloud1) #53

I never considered Enoch's build "broken" The damage looks impressive, but the problem is of course the accuracy and variable of conditions. In a vacuum it looks great, but from what I saw, you could see the realization of the avg/dependency to hit on JP's face the first couple of battles.

One STUPIDLY broken concept I've seen was a grappler monk build that multiclassed into druid. The concept was is that you'd buff yourself with movement, cast Spike Growth, grapple an opponent so that you're just outside the growth and he's inside it, and just run on the outside dragging him along. That's 2d4 every 5 ft with no save.

There's more "fun" combos to be had that I've never personally gotten to try or seen done - the classic "Hideous Laughter" and "Watery Sphere" (4th lvl Elemental Evil spell) combo of drowning an enemy is hilarious. Granted it's impossible to pull off in 5e with one person (both concentration), but it's still possible. I just wish there was a line of "Create Pit" spells in the game.

(Typoko) #54

The build scales well with levels as one gets more accuracy from items/proficiency and more attacks with Extra Attack. AC doesn't really get that much higher as the levels go up. Also JP relied a bit too much on the high roll factor. While hand x-bow is only d6, it's only 1 less in average than a regular 1 handed weapon attack. 3 attacks in a turn is pretty good at range. Enoch really never got to use the full range of his attacks. But yeah, if one wants big numbers for real, just play a paladin and smite everything that moves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grappling in general is stupid in 5e. Grappling and tossing people from ledges is too easy. While the concept of dragging someone in a Spike Growth sounds amazing, it's really hard to pull off and if you miss the grapple, you have done nothing for multiple turns. I kinda would also say that the movement is also halved twice, as grappling haves movement and same goes for difficult terrain. If the target is not being moved in difficult terrain, it sure isn't taking that damage. :wink: Even if one manages to move the enemy 8 x 5ft it would still be only average of 40 damage. Doesn't really sound that good for a high risk maneuver from mid level character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just as a benchmark a level 5 paladin with polearm master can make 3 attacks a turn (2+1 bonus) so max of 8d8 from smites and 2d10+d4 from the weapon and 3 x str modifier. With meager 16 str (+3) one can average around 58 damage in one turn. While this won't be sustainable for long and requires hitting, paladin can easily gain advantage from Vengeance and could actually use hunters mark. Hunters mark bumps the average to 69. You can also have Two Handed fighting style for boot. Rare things beat paladins in pure damage, but as it usually goes, it isn't always easy to get in to the situation where you can do your thing if you only do one limited thing. :slight_smile:

Baldur was pretty much this and he was a mean wrecking machine. He even used Great Weapon Master to get +10 damage and the -5 to hit got negated pretty well with the advantage from vengeance paladin channel divinity.

(wolf_brother7) #55

Eldritch Knight / Bladesinger is a power combo if pulled off right. I'm not sure if Adam would allow though; SCAG says that you have to be an Elf to be a Bladesinger, and Elves aren't a player race in COS... but SCAG is the Sword Coast Adventurers' Guide.

(Monstercloud1) #56

I think he said in the most recent Q&A that Half-Elves and Tieflings can be PC choices, just no one has chosen them yet.

(Edokdyshi) #57

What made you choose to use balder/ looks like Azril and that there will be a war in heaven? @AdamKoebel

(Olf_Himself) #58

I wonder if Adam will let JP's next character have a free magical item?
The horror arc kind of set a precedent.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #59

What if they buried their magic items at the end and went back a 1000 years later? "I saw it in a vision." :grin: I'm kidding of course.