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[E36 Q&A] you have built the tower in whose shadow you now stand


(Bezier123) #42

Very good episode.

  1. Adam, great respect for your ability to spin anything the cards or players tell you into an engaging narrative. I am secretly hoping for you to write a novel one day.

  2. The Tower's association with french existentialism reminds me so much of Buffy's sixth season. Every character here was brought back from nothing and so does not care for anything but maybe his companions (especially true about Enoch's henchmen). they all seem to be 'Going Through The Motions' right now.
    I hope the theme does not get polluted by some silly adventuring too much and we will see if and how all of these people find hope or a reason to go on.

  3. Did you ever think of making a musical episode of Rollplay? you do have a nice list of good vocals. (yeah right, how would that even work?!? The viewership though...)

(CapitalDave) #43

JP, I don't know if you read these threads but your next character development goal should be a self-loading crossbow. I'm sure that ancient Elven society would have been capable of making one... :smiley:

(tx1ndoki) #44

I was personally thinking of this song from the Bastion soundtrack.

That game has a lot of great humming and sad/mournful songs.

(nijjtwitch) #45

Hey Adam ! Curious to know what website you use for the random loots ? Cheers :smiley:

(Monstercloud1) #46

Pretty sure it's donjon - it has various randomly generated tables for a few games.

(putridcheese) #47

donjon or the kobold fight club

(AdamKoebel) #48

C'est donjon, c'est vrai