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:\\decrypting date confirmed

(Samstein_) #41

2.25.2017 is when Blades in the Dark has a live show. It´s a saturday so it fits with DJWheat work times, later today we´ll have an announcement on what the new show will be, the first episode will probably be within a couple of weeks. Alternatively the first episode of the new show will be aired the 2.25.2017.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #42

ah I see. At first I thought all the decrypting stuff was indicating the sci-fi theme.
Now though I can see it might mean decrypting secret Rollplay files (ie. 2 unrelated events to be announced).

(Samstein_) #43

Oh ofcourse, i´m just refering to the "date confirmed" decryptions.

It´s obviously a show set in swan song universe, "the pizza party" has made some fun posts in this forum and the twitter posts on ROLLPLAY screams swan song, I think it will be a different ruleset though, with more super hero / mass effect where we will follow a more variated cast of races with stories similar to the ones we see in Futurama / Rick and Morty. So the difference from the previous show set in the same universe will be the comedy relief. I´m just guessing about the nature of the show but it would be a different taste than what we can see from the other shows (although Geoff and Sean made a great comedy relief in CoS)

Speculating aside, I look really forward to seeing the announcement later today! :itmejpsword:

(PalimpsestPulp) #44

Well, I mean, you said it was a Saturday that fits with DJ Wheat's worktimes.

DJWheat was on Swan Song.

I was quite possibly doubting the likelihood of Swan Song returning more than I was Dark Heresy, but that seems to be what these cryptic tweets are trying to communicate.

(Samstein_) #45

No no, you read it wrong, I wrote BLADES IN THE DARK LIVE SHOW, alternatively it´s when the first episode of the new show airs. One or the other.

(StillAnotherOne) #46

I'm still thinking the February date means a Liveshow of some sort. If it was the first Episode of something new, it would be very worrysome they wouldn't find time before then (they wouldn't have put that exact date if they planned on starting around then), especially considering January/February traditionally is a bit of a drought time regarding Videogames as well as adrevenue.

I was thinking earlier the two dates have a (strong) direct connection, with the whole pizza theme I'm no longer convinced it is, but I'm still expecting an announcement for today, regarding the new Scifi show, which appears to be a spiritual successor to Swan Song if nothing else.

(Kol_Saresk) #49

You know, I have a tinfoil hat theory that whenever we see postigs from Howard, and now Pi, that what happened was that Adam got really really really drunk, and then decided to screw with us.

Assuming he would have to be drunk to consider such a diabolical scheme.


The users post have not been deleted. Take it as you will.

(Kol_Saresk) #51

Oh my Cthulthu. It's Crendor. Crendor is reviving Swan Song. It all makes horrible sense now. Steven blows up the universe and Adam is replaced with Crendor.Crendor is Adam if Adam were a twisted, demented psychopath who embodies the very essence of pure madness and chaos. For he is, the Slothlord.

(Samstein_) #57

Calm down, you´re making a big fuss over nothing.

With a bit of deduction you can pretty much figure out that it was JP who made another alias aka the_pizza_party and then made a twitter post so that people would come and read the forum, the_pizza_party was created yesterday and after all those posts in the forum were made- JP made that twitter post, it´s no coincidence, what´s the problem? to compare this to a big studio PR is laughable, this whole teasing on the new shows in 2017 is just friendly banter with the fans of RollPlay, chill...

(PalimpsestPulp) #61

:confused: I didn't read it wrong. I was saying that DJWheat being free is just as much justification that it would be Swan Song live as it would be Blades in the Dark live.

(destraudo) #62

if this is a swansong live show i may cack myself. if new show is set in swansong universe i may also cack myself. The moral is i need to buy a pack of depends.

(Broxalar) #63

tbh I feel like that's more of an Adam persona than JP, either way I love it to death.

Regardless of how others feel about how this is all going, I'm loving it. The RollPlay changes over the last few months and since the start of Patreon has been impressive and relatively smooth. They've done a ton of things I wouldn't have expected them to do (specifically the blades add which is awesome) so I'm hyped. This decryption post feels like sprinkles on an amazing cake they've had as the community, the start of the icing was the Patreon which is o so sweet. I love this :smiley:


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(Might be Captain Marvel) #65

the link is to JP Twitch page :

(Luzianos) #66

inb4 4h of eating pizza :itmejplol::itmejphype:

(Karamor) #67

Would be an awesome joke on the one hand, but the salt levels would be unmeasurable.

Unless they'd have the whole Swan Song crew there eating pizzas.

(VyRe40) #68

So this confirms it - new Dungeons and Dragons campaign called Court of Pizza, where the servants of the Pizzarcana fight off the evil influence of the Pastara.

:pizza: :itmejpexcite: :pizza:

(AdamKoebel) #69

I can tell you this - the new show is not set in Asgard Sigma.

(Turboshadow) #70

So that means, show confirmed! Not just a 4 hours stream of pizza eating :expressionless: