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[E24 Q&A] Grasping Hands Make Bloody Work


(AdamKoebel) #1

Gangland violence and mask shopping. Questions for the cast?

(Olf_Himself) #2

Was Grasping Hands an Earth Genassi?

(TheWorklessGamer) #3

Was Grasping Fist an Earth Genasi or Goliath? Great episode even if I only caught the last 2 hours.

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #4

So do all earth genasi in this world sound like elcor because of Sean's character? That's almost as cool as Asa being space texas on Swan Song.

(destraudo) #5

where do i beg for you not to kill golden fist.

(Dunncor) #6

Max using that Inspiration on the Death Save hurt my heart way too much. Way too much. Fantastic show, but why must it always be Berg on the verge of death? :smiley:

(TwoToneTerran) #7

That fight is a very, very good example of how powerful surprise rounds are, how important proper management of action economy is, and why Healing Word is the best healing spell in the game.

I believe that was a Deadly encounter (Priest + 4 Thugs, right Adam? 1 priest and 3 Thugs would've been deadly on its own) AND they got a surprise round. If Adam optimized them that fight (the guys just ran in and abused their multiattack and pack tactics instead of using crossbows) I believe they were dead as doornails and would've never stood a chance.

Max's terrible stats and no armor really hold him back. On the bright side, that weapon is very, very above grade for a character his level. Hard to really know how much it balances out in the long run.

(TheLantern) #8

You said Berg has 2 levels of exhaustion. You only get exhaustion from Frenzy, not rage. I dont remember him ever entering Frenzy twice, he did rage twice. I not sure he ever had a chance to enter frenzy with all the knock downs. I might of missed something in the first half of the show.

(therealroaming) #9

Props to Adam for taking Sean's characters and making them racial cannons. Zawaz voice on Grasping hands really makes the Earth Genasi feel like we has seen them before.

(therealroaming) #10

Max said he intends to frenzy every time he rages by default. Not the best choice, but it was discussed.

(TwoToneTerran) #11

Max has said before that he defaults to frenzied rage and only does a normal rage if he specifically states such. Adam is just following Max's preference.

(Ghazghkul) #12

I pity how Berg traded one shackle for another. Azriel should never have bought property here. They could have left town if it wasn't for the armor! Oh well... Life goes on in the Court of Coins, where gold greases palms and blood spills onto gilded carpets. Also, I like how Azriel thinks he has the same bargaining power as Grasping Hands, when he is being treated as a dog that is told to follow his commands to fetch and obey. Good episode. Loads of suspense between the street scuffle with the bounty hunters and negotiating with Grasping Hands. Think I am going to like him more than Kukrit. Heck, maybe if they fall under Grasping Hands employ he could keep Kukrit from going after Berg! Ha ha... then again, indentured servitude isn't much different than slavery.

(TheLantern) #13

You cant rage and frenzy on the same turn. They're both bonus actions. And when Max tried to Rage and Frenzy, Adam corrected him.

(AdamKoebel) #14

indeed he is! Though I could see why folks think Goliath, too.

Is it possible to show replies only as child comments?
(TwoToneTerran) #15

That's not how it works. When you use your bonus action to rage, you choose whether to Frenzy or not.

If it required a SECOND bonus action to activate that would be a horrible ability.

(AdamKoebel) #16

Yeah, I definitely definitely took a cue from Zawaz to do the voice.

(AdamKoebel) #17

Max specifically told me that he always frenzies.

(AdamKoebel) #18

I would wonder if Kukrit and Grasping Hands have had a conversation...

(TheLantern) #19

Okay correction you cant Rage and attack twice on the same turn. Because there both Bonus Actions.

(Darkvlagor) #20

So @AdamKoebel @itmeJP @gassy @DansGaming, how do you feel about chat poking your face saying "eh eh eh, you're doing it wrong, eh eh eh" :itmejplol:

Great show as always.
Real question for @DansGaming, since the death of Raz Azriel is kinda lost. We saw that he still is a fanboi of the Fountain. But why working with Grasping Hands ?
Is it because he thinks he's an agent of Devil ? Is it because he felt cornered and didn't have any choices ? Is it because he fells that he needs a new patron (serving the Devil is serving the Fountain after all) ?

For @AdamKoebel, we have discovered a part of a very important community in any society which is the criminal underworld.
- Is this criminal underworld always linked to the Devil ? And therefor, are members actual believers or people who saw an opportunity in the cultural environnement to justify their actions ?
- Is there a real church of the Devil ?
- Are Tieflings linked to the Devil like a Spirit Folk (Half Human, Half Spirit) ?

Ow and when we talked masked for @gassy I thought of Noburo in the Okko comics :
The relationship between Noburo and Okko looks like Berg/Azriel, especially with the lion dog mask (Noburo is the protector of Okko cuz Okko saved his life)
Is it how Berg feels towards Azriel ? Indebted ? Or more "I'm stuck with that guy, let's help each other" ?