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[E01] Nebula Jazz Premiere Episode!


(AdamKoebel) #21

I'm so glad you picked that up. Internal tension like that is so crucial and yeah, definitely angling for some unbearable hunger stuff there.

(MaxwellticusRex) #22

What were your influences for the universe?

(notNOTjack) #23

Loved how, in the blink of an eye, you took what could have been an irrelevant, empty, background character, conjured out of nothing simply to stand in for the sake of Rex's predatory habits, and threw together, as naturally as it could possibly be imagined, a character so full of life, detail and depth. I was baffled. You are amazing.

(Carnage00) #24

Does every scene have environmental aspects or only those you specifically designate? Did the hotel or fence's place have just innate aspects to them?

(sel805) #25

Adam I'm disappointed in you! I can't believe you missed the perfect opportunity to have Rex an Aurora kill Qin's pirate friends at the end of the episode by forcing a compel on them. Captain Slipknot could've used that as fuel to further convince the rest of his crew that Qin was the one who tried to sell them out and come back at the cast with even greater forces. Not to mention the pontential discord it could've caused between Qin and his new crew mates.

(Deabaker) #26

Question about stunts. Dodger used her one use stunt to get strippin out of trouble, but in the end it didn't even do anything, in fact it became a negative for the crew instead of a positive. Did her stunt just allow her the 'possibility' to get him out of trouble, or what? I'm a little confused on that part.
Anyways, love the show, and can't wait till next week!

(Deabaker) #27

Another question. Do the players have an idea of what their crew name will be, or will we have another crew name suggestion thread going up soon?

(Gabriev666) #28

Great opening episode, guys! It's always fun to see new RPG systems even 'only' through watching other people play. It was a total blast, and I can't wait to see more.

In terms of questions I remember I wanted to ask about something, but over 30h without sleep takes its toll on the brain, and I can't remember what it was :itmejpded:
So instead of the question, take my delirium-induced brain... stuffs... yeah, nailed it... created during the stream and after, because clearly I have nothing better to do, like sleep. Pfff, who need sleep.

Without the further ado, from the guy that brought you the unquestionably questionable classics such as 'Look at This Datapad' we have:

How bringing a space-knife to a blaster and teeth fight ends:

And the cone-shaped-tentacle-equipped-multi-eyed-shopkeep guy's neon sign from above the entrance:

(the last 'letters' of the sign were a bit phoned-in since I'm running low on mana, but pretend you didn't see anything)

(GreyGryphon) #29

I absolutely love how much Dodger just DOVE into her character and fits it like a... well, like a goo-person!

It is so amazing and I love how everyone is bugging poor Eugene. Like when Qin just took the credstick RIGHT OUT FROM THEM. XD Kinda has some implications if we get into their backstory more! Is that like... seriously not cool juju to do? If your hand is in there too long does Eugene like... digest it? What does it say when you forcefully pluck a chunk of them and it turns into its own sentient object, and then he just absorbs it back like it's nothing... such philosophical quandaries! It's almost Rick & Morty-esque in its morbid humor there. :smiley:

edit: also excuse the gender terms if wrong too! I might've missed if that was discussed in the episode!

(AdamKoebel) #30

Oh, don't worry. I'm gonna compel some violence at the start of the next session!

(AdamKoebel) #31

I think Eugene identifies as a male blob creature even though their society may not have a gender binary. Actually that would be interesting to explore!

(AdamKoebel) #32

Ah! The shop sign is perfect. Kutul totally ended up being an homage to day of the tentacle.

(AdamKoebel) #33

The thing was that Rex didn't want to be saved! Otherwise it would just have succeeded.

(sythmaster) #34

I look forward to seeing how you test this out! I'm sure there's a bit of a leg up though due to GM'ing all of them before!

Finding interesting compels and other challenges does seem to be a thing. Does Fate Accelerated use "Faces" at all? I remember that sort of being a thing in other FATE things...

(Strippin) #35

I regret nothing


(sythmaster) #36

You just helped ensure your meal had a nice tobacco note to the palette. Makes sense.

(Strippin) #37

Adam used a compel on me to stay and fight. My understanding was, even though Dodger used her stunt, my fleeing would have cost me 1 fate token.

(Karamor) #38

The interesting question is, wouldn't you have to pay a fate point anyway to resist being taken out of combat?
Dodger's stunt seems to be a compel on you, which you'd have to resist to follow Adam's compel on you, which costs a fate point. So, either way, you lose a fate point.

Or am I confusing something here? @AdamKoebel

(pyrotex14) #39

So what is prep like for this system? Is there a Fronts type mechanism, SWN factions or anything? Or have you had to hack together a way to have threats and stuff prepared?

(Gert_julius) #40

Absolutely amazing episode!!! Dodger's RP was fantastic, and the setting is awesome! I've seen the char creation, but how restricted were the race choices in regards to the setting? Thinking partially about what Jesse said about his race and how he read about it. Is there a lot of reference material for the players to get their lore from, or is the universe solely hinged on what the players make up? And also, I'm as always in awe of how competent you are at crafting rich and engaging worlds that feel alive, Adam. And in a system like Fate Core/Accelerated , how well you improvise descriptions and riff off the players. Of course that goes out to all the players too!