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[E20 Q&A] Mystery Goatfriends


(theworldsminion) #21

I think he's enjoying playing both tbh.

(TheDesec) #22

@AdamKoebel I really hope you'll make the king battle a fight with multiple phases...

  • fight king
  • king retreats, fight adds
  • king returns in construct armor machine

something like that...

(BorisIgnatievich) #23

despite my comment above, thats kind of where I had them as well. Seems like a natural out for Berg if he survives the dungeon and Max is done with him, even though that relationship was clearly forming before they went in with the conversations above ground

(Karamor) #24

All around excellent poster.

(Gert_julius) #25

I think so too. That's why "forced" is between quotation marks.

(sythmaster) #26

I'm looking forward to some really crazy Lair Moves shit. They've had notice for a while, in addition to the dude having a pet.... something? (memory fails on the description given). This all ignoring the vaguely Grigori-esque Warlock/Mara Attuned character advising the rock king.

And gods forbid whatever that elemental created to help the rock king in addition to the animated armors. :-/

(Unfortunatename) #27

Where is the shipping fanart???

Adam when did you realize you wanted to end on the meeting? + the illusions worked really well but could easily go down poorly.

(kaylee_21) #28

Awesome show per usual fellas, and awesome GMing as always Adam! Quick inquiry, if the group had simply thrown the shield/warpick on the ground to distract the rustbugs somehow, would they have had the opportunity to make a break for it and close the door without taking as big of a hit to Berg’s AC and adding that level of exhaustion?

(Dartack111) #29

I just can't wait till next week and see how the 2 groups interact! It is going to be awesome! On a side note I love berg but Volnach's stats are soooo much better. I can not decide which one is better.

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #30

Was wondering if you were going to let Day9 use the UA beast master?

(AdamKoebel) #31

the level of exhaustion came from bergs ability, so once he triggered it it was unavoidable, but yeah, they could have distracted the bugs no problem

(Sho7gun) #32

Hey Adam, first of all, great episode, really enjoyed it. My question is, is there a reason you're not using the Revised Ranger rules that Unearthed Arcana brought out? Seeing as how it really improves the Beastmaster, not just power wise, but also flavour as now the ranger can finally actually work with their pet instead of either playing them self or ordering their pet around, making the class way more fun.

(Olf_Himself) #33

Question! Does Berg HAVE to use Frenzy when he Rages or can he choose to just Rage and avoid another point of exhaustion?

(corran1189) #34

It's definitely a choice. Page 49 on the PHB mentions that "You can go into a rage. If you do so..."

(destraudo) #35

when you were planning out the session did you write ' and the unicorns guts spill out ' and a little sean in the back of your head go TSSSOOOOO TTTTHIIIICCCCCK

(Typoko) #36

I know it won't make sense to change Persindgetron to a new spec as he is leaving the party soon, but i would like to know if any of the Unearthed Arcana choices will be available for the players? I'm mostly interested about the Ranger as it is pretty much a fix to beast masters being completely borked. I feel like they could be ok as the Elemental Evil is used already. Sure, some of the new specs are better than others, but i feel like for some of the specs the changes are needed.

Unearthed Arcanas are alternative rules published by Wizards of the Coast. I'll put a link for Ranger UA just as a reference so people can see what i'm talking about when referencing them:

The major change is that the pets aren't as useless. Their health goes up as the character gains levels instead of just having like 4 HP even at level 20 and the best gets to act on its own (they have their own complete turn). The pets can also be better than 1/8 CR but as a balancing factor they lose any natural Multiattack rules that they would have. Also Rangers gain Natural Explorer that is pretty... well... uh... extremely good.

(banned) #37

For a show dedicated to rules following how is ammunition tracking not important?

Also beholder and mindflayer hype.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #38

I thought it was funny we saw a Beholder right after we talked about that. I was like okay Adam is messing with them, they better run. Once I saw there were Mind Flayer's too I knew they were illusory. Good game though.

JP said no normal Court of Swords next week. I wonder why that is?

(Monstercloud1) #39

Continuing on the "But what about UA?", I think one of the big flaws of 5e, at least when it comes to official published content, is the lack of class options, ESPECIALLY when it comes to using only the PHB. Some classes lack interesting choices (Dragon blooded sorcerer just seems boring), others are mechanically broken (Beastmaster Rangers) and some just seem like there should be way more options (Bards).

Part of me that really needs something outside of the standard PHB/SCAG in my own 5e games, is because it doesn't really make my character mechanically diverse to other characters. Yeah my character could REALLY be focused into herbs or whatnot... but he still also has to weave magic or beat people over the head with a sword? I don't expect everyone to love homebrew (even if WotC push it with dmsguild), but It'd be nice if Adam at least perused other WotC sources (Don't remember hearing a mention of any Sword Coast Adventurers' Guide during any character creation) so there would be more options available.

The flip side of course though is even the main cast of the show has trouble with remembering stuff in the PHB, so maybe it's just better to not throw a stack of UA PDFs at them and confuse them even more.

This turned into a bit of a rant..

(banned) #40

I love love love love this about 5e personally. I can't stand DnD in say the 3.5-4 era and Pathfinder in anything past level 6 becaues of option overload or even worse picking non optimal stuff and getting the rest of the party on me about it.

I seem to have a talent for picking the "worst" options possible because I think they're interesting.

Past level 6 everything gets overly complicated for me, too much to keep track of and too much math.

Less choices makes the burden of this lighter, and I appreciate it for that. I hope 5e doesn't get overburdened with splat books in this manner.