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:\\decrypting date confirmed

(LongdirtHarri) #21

was about to post just that

(banned) #22

Is the letter movement significant to anything?

(VyRe40) #23


What if the new space show is somehow connected to Swan Song, like it takes place hundreds or thousands of years later?

(banned) #24

I would personally doubt that, the tones the players seemed to want to bring to the fore seemed to scream "new universe" sort of thing.

(PalimpsestPulp) #25

Right, but at the end of Swan Song the universe was reset and Adam said there was no certainty about what the new universe looks like, whether Asgard Sigma would even resemble what it was like before. Based on the Odin vs. Fenrir imagery I'm expecting the new show to be set in the new Asgard Sigma.

(banned) #26

The timeline of Asgard Sigma was turned fluid. But not completely broken apart as I understand it.

Important outcomes became malleable in terms of what the outcome could have been, but not much more.

Who knows, we'll see what happens tomorrow.


Are you read now?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #28

:thinking: Soo... a group of Norse vikings in space writing their first program lol

(VyRe40) #29

This whole weird semi-viral marketing bit... it's pretty great.

Conspiracy theory jokes about Swan Song aside, the Ragnarok picture and the computer stuff is really throwing me through a loop. I can't wait for whatever's happening on 1.1.2017.

(the_pizza_party) #30

oh! what a lovely thread you have here! I'm so very excited to see what happens, myself.

(SoberCreativity) #31

I can't tell if this pizza party person a Marketing ploy to tease a Swan Song return or just a very, overzealous fan. Either way....

Sup? Wanna party?

(Woadwise) #32

I see you. I see what you're doing.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #33

I am so confused right now. It looks swan song related but I think its about the new show..

(Woadwise) #34

Maybe they decided to set the new show in the new, alternate Swan Song universe? So it's Swan Song related, but it's own thing.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #35

yeah that is the current speculation on discord.

If so please have Howard return :heart_eyes:

(Possibly Batman) #36

(dodgepong) #37

If this isn't a Swan Song reboot of some sort, then at this point it's a cruel troll.

Swan Song was the only RollPlay show that I watched religiously. The stuff before it and after it were fine, but nothing grabbed me like that cast, that storytelling, and that amazing universe from Adam's mind.

(VyRe40) #38

I wasn't serious when I commented that earlier, but now???

(ScratchNSn1ff) #39

current thinking is new cast and system (dodger, jesse etc with Fate accelerated) but in the swan song universe, which i'm cool with would be good to see some form of that universe through a different lens


Don't forget the 2nd date in the tweets when you speculate.