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[COURT OF SWORDS // PRIMORDIAL ARC // E01] Spore You There, I'm Toadally Confused

Snap off a slim jim for our poor dead friends.


@itmeJP should make it his mission to make chars best suited to annoy the hell out of you from now on, @AdamKoebel, don’t you think? :itmejpgmlol:


Draft horse for the win!!!

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@AdamKoebel can you imagine doing that fight at a table without roll20 to look up the stats and roll quickly? It would take twice the time.

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i would have just quit, i think


Sooo looking forward to the new touch screen TV for the live show. That’s gonna be the best of both worlds.

For the love of Spore God, i really hope JP makes a character that has Light cantrip or dark vision. It would be nice to see the divine itself.

Also, i really hate when you try to give precise but short tips on chat and the names of the abilities are so… unhelpful. Ranger gets Extra Attack on Attack Action and also Horde Breaker gives an bonus attack that isn’t a Bonus Action like normal bonus attacks are.

Death of Furries was kinda sad in the sense that it’s really hard to use a character efficiently on first go when they have that much going on. Biggest things might have been changing in to a Crocodile or something more capable than a horse. I don’t know what JP had prepared but he also pretty much only used his level 3 spells and nothing else. Tho without high Wis modifier a druid can end up in a situation where they are rather starved for preparation slots.

This month truly will be a rewriting of Adams Family where the family members are horrid DnD characters that require excessive token work on fly and poor Adam will try to manage trough it. :imp:

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This is classic D&D shit right here.

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On the question of presenting horror in D&D -

The basic feeling of horror is a sense of powerlessness, which is hard to convey in the mechanisms of play without just completely overwhelming the players and killing them, thus sapping the fun of the whole game.

But I wonder if you can convey “fear” in the game better by presenting challenging obstacles that don’t simply punish the players with death. Instead, force them to suffer change in failure - not necessarily detrimental mechanical handicaps like losing an arm, but things that simply change how their characters work on some fundamental level to keep them both intrigued and concerned. Like a reversal of traditional secondary progression (loot and magic items) that close and open different doors of playstyle.

An example for their current circumstance: if a character “engages” with the mushroom god in any way, specifically with hostility, then that character may suffer some fungal curse that saps some of their max HP permanently, but gives them some weird ability (spore cloud stuff maybe). Basically Annepire. After all, the people of the ancient world take refuge in ignorance and fear the turbulent winds of change caused in the wake of restless gods and powers.

This is all very insightful! I’ll definitely keep that in mind…

@Aureylian how did you enjoy your first voyage into Adam’s meat grinder?

@AdamKoebel you’ve mentioned before there are no unnamed magical items in court of swords, that they all have a name and backstory. Do you plan on adding the magic items these characters chose to the main arcs world? So instead of random loot tables the players could come across the “Bracer’s of Salix” at a specific location or wielded by a specific npc?

Does Yomm still get the Barbarian’s Unarmored Defense while shape shifting?
I don’t know if you already accounted for this when playing because I don’t know the stats of the things he changed into. Just saw the question in chat and thought I’d bring it up.


This is from the official WotC Sages Advice compedium page 2 version 1.14

These methods—along with any others that give you a formula for calculating your AC—are mutually exclusive; you can benefit from only one at a time. If you have access to more than one, you pick which one to use. For example, if you’re a sorcerer/monk, you can use either Unarmored Defense or Draconic Resilience, not both. Similarly, a druid/barbarian who transforms into a beast form that has natural armor can use either the beast’s natural armor or Unarmored Defense (you aren’t considered to be wearing armor with natural armor).

Makes the already good combination even better. ^^b


Just curious because I’ve seen it before with Berg, but does @AdamKoebel houserule throwing weapons?


If a weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon to make a ranged Attack. If the weapon is a melee weapon, you use the same ability modifier for that Attack roll and damage roll that you would use for a melee Attack with the weapon. For example, if you throw a Handaxe, you use your Strength, but if you throw a Dagger, you can use either your Strength or your Dexterity, since the Dagger has the finesse property."

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@itmeJP please make a Bard character with the Noble background, take three NPC servants and have them be your orchestra while you are the conductor. :itmejphappy:

You could hear the delight in Adam’s voice when Erin solved the problem of the grabby mushroom child by giving it something unimportant to hold.

It is fun to see different solutions to problems from gamers with different background.


Mhmm. Every magic item has a backstory. It’s up to the players to discover it. Also, bracers made my ancient forest spirits given to a demon girl? What a great story!


I’m such an open book sometimes. /laugh

Yeah! I was so happy when she did that, because I was trying to be menacing and invoke nervous tension and she was just like “get out of here spore baby” and dealt with it in a really cool way.


No, what I said in the episode was a mistake about hand axes!

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