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[E47 Q&A] Interview with an An Annepire


(lk401) #21

Personally i feel Berg being slowly worn down by each loss he suffers, it no longer affects him like a fresh wound but its rather how you react to a paper cut.It hurts in the moment but you get over the pain regardless of how long it takes to heal.
Also Berg's apparent theme of being a survivor in spite of everything, always being the last one standing.Always being the one survivor who will do everything to live another day.

(SoCutey) #22

Hey, Adam. Since you like rules here is one:

Do you get all of your attacks when you do a Ready Action? (Ready, page 193 PHB)

You have previously ruled that you do get all of your attacks on a readied action but you have missed something important.
Look at page 49 PHB under the Extra Attack for the Barbarian. It says that you get the extra attack on your turn. The same is true for monsters with Multiattack, page 11 MM.
So when you ready an action you can only do 1 attack because it isn't your turn when you attack.

I hope this helps. If you already know all of this then sorry...

(Monstercloud1) #23

Trust me - this was a thing.

(AdamKoebel) #24


Yep, it sure was.

(UmbraSanctum) #25

Really liked the episode. Super cool to see how Adam adapted Anne's celestial premonition after getting vamped instead of glazing over it.

@AdamKoebel I was wondering about Hassan. Was that a bit of yourself coming out toward the end, or was Hassan just testing Berg to see if Berg accepts the loss the tower brings (Azure's death)? I remember him being pretty kind with his words before this episode. Is it because he's taken Berg as a disciple now, that he treats him differently?

(Possibly Batman) #26

5th edition often refers to 'your turn' as made up of an Action, Bonus Action, movement, and Reaction, even though you almost never take your reaction on your actual turn. It is just poorly written and honestly makes no sense to not allow the full action (in my opinion). However, this is a much discussed and argued point as seen just about everywhere online and in chat.

In the end, I suggest going with what feels best if you are the DM and whatever the DM says if you are playing :itmejpgm:

(Karamor) #27

"On/during your turn" is actually used quite consistently as only when the turn is taken.

The problem comes when they just use "turn", because that's a fluid concept in those rules.

(Raktus) #28

Its been a while since I've seen a post show wrap-up for CoS on the patreon, is that something that's still happening?

(corran1189) #29

One went up for this episode. They're a $3 tier item now, if it's been since the changes that you saw one.

(Raktus) #31

Really? I thought I saw in an update video that there were no plans to change the $1 tier. Also, did Patreon change how it works? I used to get updates about things above my tier, even if I couldn't watch them.

Disappointed in this, every big Patreon I subscribe to upping their rates and making me feel nickle and dime'd. >.>

(corran1189) #32

I think they kind of had to. At the $1 level, after processing, they get very little to work with and it wasn't sustainable, but the full thread is here if you're curious.

(sythmaster) #33

The "no change" for the $1 tier was for that current month. That month being passed now, only those at the $3 tier see the post-show videos now.

There were 3 or 4 videos about the Live-Live show prep stuff, and there has been post-shows for all the recent CoS episodes, along w/ one about the ramp up to the "new season" for Nebula Jazz. So post-show dicussions have been going strong (and the Q/As have been going strong as well).

(profnesbitt) #34

I just really hope a long way down the road a different group encounters a group of wastrels and it seems straightforward until one of the wastrels starts unloading sharpshooter crossbow shots at them.

(Olf_Himself) #35

Really impressed Max was so true to RP that he didn't look for loot. I'd have broken immediately and tried desperately to justify someway to do it. :itmejploot:

(Chaber123) #36

Hey Adam, if Ziva had wanted to could she have given Enoch his soul back?

(iamthepaulrus1) #37

I know I am super late to this party, but I was curious as to how Berg got a stat boost an episode or so ago when he hit lvl 6?

(corran1189) #38

What stat boost are you referring to exactly?

(Olf_Himself) #39

I know JP has said he's probably playing a Wizard when we get back to the regular story but what kind of class and/or races would you guys like to see in CoS?

I'd love to see like a Half-Orc Eldritch Knight. I think the interactions between Berg and another Half-Orc could be interesting and for some reason I just really want someone to play the Eldritch Knight.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #40

Have you ever played an EK? Thematically I love it but every time I read the mechanics it seems boring to me. I'd like to see Rogue Swashbuckler or Arcane Trickster, Sorcerer Wild Mage or a Wizard Bladesinger.

I also can't wait for Xanathar's, I think there's a bunch of cool stuff in there, I bet some will reinspire JP as well.

(Olf_Himself) #41

I haven't played it but yeah I also love the theme.