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[E15 Q&A] Don't Tongue Berg / The Cindered Circle


(Ty_martinez) #21

I have a strong feeling that the person in the bug like armor is an elf and there society is more advanced then the courts could be wrong but would be intresting since we heard that elves were in the area.

(Tb64) #22

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Not too surprised that Day9's neighbor made it on /r/LiveStreamFail lol it was great.

I really excited to see the Earth Gnome Kingdom.

Adam are going to try to fit more lewd attacks for the laughs? Not sure what else there is outside of wet tonguing.

(VyRe40) #23

Definitely on board with this theory.

(Twitch: johnnyt80) #24

Sean brings me endless amounts of joy. Also Adam was right about his way with words, even telling stories on his shows he always describes them in a way where you picture yourself there with him. He's been a great addition and hope he stays as long as possible.

(Illigithar) #25

Does using Reckless Attack grant advantage to only the next enemy that attacks you or to all? Does it only grant advantage for strength based attacks and that's why the monsters didn't get it?

(TwoToneTerran) #26

It grants all attacks on you advantage until your next turn.

I believe Adam did invoke it, it just didn't matter.

(Illigithar) #27

Thought there were several rolls of 17 or higher with advantage. Maybe I didn't see it correctly (was watching on mobile).

(TwoToneTerran) #28

Berg didn't reckless attack every turn. He got burned with the double 8s and only did it one more time, I believe.

(Illigithar) #29

Went back to the VoD (cause I'm a damn rule lawyer haha). He should've gotten hit one more time than he did at the part I'm talking about. Two 17s rolled against him.

But eh, wouldn't have changed the fight. I was also just curious, cause Reckless Attack seems to give you advantage only on strength based attacks if it gave enemies advantage on every type of attack. And you answered that, so thanks :itmejphappy:

(TwoToneTerran) #30

Yeah, it's basically worded like that so that Barbarians are THE strength class. Every other martial (Rogues, Paladins, Rangers, Fighters) can all go dex builds and their class features support it. Barbarian's main two abilities that aren't archetype dependent both require strength weapons (Rage damage and Reckless Attack).

(Karamor) #31

Sean is a genuine surprise for me. For all his goofing around he's putting quite a bit of thought into his actions and reasonings.

Good guest.

(TwoToneTerran) #32

He makes a living off of charisma, humor, and being able to intelligently and fluently explain his thought process to others in a rapid fire manner. He's like the perfect medium to sculpt a roleplayer from.

(Quillington) #33

What I really wanted to happen is for the party to invite Azure Vortex on their journey to destroy the Rock Gnome King. It would make sense since they could complete Percy's goal, find out what the Rock King knows about the sphere (which is something Azure would probably want to know) and maybe even learn how to take the bracelets and ring off.

(Lyroth) #34

Since JP seems to be planning on shapeshifting more often I just wanted to point out that he could have gotten on that bridge as a direwolf. Adam said that he couldnt cause it was only 5ft wide, but you can fit into the square the size of a smaller creature by squeezing. Moving that way costs twice your movement, your attacks and saving throws have disadvantage and attacks on you have advantage, see p192.

Just wanted to point it out in case we get a Winnie Pooh scene with Gideon in the future :smiley:

(darkrhulad) #35

Where are the rules stating that a gnome would get disadvantage using a longbow?

(Karamor) #36

Longbow is a heavy weapon. p. 147/149

(darkrhulad) #37

I'm apparently just blind. I read that yesterday and just glossed over the heavy weapon part. Thanks.

(Twitch: gummipistol) #38

A tall, shiny and possibly alien artificial creature appearing suddenly. Adam, are they gonna be fighting The Shrike?! And if so, when are they gonna meet up with the foul-mouthed satyr bard?

(Bezier123) #39

The most important takeaway from this episode is that, apparently, the floom needs to be clean or your house will burn down.

(Landwaker) #40

Thanks so much for the needed laughs! I rarely LOL but Persnidgetron's introduction had me guffawing with tears.