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[E06 Q&A] Premarital Rex / Alternate Slimelines


(uncecio) #41

rumors are spreading in chat that she's the prince's daughter !

(banned) #42

Provided she is, I wonder what her reaction to Rex eating him will be.

(Kol_Saresk) #43

Not the NPC I'd be saying she's descended from. Think "Coluan". Pretty sure there's a very simple reason Grandpa Saber was on Earth and acts so human when compared to the other Elaxetronians and I imagine the "prototype" business might not be too far off.

Besides, we already have a suspected Human-Menghasi hybrid and she's gold.

Them Menghasi genes are just too strong to be repressed by simple human genetics.

(apepi) #44

Kind of like in Monsterhearts it tells the dm to make the monsters feel more human and the humans feel more like monsters.

(sinderfell) #45

"That gif of Donald Glover walking into a burning apartment with pizza, The Episode."

(WizardCritter) #46

At the big game, I wanted the cheerleaders to start cheering,
"Give me a U! Give me a G! Give me an EEN!"

(LepkoQQ) #47

when eugene's soda started to invade the simulation

(tx1ndoki) #48

Eugenes antics gave me a heavy TMC vibe and it was awesome. And like you said Eugene really helped keep the show grounded in its setting. While everyone was off getting all high school pop, Eugene was keeping it... Jazzy

(uncecio) #49

that's so cool! :smiley:

(Twitch: baron_netic) #50

This show just gets better and better. The cast is great together.

The Elaxetronians smells a bit like a combination of two AI's we used to know.. wink

(Macaluso100) #51

Now that it's all out on youtube I finished watching it.

Can I just say, you guys are absolutely NAILING the "right before the show cuts to credits" shot/scene so so well. It reminds me of when you, Adam, were talking about how good Telltale is at their intro game. I think you guys are really good at the scene/shot before the credits... game. Like two episodes ago with the reveal of the two lizardmen in the pit followed by Qin's eye shooting open. Or this episode with Eugene's scene at the end where it ends with him looking up in shock and going "oh boy" smash cut to credits. It's really really good. You guys are really good at making sure an episode doesn't just end in the middle of a section. Mirrorshades and Swan Song did that all the time, and don't get me wrong I loved the shows, but one of my most favorite memories of Swan Song is when the Warmind is destroying Andoni with everyone watching. It was a very good scene before the end credits, but that kind of scene didn't happen all the time. I feel like that kind of scene happens every time on this show and it's always so solid. So kudos on that.

Also I'm so glad combat isn't a thing that's focused on too heavily in this game. I find combat on these shows to be the most uninteresting parts, and I was so relieved that when the death robots came for Rex and the other two Lizardmen, there was just a roll to see if their lasers hit them, and that was it. A long drawn out combat sequence would've really killed the pacing of that.

(yourcrazyuncledave) #52

What a shame. She was on the highway to the Dango zone.

(leacim88) #53

This is my list of favorite showes on Rollplay

  2. Swan song! (Nebula jazz just went past with this episode)
  3. Court of Swords
  4. West Marches
  5. Balance of Power
  6. Blades
  7. Mirrorshades
  8. Dark Heresy

All of these way supass other chanels and shows :smiley: Even Critical Roll :wink: