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[COURT OF SWORDS LIVE LIVE SHOW // E63 Q&A] One Hard Night in the City of Brass


(Joulupukin) #66

Yea I really hope they put notice this for future since the exhaustion mechanic is already very punishing due to limited rest time to get rid of it and the number of rages available.

Relentless Endurance. When you are reduced to
0 hit points but not killed outright, you can drop to 1 hit
point instead. You can’t use this feature again until you
finish a long rest.

I know Max has been flavor it so that he says he drops to 0 but then “gets back up with 1hp”, but it is quite a massive nerf to the racial ability to use it that way. I could also be plot wise flavored that the racial has now “upgraded” due to all of the changes berg has had lately.

(Olf_Himself) #67

They’ve brought it up before. I think this was just a live show mishap. Shit happens when you don’t have your regular set-up.

(TheFacecake) #68

Team Thoughts and Prayers were awesome its the buddy cop movie we didn’t know we needed

(Twitch: eyearcana) #69

That was awesome, great job all. You could see GassyMexican was visibily shook at the end. He did the old my eyes are itchy at the end. Adam made him feel a thing, good job dude.


I can’t wait for the post show discussion.

(profnesbitt) #70

That was amazing. Berg killing Kukrit was done so well by all of you. I’m so excited to watch this show every week.

@AdamKoebel With the reappearance of the Mara that I believe you’ve said was “The Doctor” do we have a list of the named known Mara so far? I feel like you’ve mentioned several of them by name but can’t remember and are other West Marches PCs representative of them? Because if so I’m ready for them to run into the Gallahan one and I’m very curious on what the Tilly one would be. Amazing work building such an intriguing world I love watching every week.

(sinderfell) #71

I honestly forget if this has shown up outside of prep yet, but [spoiler]the Necromancer King waging war against the Court of Swords was a career soldier who turned on the court after he returned from a campaign to find his home and old life were basically gone. If memory serves, one of the last things we saw Galahan do was renounce his vows and become an Oathbreaker paladin. If I’m not forgetting something after that point, it would be amazing if his likeness showed up as a Mara who specifically preys upon warriors who turned their backs on vows made earlier in life.[/spoiler]

(AdamKoebel) #72

If one assumes what they saw in the basement was indeed a Mara in the semi-corporeal flesh, then it is reasonable to assume that it’s a manifestation of the one that I’ve called The Bleak Doctor before. We haven’t really seen or discussed the taxonomies of the Mara before, but I suspect y’all have some ideas…

(profnesbitt) #73

Very interesting. Thanks. Oh yea tons of theories.

(Olf_Himself) #74

I’ve seen a lot of people speculate that The Doctor and the Necromancer King are the same person. Could anyone explain where that theory comes from cause I’ve not been able to make that connection.

(profnesbitt) #75

I believe Gallahan in the very last episode realized the evil he was doing and killed the npc that was causing the calamity and didn’t end up breaking his oath. I could be mistaken and what he decided to do at the end might not have any bearing on this world either way. It’s fun to theorycraft though. I’m very curious on how many Mara there are and if they each have a particular schtick like each arcana do.

(AdamKoebel) #76

Nah, the Necromancer King is, as stated upthread, a mortal soldier whose disillusionment and disappointment with life opened the doors to the mighty land of the mara.

(Olf_Himself) #77

Yeah that’s what I thought. Thanks for clarifying.

(Chrisploitation) #78

Daaaaaamn what an episode. Forgive will be one of those Rollplay-moments mentioned in the same breath as the hyperspace walk or Rune’s seance, just wow.

Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. The City of Brass is still teetering on the edge and it will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

Big ups to Aurelian, Scoots, JP, Adam, Gassy, Zeke and Dan!

(SomethingSylo) #79

I loved how Berg and Kali falling off the train track led to splitting up the characters, letting us see both the sides of The Immortals and The Tower. Nice work on turning a couple of failed saves into a great story.

(ClayProof) #80

Remember to remind Zeke that the multiclass table gives Kalimat a new skill proficiency and more importantly a musical instrument proficiency. @Ezekiel_III @AdamKoebel

(apepi) #81

I was wondering what people thought of suicide in this world? I imagine for people with fate that it is frowned upon? Unless it is ‘fated’.

Though an intense visualization I have in my head is people climbing the tower to its top and just jumping off…

(H0rrible) #82

What an incredible 8 hours, I don’t think that could have gone better. The group split, the Farang battle/magical dampening field, the confrontation with Kukrit/his subsequent demise, and of course Berg and “Azure Vortex II” (do we have her name yet?) being back together.

It’s an amazing a climax to Berg’s story, definitely seems to mark a change in his luck.

(DesmondDentresti) #83

That is heavy… But actually sounds plausible as a ceremony in some way. “The Tower promises change… Leap to embrace it.”

(thyL) #84

First of all, what a great show.
CoS is so fucking cool, setting, world, characters, factions, rolls. 10/10!

Since I’m a bit late to the thread I won’t go too much into detail on what I saw on the show, since most of it will already be in here, but I have to get a few things out:
Dan, that “Forgive!” command was absolutely brilliant, what a powerful moment it created!
The way the table reacted to that was amazing, imo, everyone in their own way.
And just the way it slowly dawned that Ramus would be let to Kukrit, what a devilish thing to happen to the party. There was so much going on, cool actions, failed checks, lots of great roleplaying, but what I think I liked most is that this vibrant, colorful, loud and boasting city that is the City of Brass is now oddly quiet, grey and dusty (in my mind, of course). The people are gone or hiding in fear and it’s a dramatic change that I like a lot.

On a side note, @itmeJP , I had this thought about why Desert and Water Tortles don’t like eachother when it was first mentioned a few episodes ago.
I was basically thinking that they were of one species, a long, long time ago. But they were split into two tribes, maybe salt and fresh water? Anyway, today (as in the time that Salihafa is alive) there’s just the myth remaining, of how the now Desert Tortles attacked and poisoned the now Water Tortles, almost wiping them out. The Desert folk however tell the tale that this attack was just and necessary, as it was a reaction to the Water Tortles using some extremely barbaric magic to dry up their waters, leaving them with nothing but sand and rocks and that the Water Tortles poisoned their own waters to keep the other tribe out. Maybe it was out of spite, as the Desert Tortles made a discovery that the others didn’t, maybe it was over personal affairs, who knows?
But when the lakes and rivers dried up and the one tribe was defeated by the other, they adjusted, adapted and evolved into the tougher Tortles that live on land, weather the worst winds that feel like abrasive papers on Salihafas kind’s skin, etc. The two kinds grew apart and there is nothing really written down from the time when all that happened, so all that remains are the myths, the blaming of both sides and the inherent aversion of one another.

(Joshkie1973) #85

@AdamKoebel @itmeJP @Ezekiel_III @DansGaming @GassyMexican Finished the Show awesome as always. Just wanted to say probably in my opinion the best episode of RollPlay ever, and that is saying a lot.

Adam though you might not always do things or interpret the rules as I would it is always intertaning.

Trying to now patiently wait for post shows and the next episode.