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[E38] Ziva and the Golem


(AdamKoebel) #1


(GunsnBlazes) #2

Would there be a chance of Berg becoming a "dark" elf if he keeps fucking up those wisdom saves on the necrotic damage instead of just dying in a really crazy way?

(AdamKoebel) #3

swallowing the souls of those you kill has a strange effect on body and mind without the proper preparations and training. i'm so excited to see what berg becomes, whatever it is...............

(Luzianos) #4

How much exp would the party get for killing the golem? and did the whole fight go as you had planned, Adam?

(thyL) #5

Feels good to have Anne join the group, I can see awesome interactions coming up.
It'll be really interesting to see if the party continues to be curious about the golem and how he woke up or if -in true CoS fashion- it will just be shrugged off and forgotten.
I'm super curious about that whole estate and its inhabitants.

(PlusGood) #6

So did you plan for that golem fight to be just unfair enough for them to run, or was there actually something they could do against it with their setup other than roll extremely well? You don't have to be specific if you don't want to be.

(thyL) #7

I think the classic Stone Golem had either 5900 or 6000 EXP (CR 10), but Adam could've easily tinkered with the numbers a bit.

(sythmaster) #8

I think it might actually be really interesting to see what the hammer does if Berg is holding it and does actually die from Massive Trauma. Like... does the hammer distinguish the souls between wielder and others?

Interesting stuff! Great to get back into the CoS World and looking forward to this next arc!

(AdamKoebel) #9

it's actually not the hammer - it's a change that touching the crystal thing incurred!

(Liefington) #10

Awww yea halfling powa!

(Flyspeck42) #11

Any idea how long Anne will be sticking around for?

(Ty_martinez) #12

I was hoping JP would go after his servants just to have it but after the moment passed i felt like Enoch had to lose everything from his house he must have nothing to truely understand the tower and its purpose for Enoch. Adam do you have an plans for this or will you let jp grow it naturally?

(AdamKoebel) #13

I have a few kernels of ideas but we'll see what grows organically as we play!

(Twitch: uzling) #15

Thx to everyone on the CoS crew... cant wait to see what happens on Tuesday. You nearly had Berg this time Adam... you evul evul GM hehe :slight_smile: BERG THE IMMORTAL!

(Fimbulwolf) #16

So Ziva had no ability score increase, which feat did Anne choose then?

(Thrishmal) #17

Was an interesting match, shame the rest of the group lacked magical weapons for the golem fight. I am particularly curious what lies within the magical vault Ziva bargained for as well as what kind of eyes she now has on her for choosing to the vault option.

(Typoko) #18

I must say that this was one of the few episodes of CoS that wasn't excellent. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad but the middle of it got really slow. Also, i don't mind long RP sessions without fights, it was the fight that was the final nail to my coffin.

(a bit unnecessary but more specific bitching)
Confrontation of the two groups felt a bit awkward off and in game. Antics, such as Enoch thinking they were gardeners, didn't really do it for me either. Then the fight starts, which always takes a bit to set up, problems with macros... after the break when it was apparent that the characters couldn't really get that statue down and started running around...

Even when the show airs at night, i usually watch it without any problems. This time i couldn't do it and just had to go to sleep. While the setting of the fight was interesting i just couldn't stay hyped. At least now i can look forward to seeing how the fight ended and what happened after that.

(Possibly Batman) #19

She took the tough feat. So she gained 10 HP (2 per level).

(Monstercloud1) #20

It doesn't really matter in the long (short?) run, but Anne built her character almost unaware of synergy.

  • The Thief archetype is good at making quick slight of hand and thieves tool checks, but she doesn't have proficiency with either (I don't believe Adam made Anne aware that she could with the latter).
  • Took the toughness feat, despite having a way to get out of melee (Cunning action),, and halve damage from anything with an attack roll (uncanny dodge),

I'd chalk it up to part unfamiliarity, part "YOU CAN DIE AT ANY TIME! Sean didn't even last a show with his first character!" fear... and maybe a tiny percentage of Adam's fairly hands-off approach to character creation - something I've considered with the higher "checkpoint levels" the main cast achieves, and how "green" the guest is to 5e (or D&D/PF in general).

(Typoko) #21

From what i have gathered by watching the patreon character creation videos, Adam is rather green in character creation himself. Whilst i actually like for the players to create the characters like they want to instead of heavy guidance, only thing i would like for Adam to advise is even stat numbers. For a character that is only in the show for a short while, it doesn't really help to have stats at odd values. I don't remember Anne's characters stats, but for example if she would have 17 dex, 15 con as per the advice of "You want to put highest to dex" she pretty much just gave up 5 max HP and +1 to Con saving throws for nothing as she could have had 16 16. While one might think "not a big deal" i would say that's half a feat.

Tbh, if the cast members would want to have more guidance, they can and should ask for it. They can also look up op builds if they want to.