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[E01] Nebula Jazz Premiere Episode!


(AdamKoebel) #1

Questions or feedback on episode one? Thanks for coming everybody!

(VyRe40) #2

My headcanon is that Captain Slipknot blasts off to the tune of Rocket Man.

(MegaTobins98) #3


Cant wait for the characters to get developed more as the show goes on.

(Awtum) #4

Yeah, I have a question. How do you expect that penguin's poor family to support themselves now you monster?

(Twitch: Maggi_) #5

So fun. Good job everybody involved <3.

(MaxwellticusRex) #6

How are you feeling about Fate Accelerated? Particularly as opposed to the other Fate games.

(LittleWulfie) #7

Whenever I'm picturing Eugene, I keep imagining his(?) eyes like the Wind-Up Ultros pet's from FFXIV . I'll just be here silently giggling to myself with this.

(Ty_martinez) #8

Great first episode cant wait to see more so did anyone else think Dodger was trying to create a mom bon feel to her character cuz i kept getting that feeling everytime she spoke and i loved it.

(BorisIgnatievich) #9

That was great fun. Dodger's character is the best/worst thing ever

How did everyone feel about the compels and stuff - they seemed to have player buy in but is it a system you're really excited about or just another rule to faff with?

(AdamKoebel) #10

Yeah Sam, you horrible monster.

(AdamKoebel) #11

So far it's really doing what I'd hoped it would. I need to learn how to better challenge the PCs, they're super tough and I want to present a real risk to them! We'll all learn as we go along, I suspect.

(woody5600) #12

So I loved Swan Song, I also loved Balance of Power, and I think I am in love with this show. Adam your narrative style fits this wonderfully. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say good job on getting a system where GM Jesse also can come out and everyone gets a little block of clay to put on the giant bust of the Rollplay show you guys are all making. Thanks once again best money I spend all week is on that Patreon. :itmejphappy:

(VyRe40) #13

The cast seems to really get this system right off the bat.

(Dakiana) #14

By far, one of my favorite shows from you guys. Fantastic cast, always great chemistry between all of you! Loved it and super stoked for all future episodes!

(Ilostmytaters) #15

I couldn't help but imagine "Don't stop 'til you get enough" playing through the fight with the Jacksonians, especially while Qin was beating them against one another. The tone of this show is so great, 10/10.

(belvedia) #16

I am absolutely in love with how silly this game is, and I'm liking how the system encourages the silliness. Excited to see more from this universe and cast!

(Luzahn) #17

Loving the show so far; I was itching for something sci-fi ever since the Swan Song/Mirrorshades era ended.

The way you're pushing on Sam's character's predatory instinct is really cool to see. I'm getting some WoD Vampire vibes from him right now, and it could be interesting to see how he views his own predation and everyone else's personhood. Would he treat eating one of his companions as lightly as the late Mr. Penguin?

(Luzahn) #18

Ahh, the ol' "Throw a Mage at Crusher" approach.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #19

Love this show. Thank you to cast, Adam and JP from making this such an enjoyable experience.

Some clips

yet another Nickelback reference
Poor Eugene
Dodger describing Eugene's slime body
"Stop grabbing my chunks"
The haggling skills of Rex
"I love tips"
"Bloodborne? Blood Bowl?" - Pokket

I would love for the Rex eating the penguin scene to be animated :itmejplol::itmejpmlg:

(AdamKoebel) #20

You're so sweet! Thank you. It's so nice to have good feedback on the first show. I'm so excited to explore this new universe with all y'all.