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[E02 Q&A] A P for a P


(AdamKoebel) #1

Somtim you hav to us what the GM giv you.

(Liorean) #2

Here's one from the chat that starved_cookie_monster asked me to ask here:

starved_cookie_monster: @adamkoebel can eugene split into 26 and talk properly as a collection of little bits?

Another question that I had myself was: Are there mechanisms for players to introduce permanent aspects or driving lore, not just temporary. Like world/setting/race/technology aspects? Say for example "All plemfelkosp cruiser (like our ship but also the most common non-military cruisers) has redundant navigation AI computers". Which can work both for them and against them?

(AdamKoebel) #3

You can treat anything in the game like a character with its own aspects, so like, ships, items, etc. The players don't generally create aspects on those but discover them with rolls. For example, the mysterious item they're carrying around has a few...

(Deabaker) #4

Did Eugene's little baby slime not hear anything else? It was there for quite a while, did no one search the room, where there no investigators brought in? Because I feel like that would be a pretty big tip off that not everything was on up and up.

(Liorean) #5

Does "discover" mean that you reveal or create aspects on them prompted by the roll, or does that mean they get to participate in authoring one? And if the second, mow much control do they have over the formulation and how much falls to you as the GM (or spacemaster or whatever the FATE name is for it)?

(GamerWoman3D) #6

Open question to anyone -
If you were going to combine Deadlands and Dogs in the Vineyard, which ruleset would you stick with, and why?

(KidCronos) #7

Probably a better question for Sam, but how would you describe what the prince tasted like? :yum:

(McFazzer) #8

This is more of a question about the world of Nebula Jazz at large. There seems to be far more 80's culture than anything else, which makes sense. It is literally the setting; Space 80's.

However is that limited to the current plot area? Or is there some other station or sector that has a bunch of 1950's style Jailhouse Rockers all tuning up their sweet Space Hot-rods going to the Space Malt Shoppe with their best gal and drag racing in the water system? (Basically is there Space Grease :stuck_out_tongue: )

Or would that be a couple of generations back when the Earth culture broadcasts reached out so far?

(evilwelshman) #9


Xcllnt prformanc. You did grat with th unxpctd challng Spac-Mastr @AdamKobl thrw at you. And you vn managd to stay in charactr and kpt accnt! Suffic to say, Ugn did not gt fuckod. :smiley:


Did you anticipate Strippin/Rex to devour the Prince as a way to try to hide the body and are you at liberty to divulge if this caused you to change your plans for the story/session?

Also, I think it's time we named Qin's pants the TARDIS. :laughing:

(kaylee_21) #10

Absolutely loving this show! The creative freedom makes for such an interesting experience and all of you guys are doing a marvelous job working the system! I also love the fact that we get to learn along with you about how it all works. I was a little confused about the ebbing of consequences though. There are three types right? Mild, moderate, and severe? Do both the mild and moderate consequences get taken away after a conflict and then severe sticks around forever? Or maybe mild ends after a conflict, moderate after a session, and severe after a milestone or something? How does that work, exactly?

(fennecfox3) #11

I have a few mechanic related questions for you Adam.
1. I was wondering why you decided to use FATE accelerated instead of FATE core. Fate core is not that much more complicated and in my opinion the Skills in FATE core work better than the Approaches. From your perspective what does Fate Accelerated have over FATE core and are you going to switch the game to FATE core part way through the campaign?

  1. I was also curious about the milestone mechanic. In Office hours you have voiced your dislike of experience mechanics that level players for just showing up to the game or whenever the GM feels like giving out experience. So I was wondering if you liked the milestones or if you are just trying to play the game as written. Do you have any plans to change the milestones system in the future of the campaign?

(TheDesec) #12

I can't wait for the Robot Devil Arc of the show! :itmejpsword::itmejpbot::imp::itmejphype:

Can Eugene absorb and disolve things inside him? Like, locally increasy his acidity for a while? Is Eugene a mobile chemistry lab?

Is splitting parts off how space slimes have sex? Is there a psychic link that allows slimes to survey remotely? But after a while the link fades, or maybe it happens when the distance gets too large, AND when the split off part is large enough, the split off slime becomes sentient and starts absorbing its surrounding to grow? Does Eugene now have a brown-ish green slime Jr. that has fed upon vent grease till maturity? I don't judge! :itmejplewd::itmejpgg:

(AdamKoebel) #13

They can author new aspects if they can explain their character creating them. Discover is for objects and characters I control. Once discovered a character aspect can be compelled.

(AdamKoebel) #14

I disagree. Fate Core is needlessly complex for what we are trying to do.

Thankfully milestones in this work okay because there isn't really any aggressive sense of advancement. The goal of Fate is to explore the aspects of the characters and world around you.

(AdamKoebel) #15

There are two types of damage. Stress comes in 1,2 and 3 level boxes. Checking one can alleviate the same amount of overage on a hit. All stress goes away at the end of a scene.

Consequences are 2,4,6 and do the same, but hit you with a negative aspect that sticks around until the scene ends, two sessions pass or an arc ends, respectively.

You can mix and match but only one of each. A five raise hit needs to be absorbed by the 6 consequence or the 3 stress and 2 consequence.

(AdamKoebel) #16

I'm giving myself room to play off all kinds of settings. It's one of my main goals - to explore huge weird setting stuff. We're starting familiar and we'll get bigger and stranger as we go.

(AdamKoebel) #17

I didn't expect it until right before it happened. It didn't change too much but I will say this - you don't consume the high prince of the galaxy without ramifications of a most mysterious nature.

(Deabaker) #18

Hey @AdamKoebel what compelled you to cosplay as Comic Book Girl 19? Just wondering.

(BulldogCFC) #19

How do the PCs discover aspects of things and locations?
Also why does the culture of Earth have such a big influence on the galaxy? or is it maybe just the part they are in right now?

(banned) #20


Prince had a love child with Aurora's (Human) mother.

Half breed.

Mother's other child was kidnapped, Aurora, a long time ago.

So the person they're looking for has tie to the Imperial throne and is a bastard (Or viable heir if they got secretly married).

Which is why they're desperate to find Aurora. Because they know she's the person's sister.

And maybe space bounty hunter batman is actually the woman or Aurora's mom or Aurora's dad.