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[COURT OF SWORDS // E95 // Q&A] Embers in the Wind


(AdamKoebel) #1

somewhere, one’s bound to land, and a fire’s gonna start…

(Twitch: bento_bean) #3

Yo Adam your great. You do such a great job!

(Ventus24) #4

@AdamKoebel ok so lets get started lol

1 wouldnt berg know know about emix just as much as ramus I mean they were both given the mission from agni to get the ruby to her father so he could go free him

2 it might be to early for you to answer this but when the party ether finds the cinders of Emix or a member of them. if they see agnis ruby would they know what it is without being told

3 if they know what it is ether by prior knowledge or being told do you think they would do try to take it ether by force or trade or would they know that berg and ramus are trying to get it to Agni and Emix father? in witch case they still might try to take it anyway

4 do you think the cinders of emix view Agni or her father as a lesser or greater being then Emix

5 this might seem like a stupid question but with them actively looking for the cinders of Emix are you going to be poking/droping hints that they may be able to contact Agnis father here? (please adam I have been waiting so long for agnis quest to continue/be completed)

6 ( ok this is going to be a VERY WEIRD question) are Loxodons able to procreate with other races like human,half orcs, or genasi because I was thinking about it and unless theres some outside influence involved wouldn’t that kill the mother due to the increased weight and size and small tusks unless the there wombs are genetically tougher like I would assume a female Lexacons would be?

7 so I know about fire earth and air genasi and how they effect there element so question does that mean that that the genasi of summer ,winter spring ect emidate area is always in a state of there respective season also are winter and ice genasi completely resistant to the weather in terms of cold and negative conditions like freezing for winter genasi and heat stroke for summer genasi and if they are would that make the spring genasi half resitant to both winter and summer since its imbetween both also what does a spring genasi look like ?

8 wait if Emix is the father of flame what is Agni’s and Emix’s father exactly?

9 so the followers of agni are not aware of ramus but are they aware of berg ?

10 wait isn’t ramus completely resistant to fire and heat damage thanks to agnis blessing? You said his hand wasn’t in the fire long enough to take damage?

11 so we know that berg has the ability to bless people does he have the ability to strip someone of divine blessings as well???

12 if ramus or berg were to inform the cinders of Emix of Emixs current entrapment what do you think would happen do you think they would belive them? and if they did believe what do you think they would do since berg and ramus may not rember exactly where the cave was located?

13 how many times can berg bless a person is it ulimited or can he only do 3-4 times a day?

14 JPs character Rib? Rio? I thought he was a slayer of dragons not the cult itself?

15 I don’t know if you can answer this because its more of a question for JP but what do you personaly think Rib/rio will do when he finds out hes on a quest to free Emix from imprisonment

16 (just thought of this I don’t know if you can answer this because it might be up to JP ) but do you think Emix was imprisoned by Rio/Rib’s clan or was it by the rock gnomes or something else entirely

17 since Rib/Rio has a ruby in his sword does the ruby act as some kind of GPS or radar to find dragons or the cinders of Emix?

(morharna) #5

I…I’m sorry. I had to

(TwilightBorealis) #6

So you mentioned previously that Imix doesn’t have a physical form like Agni that the players would be able to meet, and is instead something much grander, like an elemental concept. How did Rib’s ancestors make a deal with Imix? Was it likely with an Agni-like facet? Would the characters know that Imix doesn’t have a physical form? Great work again!

(Ventus24) #7

no he has a body weve seen his body back in the cave hes traped in

(Scara29) #8

That’s Agni’s brother and Imix’s son that is trapped in the cave in the Xiolin valley, not Imix.

(Possibly Batman) #9

(Narf) #10

Is Agni going to be miffed Berg no longer have her gifted arm?
Will Berg ever marry Azure Vortex? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Will Maud ever appreciate all the time this party spent towards her wellfare, or just be angry murderlesbian at their failure?
Was the firesnek in the fire Remus looked into, the Dark Serpent battling Agni? If so, spoil everything right now in your answer. Fair expectation, I know.
The knight is missing in the courts or the sword, so the proverbial sword is missing in the court of swords. The story and the title of the show come up to an edge here- very nice. Just a statement.

Is Yotta Chuckles reborn, secretly here to help his old friends? :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally ship Maharib x Niy niy…

(Narf) #11

I ember. :slight_smile:

(drunken_sailor22) #12

I am curious if any of the other characters from the one shot that took place will show up later on possible leading a Resistance to fight the necromancy king.

(AdamKoebel) #13

Berg knows a fair bit about Imix, sure. He’ll never be able to put the pieces together as fast or readily as Ramus though.

We’ll have to wait and see.

The object doesn’t have any real power, it’s a calling card.

Agni is a facet of Imix, as with all other aspects. They see them as part of the whole.

Agni’s quest is just about turning in the stone!

Nope! No half-Gaja.

You’ll just have to watch out for these folks, they’re out there, but raaaaaaaare.

Imix is “Father of All Flame” as a title, rather than a literal thing.

They don’t know shit about shit as far as we know.

Resistance in D&D means you take half damage.

He doesn’t really have any control over any of it, obviously, he just tries and heaven does what it thinks he needs.

The stone will let them know everything that Agni knows about that, and they’ll be able to pass that along to Imix’s greater awareness.


Maharib is a killer of dragons and his people hate the Dragons of Imix especially.

Imix isn’t imprisoned, only a facet of his power and being embodied by his ‘son’

The aspect was contained by the Rock Gnome Wizard.


(KimiNekoCat) #14

Will we ever get a Sherlock Berg. If we do, who will be Watson and who would be Moriarty?

(KimiNekoCat) #15

Is Maharib just against the fire dragons, fire dragon elementals or all dragons? Were all dragons destructive or just the fire ones that got the bad rap?

(drunken_sailor22) #16

He has a new robot body for her to look at might try and improve on, or change.

(sythmaster) #17

Doug the Noodle Guy is Watson.

Moriarty is Chuckles.

(drunken_sailor22) #18

Is Adam going to do the traditional DnD characteristics of dragons is the better question or based of the god. That brings up the question if Kali going to fall under that as well if we see him again.

(KimiNekoCat) #19

There can always be individual differences, especially if they don’t all follow the god. With randomly generated ones it is more likely that you will find one following the common characteristics. With one that used to be a PC, it might be more likely to be different.

(drunken_sailor22) #20

Well the dragon’s in court of swords where created by the old God’s so are part of the god itself. We might see that heaven also created some dragons as well.

(KimiNekoCat) #21

True, but Kali was created from a request to a god. So not sure how much the god will change his personality, or if it will be more like Berg, where his body is given to him by heaven but his personality is his own.