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[E24 Q&A] Grasping Hands Make Bloody Work


(Darkvlagor) #21

Oh no they made the perfect choice ! Look at all those cool NPCs :itmejpgmlol:

(Ghazghkul) #22

Adam :itmejpwtf: You dog you. You had Grasping Hands buy Berg from Kukrit! Now Berg can't escape when they come back from their mission because he will be Grasping Hand's property :itmejplol: I think I am going to greatly enjoy the coming episodes :itmejpgmlol:

(AdamKoebel) #23

This criminal org is tied directly to the Devil, but I think the Devil always has work for idle hands. It is an aspect of the arcana that is obsessed and hungry for material things. Whether these are true believers or not remains to be seen.

Absolutely there is, the worship of the Devil varies widely in dogmatic content. Tieflings are linked to Hell and to the Mara.

(Olf_Himself) #24

I hope @DansGaming manages to persuade Grasping Hands to let them do whatever job it is AFTER they've gotten their new armor.

(AdamKoebel) #25


(DansGaming) #26

I have far greater plans with this band of devils than just the armor.

(Oythebrave) #27

I'm loving how Dan is taking the lead in this vignette, really digging into his character is so cool to see.

(DansGaming) #28

Well I kind of have to as my two companions can't really talk, one is very simple minded and the other can only mimic things it hears lol

(iamatwitchuser) #29

I don't see what is stopping the party from leaving town once the armor is finished.

(Ruuno) #30

@AdamKoebel i love the way @DansGaming interacts with your npcs, and he seems to enjoy it too.
The rp heavy story arc feels great after the last dungeon arc :smile:

(Darieyl) #31

I stumbled across this and thought if the Devil's had a song also the singer reminds me of @AdamKoebel :smiling_imp:

Additionally Adam since the Devils are your creation do you feel this captures their essence or is it completely off base, is there perhaps something different that fits better.

(Darkvlagor) #32

Well they bought the appartment, I think that if they want to have a HQ they gotta be friend with the big guy

(TwoToneTerran) #33

Whatever they get hooked into while waiting on their armor.

(iamatwitchuser) #34

That's 500 gold, not much to leave behind if they decide to bolt.

(iamatwitchuser) #35

Hard to imagine anything that would force them stick around.

(boeiee) #36

well its 500gold + half of their left over gold they paid the blacksmith in advance

(iamatwitchuser) #37

I'm saying that they can leave once the armor is complete.

(boeiee) #38

I must have missed that, Yeah i can see them doing that. But you never know what happens between now and when that time comes.

(TheDesec) #39

Wouldn't it be fun if Morgan Webb would play the blacksmith lady / or a relative and joins the crew on a quest of vengeance because of what will happen in the few episodes until then?

(TheLantern) #40

I feel like there's a Charismatic roleplay hole in the group right now. You have Berg a dumb brute who tends to be let others talk, which is understandable. Gale(JP) who has to talk in Mimics(which is great). Azriel (Dan), fairly low INT character who is forced to do all the talking. Hoping that the new guest is a real chatter box to step up the conversations.

edit: just saw Morgan Web is the new guest starting march 3rd. Feel like this is going to be a heavy Azriel arc until then.