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[E38] Ziva and the Golem


(Darkvlagor) #22

Things could have gone wrong in so many ways, bringing a CR10 monster as a first encounter was pretty bold. Especially with a new player. I thought you would have throw in some White Plume "The creature stop at the edge of the circle" to balance the thing.
Was there at any moment of the fight where you got anxious saying to yourself "Come on ruuuun you fools !" ?
Reminds me of the Stone Giant encounter :itmejpgmlol:

(Monstercloud1) #23

I think JP is the only one that has a real interest in building optimized characters, with the way he talked about creating his character on patreon. Max has a pretty good gaming mind to keep him alive and Dan, who has demonstrated throughout the entirety of CoS, is pretty interested and invested in 5e.

I will finish off saying that, while guests can ask for guidance, it's hard when learning new things to know what to ask guidance for.

(TheDesec) #24

@AdamKoebel, dear Adam. I like how you allowed Anne to have some gold and add a ranged weapon to Živa's inventory, yet you made poor little Snidgey go through :adamgm::adamhorse: and have him fire at disadvantage for some time.

Made me smile :adamwizard::itmejphappy:

* Ž = alt+0142 btw

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #25

Wasn't that because he opted to roll randomly for every part of his character and ended up with a longbow that has disadvantage if your size is small?

(Kol_Saresk) #26

I believe that was how it worked out lol

(TheDesec) #27

No, the PHB offers to rangers:

  • (a) scale mail or (b) leather armor
  • (a) two shortswords or (b) two simple melee weapons
  • (a) a dungeoneer’s pack or (b) an explorer’s pack
  • A longbow and a quiver of 20 arrows

Snidges rolled for everything but that, and GM Chat was suggesting allowing him to switch since a shortbow or a light crossbow was half the price in gold compared to a longbow...

The disadvantage was fun, though :itmejplol:

(wolf_brother7) #28

No, he didn't roll for the Longbow, the Ranger just comes with the Longbow. Period. But gnomes are Small and Longbows are Heavy weapons, so they cannot use them effectively. This is a known issue with 5e.

(Typoko) #29


He did not roll for longbow. He was singing.

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #30

Okay guys I get he didn't roll for it lol but it was a still a "this is what you get and you're stuck with it" scenario :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fimbulwolf) #31

Agreed. As strange as it sounds, I think cast members and future guests should be encouraged to min/max their chars to a good degree, granted how unforgiving and fight oriented of a campaign Cos is, without impairing on their narrative outline of course.

(ProxyClouds) #32

I get what you guys are talking about with the min/max and I think, at least to a degree, that all main cast in CoS are at least thinking about synergy and min/maxing. BUT I do think that the guest should be allowed to create the PC they want to create, as very much of the story is centred on the guest PC. If Adam was guiding the guest to much I think that would make the PC worse and to and extent might effect the story. As also after watching all episodes and patreon videos for CoS I would say that Adam guide the PC's to a point but it's also up the the PC to learn the rules and the system, CoS is suppose to be hard.

If Ann wants a Though gnome then that's her call, it tells us something about Ziva and about her story. Even tho I would say there were other more efficient ways to use that feat. But who knows, we might sit here in a week or two saying "Wow, nice that Ann had the extra HP from Though so she could survive the attack from X and kill it.".

(Fimbulwolf) #33

Ohh certainly, this isnt even about Ziva specifically but more of a sentiment I deemed worthy to be pointed out.

(Monstercloud1) #34

No one is saying they should be creating their character in a very specific way, it's just extended to what's already being done in the character creation videos. For example, when a guest picks their race, Adam will usually say, "Oh, they get bonuses in these two stats, so they can make really good X, Y, or Zs". He's not forcing them into that class, he's pointing out what class gets a small boost for those particular stats.

Thematically, a thief SHOULD be good at some sort of....well, thievery. The Tough feat is more of a player choice than character choice, for lack of a better way to put it, but lack of skill in either pick pocketing or lockpicking is questionable to what makes a thief, a thief.

(Paul Robinson) #35

I love how we've gone from discussing the episode and its contents to debating Anne's character creation lol. All in all I enjoyed the episode and it was an interesting encounter for the group to start with after adding Anne to the group