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[E06 Q&A] Premarital Rex / Alternate Slimelines


(AdamKoebel) #1

this show is bonkers. :smiley:

(banned) #2

How do you feel about the ever increasing relevance of the references the players are making? I remember you only wanting stuff up to 1986 (or was it 89 I don't remember)?

(TheWorklessGamer) #3

This episode was almost impossible to keep up. Holy shit. Quickly this has joint swan song as my favorite Roleplay show. Also math squad chat was so far behind on puns because of lack of flirting.

(Jewbobicus) #4

So bonkers!

Fun show again today. I love what this show does so much. Question for @Dexteritybonus, how big is Eugene? I picture him like, the size of a slime from Dragon Quest but more gross. Is it just sort of ambiguous? Love it either way!

Also gotta say, the planet Alexatron is such a cool character/thing that exists. I wouldn't categorize it as evil, but damn is it scary!

(TheWorklessGamer) #5

Also I am sticking to my theory that the Agarans are Terrans. Somehow it is all to coincidental

(Aleph_Null_) #6

Love this show so much. It's far and away my favorite of the RollPlay lineup.

Could we get links to copies of the PCs' character sheets? This show inspired me to start a FATE game IRL and I'd like to see their aspects for inspiration.

Also, when Eugene rolled flashy near the beginning of the episode and caused the technical difficulties screen, what did he actually accomplish in the game mechanics?

(LongdirtHarri) #7

What happens to Aurora's 'boyfriend'? Is he flying to an angry AI planet to save his girl and she just left before he got there?

Great episode, as always :itmejp10:

(TheWorklessGamer) #8

He 'escaped' the matrix. Allowing for the progress they made

(banned) #9

This, I was hoping we might get it as a patreon reward or something.

(DoctyWho) #10

Possibly my favorite new addition to the ever growing Official Nebula Jazz Soundtrack...

(TheWorklessGamer) #11

evil villain for the growing legion of annoyed NPCs

(banned) #12

The Legion of Annoyed Exes.

(Aleph_Null_) #13

It seemed like he was already partially out of the matrix, and that roll didn't seem to have an immediate effect. You may well be right, but it just seemed a little out of sync to me at the time. Also I missed last week's partial episode, so maybe it was made clear then.

(TheDesec) #14

Feedback update?!

Randomly dropped by during the second hour... didn't get stressed out from happy silliness. Bonkers, you say? Yes! But it felt more like "Rick & Morty" bonkers (good) this time around, whereas previous episodes felt like Spongebob (bad) to me. There was something dark that I missed before.

Watching the first hour now. Good show, everyone! :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

(dager000) #15

What help you make on the fly decisions like Aurora's important memory, etc.?

(Gabriev666) #16

Great episode guys, it was a total blast.

I have a question about how exactly did Aurora hack the planet (yes, that was intended and I'm not ashamed of myself). From what we gathered so far from the show, she's clearly a human who's been kept on this crazy robot planet where the inhabitants can just transmit wirelessly any info that they want. But she needs her arm computer contraption to interact with the surroundings.

That's why I'm a bit confused as to how she did it. Was it some kind of a cerebral implant that she had installed since she was a child, that only now, after that whole simulation kerfuffle she was able to access (hence the memories of her trying to manipulate the Rubik's cube, or fix the bike)? Or is it something more resembling a 'psychic connection', à la Stars Without Number psionic powers that let her communicate with the collective consciousness of the Alexatron?

If this is something that's going to be revealed in the future, and you want it to stay undisclosed for now, it's cool.

(uncecio) #17

Shout out to grandma Eugene who glitched through the matrix!
I didn't see any Carl Winslow @AdamKoebel!

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #18

Eugene comes up to Aurora's waist-ish. He's small but he can also stretch himself to get places if necessary haha!

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #19

Aw hell yeah! Nice slime art bru <3

(uncecio) #20

oh i have a question, did you tell the pcs something before the episode last week to make them stick with the sitcom plot, or you told them nothing and the awesome group just followed?