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[COURT OF SWORDS // PRIMORDIAL ARC // E01] Spore You There, I'm Toadally Confused

Your face when Max was about to jump in the sludge fountain was great as well.

We needed fireball this episode, grilled mushrooms are good. I hope JP takes Sorcerer for next episode.

Yea they needed some sort of AOE or area denial spells like flaming sphere or spike growth. It would have been an entirely different fight if a flaming sphere was there to burn the mushrooms if they wanted to keep salix in the corner and not move.

I like that Adam started playing a turned based tactics game with all the summons in this episode :itmejplol: :heart:

The screen looked like the banner saga for a sec. :stuck_out_tongue:


This episode hung around in my brain and yesterday I suddenly made a song out of it, so thank you and cheers! Parody Tribute 1: Ekishnugal (Draft Horse)

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Damn… just finished watching on youtube. It’s another one of those episodes. It makes for a good character arc for Yomm though.

I have to agree though that shapeshifting and summons are really hard to manage in r20. Swapping out the sheet for the character is easy but the token replacement is a sort of a doozy.

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I’m curious how the mushroom was able to move into the square to the left of the boar here. Does not appear to be enough room for an enemy with the cave wall right there.