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[E47 Q&A] Interview with an An Annepire


(AdamKoebel) #1

thanks for coming, Anne! a dark and stormy exit!

(Possibly Batman) #2

What an awesome arc!! Thanks to all the cast for bringing the story to life and making it so enjoyable.

We'll miss you @AnneMunition :itmejps: You have been an incredibly fun guest. Always love when you are on a show!

(Mudbucketguy) #3

Best arc of the show in my opinion! Freaking great!
@itmeJP know what class/race you wanna play next in the main show?

@AdamKoebel Was the Vampire modified from the monster manual? :slight_smile:

(Ferisar) #4

The horror! Great show

How (if at all) was the Lord of the House of the Falcons (of the Whale) modded from the original vampire lord, out of curiosity? I noticed he seemed to not be regaining as much HP as I would expect from that stat-block (and the slightly boosted AC). It smelled like a real TPK going into it at first

(AdamKoebel) #5

Not particularly! The wastrels were, but not him.

(Mudbucketguy) #6

Thought so :slight_smile: Good job on everything!

(gmanno99) #7

remember her was hit with radiant damage the stut off the regen

(AdamKoebel) #8

He was regenerating quite a lot per turn, but also getting fucking pounded on by magic hammer town.

(sythmaster) #9

This whole arc was awesome! They got farther than I thought they would. Still not great w/ loot however. This arc really started to showcase the importance of magic weapons. Not sure if they'll focus on that in their next pursuits though.

Looking forward to seeing the creation of the courts and stuff!

(Finnkk_) #10

Absolutely loving Court of Swords, one of the best parts of every week. @AdamKoebel Now that Anne's character is part of the world, if The players ever wanted to contact her, how would you go about that?

(profnesbitt) #11

Was there any loot in the vampires chambers they didn't stop to grab?

(apepi) #12

I forgot about what happened to the other Wastrel? I know Ramus scared it off but shouldn't it came back after he was downed?

And @AdamKoebel We going to expect to see elves now back in time?

(AdamKoebel) #13

The opposite, actually! Elves haven't yet discovered the world, they're doing their own thing.

(Ferisar) #14

hmm, true, though that only applies to one turn

fair enough, maybe I just gave the lord too much credit going into it since it felt like his HP total would be quite large, though he did miss a fair bit and did fail to charm Enoch so then again

thanks for the info

(wolf_brother7) #15

Jp tweeted that you had told him about the Tortle Package. Where do the tortle fit into the world of court of swords, if at all—or is that something yet to be revealed?

(AdamKoebel) #16

listen dude CR is totally a valid way to measure challenges ok

(Landwaker) #17

Kudos on the House of the Falcon Adam, I confess while watching the dungeon prep I thought it could easily end in abrupt execution (though I agree CR becomes increasingly meaningless), but it turned out dramatic and intriguing. Sorry about Enoch, but I was glad the owl wasn't some total safety valve. And the final cycle back to Ziva's revolution theme, awesome!

Thanks Anne for an engagingly evolving guest character, and hope to see you on RollPlay again soon!

P.S. I suspect (and hope) that someday Berg will try to go Tower on Hazan...

(Dementepingu) #18

Good episode, sad about the lack of loot since that is part of the progression of dnd and getting stronger, but understandably missing.

Will be interesting to see how Ziva tries to take on the City Of Brass.

No post show is a bummer though, wanted to know jp's thoughts on Enoch as a character and how he ended up as a slave.

(Brando_Flakes) #19

why didn't the Lord summon the rest of his minions? would have been to crushing for the players? Also when Ramus was taken out and Ziva 'left' to do something else I was fully expecting them to all die, glad i was proven wrong.

(absentpeer) #20

So, sort of not related to anything in the episode, but in relation to the world itself-- I am obsessed with world building.

At the end of the show, @AdamKoebel was talking about how the number 4 became important/sacred in the world of Court of Swords. That got me thinking and is really fascinating to me from the perspective of geometry. There is a total of 3 "regular" tilings. As in, you can take the shape and make a space filling pattern with only that shape and no gaps. Regular (all edges are the same length, all angles are the same) triangles, hexagons, and squares all produce these types of patterns. Simply put, squares (and other four sided polygons) form infinitely repeating patterns.

Here's where things get fun: 5. Five fold symmetry (pentagons and 5 pointed stars) can produce irregular patterns. Developed by Penrose in the 70's, his tilings revolve around pentagons; they can fill space without gaps, but do not repeat yet they follow strict rules. Recent work (from as recent as 2012) has been done relating the geometry of islamic artwork and penrose tilings. Geometric islamic art has patterns that revolve around irregular (non repeating) patterns.

Now, here's where I'm curious from an artistic standpoint in the Court of Swords world. If the City of Brass takes it's artistic and architectural inspiration from islamic cultures, then I highly doubt it would have those irregular patterns because they often utilize pentagons, 5 pointed stars, and other "blasphemous" geometry (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc pointed stars or sided polygons). So I'd be curious if the predominant artwork and architecture of the area revolved around these real world analogs (perhaps predating the development of the sacred 4 and the other stuff talked about at the end of the episode etc.) or would it be closer to stuff like truncated square tilings that have a more mediterranean feel to them (early Islamic art often has 4 and 8 pointed/sided polygon based patterns as well). I can elaborate more with pictures-- I've been working on a fantasy city layout based on Penrose tilings inspired by the City of Brass.