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[E01] Nebula Jazz Premiere Episode!


(gladpingvin42) #61

Loved the episode! It's great to have a sillier more RP focused Rollplay show again. I'm looking forward to the next one! Any plans to have a mirrorshades-esque system where the audience can vote for the MVP/Best RP and they get an extra fate point or something?

(MrSilentNight) #62

Loved the first episode, cast is great and love the new rule set, it really helps the players make it more interesting as its not so restrictive. Dodger is the best love her character and how enthusiastic she is playing the role. I would suggest though tthat when using a new rule set always explaining the dice results and what they mean before hand as it really helps the viewers figure out what is going on.

Also is it just me or does anyone else get a Farscape Vibe from this and dodger is Rygel, Jessie is Dargo, pocket is Chiana, and Sam is Scorpious mabey

(Karamor) #63

Hmm, but doesn't that make the stunt weaker than any normal aspect when it explicitly should be stronger than the rules?

I imagine the scene in my head where someone wants to fight something and Eugene just pulls them out, even against their will, because the stunt says it happens. "No, nooo, let me at them!!!"
At most he should be able to resist according to the normal rules by expending a fate point, or am I just misreading:

What's the cost here?

(Karamor) #64

I got the impression that the system wants you to push really hard as the safety net is so strong.

How dare you? Mr. P was a loving and caring father, often having to be in a corporate shark pit like Derion VII for the breakfast appointment, to then travel half the quadrant to some no name colony to end the evening in a night meeting on that moon he just made it to in one of those rickety shuttles the local traffic department got cheap on the side, when he'd rather be with his children.

Always nagged on by Mrs. P to get that next promotion, because little, adorable, smart Frieda needed a new Violin, or Tony a new sliding suit with that exclusive wax from who knows what backwater alternative colony that promised to give him "a real chance of winning".

Sure, he wasn't the most faithful in marriage, but that's between Mr. and Mrs. P and Ms. S. and not up to you to make jugdment on.

(Kol_Saresk) #65

Just listened to it while I was at work. Absolutely loved it. I kept seeing Eugene as a mix between Rigel from Farscape and Leo Getz(Joe Pesci) in the Lethal Weapon series.