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[COURT of SWORDS // E92 // Q&A] Whelp Whelp Whelp


(ironwaffle) #41

It would have been really funny if the bell being inside him turned him into some kind of fucked up Dark Souls rotting dragon that just radiates death.

(profnesbitt) #42

Great episode excited to see Berg and Ramus again. Question time.

The way Kalimats soul changed when he became a dragon implied the hun and po is the same thing for dragon’s (unless I missed something). While not being gods it def seems like after following destiny Kalimat is now no longer a part of the wheel.

If Jp or Zeke had wanted to play as Thuy or her brother as their new character would you have let them? I watched the “prequel” episodes recently and interestingly Baern made what at the time seemed to be a pretty crucial persuasion check with Thuy about looking to the church for guidance. That was before they abandoned her in a cave though so we will see how that goes.

Similar note. JPs monk Map and Dans forgetful wizard are roaming around somewhere in the court of swords if they ever need backup characters. Also did we ever get closure on Ramus’s key to heaven, the door it went to was somewhere in the court of swords wasn’t it (and I’m sure it def 100% would take them to heaven and not anywhere else)?

(phobiarg) #43

@AdamKoebel First I want to thank you for the epic story. Never expected that I’d get so invested in the story of a table top game that I’m not playing, bravo! Second, with the return to the CoS and the time skip from the last time that we saw this, is this next arc going to explore the Farang encounter that we saw so long ago?

Edit: Also I am not sure if this was explained at one point and I just forgot, but why did you guys stop doing the fortune readings?

(AdamKoebel) #44

The characters just haven’t been as tied to fate as before, maybe the next group will return to it!

(Scara29) #45

When they were in the Temple under the Devil’s Vault Ramus used the magic of the Temple that would have granted him what he wanted to “find the door that this key opens” and rather than the door appear in the wall before him as Ramus expected, instead he was shown on the wall a map of an area in the Court of Swords that he knew and the location of the door was marked on it.

(Twitch: Brooster) #46


(Jedidm99) #47

Absolutely wild episode. I think the interesting consequences of the wish is all thanks to the excellent players you’ve got there. They’re really in tune with their characters, which makes this such a joy to watch!

@AdamKoebel Question: Can the Farang see Yoji? The Big Boy uses celestial power, so I’d imagine they’d be immune to the enchantment he weaved.

(Twitch: InvoluntarilyHuman) #48

Wow. What an end! That was not how I was expecting things to go. At all, lol.

What an end to one of the best player arcs that we’ve seen in RollPlay and personally my favorite so far! I’ll miss following Kali and his story! Even so, I cannot wait to see what Zeke comes up with next! He’s such a phenomenal and organic roleplayer and I’ve enjoyed every character he’s played immensely.

@AdamKoebel So, is Yoji still walking around somewhere or is he just like poof gone in absolutely every sense?

And as always, thanks to this wonderful cast of rad people for making these shows so unbelievably, immeasurably GOOD. Court of Swords is the best rollplay show around and I impatiently look forward to it week after week. I can’t imagine a more perfect or ideal cast that would so consistently result in these wonderfully entertaining story’s and often unexpected outcomes. Thanks so much! <3

(kyppilalas) #49

When the time comes just point me to the Kickstarter page and my money is yours.

(AdamKoebel) #50

I think the magic that Tao Ti used happened and then was over rather than being an ongoing effect. He just erased Yoji, you know?

(AdamKoebel) #51

He’s around but nothing he does can have any meaningful impact on anyone’s memory. He’s a forgotten man, and walks the earth unremembered.

(philipov) #52

If he’s so forgotten that his soul jar has shattered and even Tao Ti doesn’t remember him, what will happen when the cult’s life extension magic runs out, or has death itself forgotten him too?

(AdamKoebel) #53

I think definitely Death has also forgotten him.

(profnesbitt) #54

Oooo that’s interesting death forgetting him. He has become a sort of pseudoHazzan

(TwilightBorealis) #55

Yoji who? Smith who? I’m trying to keep an open mind here Adam, but I might not be weird enough for this maelstrom of references.

(AdamKoebel) #56

Hazan still had half his soul, but in a way, Yoji is a little like the Nameless Son - forgotten by the world instead of hidden away from it.

(Twitch: InvoluntarilyHuman) #57

Wow! That’s pretty interesting. It makes you wonder about whether ‘others’ also walk the earth unremembered by all who come across their paths. That’s… a lot of power.

I wonder if someone has ever wished for this to have happened to a god? “The Forgotten God”. That would be a pretty cool chance of meeting!

(Bil Kulp) #58

I kind of like the idea of Yoji becoming sort of a Hungry Ghost a long way down the line. Like, he’s never going to really be able to reconcile his life, and he can’t really go anywhere when he dies, so he’ll just be stuck there with his many many many life experiences that are all really pretty horrible and are only going to haunt him worse over time because he can’t really make connections with other people anymore, he’ll never spiritually heal, etc. etc.

(Tragicweather) #59

Thanks for answering my questions in the Q&A @AdamKoebel I love CoS and the immense complex world you and the players have built together. I’m super hyped for next week finally getting to see Zeke play a different character after so long as Kalimat. This week was an awesome juncture of choices and “fate” with the two remaining characters both making choices that led to “endings” for both of them. I’m also excited to see what new race JP will play that he hinted at in the Q&A … Episode 93 here we come alea iacta est.

(infinityphoenix) #60

@AdamKoebel Sorry if I’m a little late to the conversation here, but I just had a thought. Is it possible that the Fountain will never be complete now that Yoji’s soul has been forgotten? Once the rest of creation has been enlightened and become one with the Fountain, will Heaven just be scratching their heads wondering why it looks like a soul is still missing?