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:\\decrypting date confirmed


(Might be Captain Marvel) #2

New show :itmejphype:

(entertherussian64) #3

Looks very 40kish, dark heresey reunion confirmed!?!?

(banned) #4

Can't be not the Imperial dating system.

Just the new fate game starting up.

(StillAnotherOne) #5

As much as I'd love a WH40k-session (or short campaign), it's more generic computer -> sci-fi -> fate -> Ex-DS-Crew+Dodger.

Or in other words, very likely it's the announcement of an announcement

(Samstein_) #6

I┬┤m forcing myself to not become too excited because we know so little of it yet, my bet isalso on the announcement of an announcement.

I┬┤d be happily surprised if they chose to air it every sunday though, something to look forward after a mondays hard work (for those in EU.)

It┬┤s almost like a christmas present that you can┬┤t open until new years eve. :itmejpsword:

(Drazla) #7

New tweet

(Moose2033) #8

I really hope it's not an announcement of an announcement, the cast is good and I love Adam as a GM.


Keep guessing. :itmejpexcite:

(Woadwise) #10

Am I too off base to guess a Swan Song reboot? It had Viking lore built in, and was obviously set in a technological time period.

(StillAnotherOne) #11

25th of February -> ~3 months after december -> Next liveshow?

(banned) #12

That'd be my guess.

I was hoping for Blades Live, but it'd make sense too having the newest show get a live presence.

(banned) #13

Not the right year, and Swan Song stuff tended to have Asgard Sigma in it or some mention of planet.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #14

my current guess is the first date is the announcement and the other tweet is the first episode.

(Possibly Batman) #15

That seems the most likely to me

(disusedgenius) #16

Clearly the only way to get around the scheduling is to invent a 25th month.


(entertherussian64) #18

Anybody know what we're looking at here?

(LongdirtHarri) #19

Using Hexadecimal to alphabet this results in:

n y x q t s j q d t z y n s x u f h j

(StillAnotherOne) #20

and that moved 5 letters back (or 21 forwards) is
i t s l o n e l y o u t i n s p a c e