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[E19 Q&A] No Dog Can Have Two Masters, Fart


(Typoko) #21

Great episode! I was finally able to watch one of the episodes live.

The later fight against demons ended up being really cool. The party started using more of their potential whilst not still being masters at it. I think this will be somewhat of an effect from starting at level 3 and having bunch of abilities and rules to remember. Only real mistake i noticed was JP using 3 spells(Hex, Invisibility and Armor of Agathys) while he only has 2 spell slots, but it hardly mattered.

I'd like to know if it would be possible to see the the choices that the players have made for their characters? Especially with warlocks, it isn't easy to follow as the invocations change thins up pretty drastically. Raziel knows 4 spells, his patron spells and he might have extra from the invocations. Also the invocations can be changed with levels. I'm not sure, but we also might not have seen Azriel cast an actual spell during the game, so it would be nice to know what spells he has prepared as a paladin. I know they can change from long rest to another, but i don't think there has been any mention what he has had prepared.

PS: I know Azriel is going to be saving his spell slots for Smites, but it would be nice to know. :itmejphappy:

(SoberCreativity) #22

So with that "statue" found earlier in the episode...does that mean there exist some crazy, ancient Mara Sex Cult!?

(Karamor) #23

(putridcheese) #24

I prefer this mara from the one on the chariot. They're still dicks though.

(putridcheese) #25

I believe raziel has 6 spells and 5 cantrips. He's a tome warlock with the Book of ancient secrets invocation (he cast Alarm this session which isn't a warlock spell). I'm wondering what his other invocation is; could be agonizing blast.

(AdamKoebel) #26

Absolutely yes. Prehistoric people made dicks out of everything.

(Olf_Himself) #27

I wonder if they could've used the ruins in the last fight to sort of funnel the enemies so they would only have to fight them one at a time.

(Edokdyshi) #28

Fury of blows. I keep hearing they say 2 extra attacks? Should it not then be sword, unarmed. then +2 unarmed attacks and not only 1 like he has done before? Or he can't do sword, extra then extra extra?

(Typoko) #29

Flurry of blows gives you two unarmed attacks and it takes a bonus action to activate. The "free" extra attack monks can do also uses a bonus action. A character can normally only perform one bonus action during their turn. Flurry of blows is essentially one extra attack for the cost of a Ki point as monks get one extra attack for free or two if they use the Flurry of blows.

(Zandivya) #30

I know JP and crew have made CoS more mechanics heavy deliberately but I'm finding myself wanting more interaction from the players. It feels more often the players are asking Adam if they can do something rather than telling him what they are doing.

The show is like watching JP, Max and Dan play an MMO while Adam describes the world around them. The characters interact with the world mostly through combat and are content to be passive about the direction fate takes them. I would like for the players to be more engaged with their destiny and character progressions.

Day9 has gotten a bit of flak for being silly but I think he's enjoyable to watch because he's become more involved with his character motivations and goals. Persi conveys well that he wants revenge for his people and to stop the Rock Gnome King from continuing his killing. He does it in a silly voice and with seemingly unwarranted optimism but that just helps give the character form.

These are more observations rather than complaints though. I'm sure the CoS crew has talked about what tone they want the show to take and JP has a goal for how he wants this series differentiated from the rest.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #31

I understand what you're saying however I'm not sure I agree. I'm assuming you're talking about Gideon and company rather than the new Aasimar. If you mean the new Aasimar then we already know Adam has said he needs to railroad them a bit. We know they need to get into the Rock Gnome dungeon to meet the other Snidge and co, it's really just a requirement for the game-play.

If you're referring to Gideon, Berg and Ramus then I do think they have motivations. They are prisoners sent on missions. They want to free themselves from their magical manacles which I think is their highest motivation right now. They've agreed to help out Snidge because he helped them.

Also we do know that Gideon has a deeper past however he has not had a chance to get into it yet. In the game I DM when we started I asked my players to give me five things they'd like to accomplish with their characters, I then used that to create some story arcs. However not everyone is comfortable with that, they may prefer to simply interact with the world that Adam has created here.

I think if Gideon is resurrected we will have some touch-points on his past after they free themselves. However my preference is for him to continue with Raziel, Warlock's can be really fun to DM for because a Warlock's Patron will usually constantly fuck with you, causing all kinds of havoc and putting you in weird situations.

Just my 2 cents.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #32

why did his Lordship Viscount Putresence have to die ?

(banned) #33

Because he was viciously racist and propagated a genocidal monarchy?

(Darkvlagor) #34

I went in a traditional viking house once ... wooden dicks everywhere :ok_hand:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #35

Still funny though.

Loved Adam playing him

(Unfortunatename) #36

Adam how are you feeling about how the "drawing fortunes" mechanic is working so far?

I think it is working like the inspiration mechanic often can, it keeps getting forgotten. There was a point where someone remembered their fortune might have been relevant but the roll had already been made so it didn't matter.

At the moment its a part of the setting but not really the mechanics.

(Edokdyshi) #37

Ah, Thank you for explaining it for me :slight_smile:

(AngelCorp) #38

I mean, the thing about that is that you can't really dictate how your players choose to play. If they don't want to spend a lot of time RP-ing or developing the world you don't have a responsibilty to FORCE them to play a certain way.

Also, in things like combat specifically part of the issue is that the players are responsible for how they frame the things they want to do, and the players are responsible for understanding how their characters work. That can be kind of frustrating sometimes, but that's the reality of it.

On an unrelated note, I think it'd be really entertaining if both Max's characters were simultanously active in different storylines (but please for the love of god don't).

I do like that the players are artificially having a much larger party for the "epic gnome king whatever" confrontation.

I also really hope they remember Azure Vortex in the fight this time.

(UmbraSanctum) #39

I'm going to agree with you actually. I suspect the playstyle they've currently adopted is derived heavily from Adam's tendancy to toss deadly or hard encounters their way when they were low level. No longer as terrible or scary, now that they've gotten past the lvl 1 threshold, but remember that Max even said when his fire genasi died, his next character would "give no fucks" and we were gifted with two subsequent characters decked out to survive combat scenarios. Once players reach somewhere past 6th level or so, you see this kind of thing happen, especially when they started the campaign at lvl 1. I've noticed campaign are driven much more heavily by player-player interaction when they begin as higher in level. My assumption is that we'll see them slowly adapt to the slightly decreasing threat to their lives as they level up, by having more time to get in character and develop/explore their backstory.

(UmbraSanctum) #40

Because the players finally started acting like pc's when it comes to annoying "tough guy" npc's?