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[E27 (?) Q&A] Icosahedral Slimebattles


(TheShipRib) #21

I was wondering when we were gonna get back to the beetle constructs and God gold beetle man with the space lazer that almost killed them earlier, and I think this might be back on that path. So was the thing that they dug up, in the forest when Gideon was a badger, in any way related to this thin?

(DoctyWho) #22

Not a question, just dropped by to say that holy shit Adam you are the reason I started DMing my current campaign of 2 years. Tonight's episode just proved to me once more why you are my main inspiration for this shit :itmejpcute: :sparkling_heart:

(Hotrodzman) #23

I'm extremely curious as to what would've happened if he had smashed the crystal. Could you fill us in since it didn't happen?

(TheShipRib) #24

When you start creating a world how much lore do you make up initially or is that just something you build as it goes

(jkurelko) #25

So can jp mimic the crystal sound to remove exhaustion from anyone in the party who can hear the noise since the crystal removed exhaustion from them?

(thyL) #26

Oh yea, I'd be interested in that as well. I could easily see them taking loads of damage by freeing compressed magical energy in a flash, nothing happening or even them getting another vision, this time all of them the same, clearing up a few questions they might have had about the world they live in.
Alas, we'll never know -except if Adam throws us a bone. :smiley:

(wolf_brother7) #27

WoTC has an official list as well, here.

(sinderfell) #28

I honestly thought Black Gale was about to zoidberg himself straight into rolling a new character, but the ending we got was nowhere near what I expected. I'm hype AF to see what comes out of this.

This actually popped into my head in the middle of typing, but (among other things) the visions are making my brain draw some vague parallels between Court of Swords' "elves" and the githyanki/githzerai in the default D&D cosmology. Alien humanoid beings, weird magic/possible psionics, potentially split into factions at war with each other. Am I alone here?

(AdamKoebel) #29

all off the cuff :smiley:

(TwoToneTerran) #30

The reason I like the donjon list is it gives page numbers, attunement, what "slot" it goes in like weapon/armor, abridged restrictions (like Cleric only or whatever) and has most descriptions. Let's you get a lot of info really efficiently. The official Wizard's list is just a list.

(Hotrodzman) #31

I could've seen all of those things happening but my main idea was that it would wake the creature inside up and it would either get very aggressive or be very grateful that it was finally free. So it was either a high reward or a big fight.

(heha69) #32

Adam love the episode and I can't wait for the "Critical Role" like moment when Berg goes super saiyan just stealing life from everything.

(AdamKoebel) #33

Nope! It was the crystal not the sound.

(AdamKoebel) #34

I LOVE the Githyanki / Githzerai so probably some influence there.

(jkurelko) #35

Ok good I was about to say that would be to good of a thing that you would hand out! Great episode though and damn your so good like you just came up with all of that off the top of your head, I would need like a full paper ready to read to do something like that, awesome job

(AdamKoebel) #36

awwwe, hey thank you

(Hotrodzman) #37

I've seen some DM run the games and kind of just let the players win so I was a big fan to see you trying to work with them but also beat them at the same time.

(Hey_Its_Scout) #38

I expected that the encounter of coming into the room was made up but I definitely thought the vision scenes were somewhat going to be premade. Great job doing it all on the spot!

(AdamKoebel) #39

I aim to create some challenge but I love rewarding them for hard work.

(Hotrodzman) #40

I understand. It's the you take a high risk and it pays off you get a high reward. It kind of gives them an incentive to take those types of risks and keep things interesting.