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[E30 Q&A] This is Our Town


(Ground_control) #41

Yes same things with the enchantment cost.
Common are supposedly 100 gold but since all uncommon are one use, they are 50% off so 50g using the ERRATA rules.
Uncommon are in the 500 gold range.
A Rare item (the rarity of most statuettes including the elephant) is around 5 000 gold.
Very Rare are in the 50 000 gold range and legendary cost half a million gold to enchant but the reselling magic items rules exclude them.
Note the cost based on rarity is pretty stupid because some rarer items are effectively worse than some uncommon ones (being rarer "evil" version of good items like the evil bag of holding that eat your stuff or being one level higher in rarity despite doing the same thing as another item).
Also note that there is no magic economy rules in the manuals, it's 100% gm fiat.

(Typoko) #42

Finally got to the end of episode 30. I'm glad i marathoned the episodes 29 and 30 to be able to see the end of this story line no matter what happens!

Maybe the loss of the figurine will make the players more prone to listen how a magical item works for reals. :slight_smile:

@AdamKoebel How are you going to handle AoE spells and LoS? AFAIK spell effects (such as damage) wrap around corners without any problem if the spell doesn't specify otherwise. 15 feet of Spirit Guardians is pretty massive bubble in tight spaces. For Spirit Guardians it's clear that you need to see those who you don't want to be taking damage, but would someone take damage behind a wall even if there was no doorway? I mean the spell is spirits flying around and they really don't care about walls.

PS: As a DM i'm of an opinion that SG is a completely crazy spell. Enemies can't even reach the center if they don't start at the edge of the spiral due the rough terrain modifier. :smiley: Forget Fireball, that's easy to tank with save and damages only once. This thing can go for 100 rounds!

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #43

Chuckles had to go imo. Was just too much power for the party. I get that it's fun but it kinda ruins the mood if a major combat encounter every day/session starts with "okay Chuckles go wreck everything!" Puts the DM in a weird spot where they need to scale encounters for the (CR 4!) elephant present, but also able to be dealt with sans elephant in case they don't use it. So either the encounters will be easy as hell or super tough unless they use the figurine. I like the focus to stay on the characters and not Chuckles just stomping the shit out of everything. That said I'll miss the big guy :cry:

(Olf_Himself) #44

Every week not day. It's not as overpowered as it seems.

(banned) #45

As soon as it even had the hint of becoming a thing, the GM had it stolen.

Not to mention Adam can just given enemies Magic Items, which we're getting to the CR for that to be a more common thing anyways.

(Typoko) #46

Always silly for enemies to be having loot that they could but won't use. I understand how the deep gnome wouldn't have need for the figurine, but most people would. :slight_smile:

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #47

Ahhh right, I misread "up to 24 hours" as the cooldown time instead. Once a week isn't so bad but I'm still in the "use it once/twice for fun instead of having a backpocket nuke" boat. Thanks for the clarification though!