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[COURT of SWORDS // E92 // Q&A] Whelp Whelp Whelp


(AdamKoebel) #1

Kalimat and the Yoji Who?

(Ventus24) #2


Ok I binge watch the last 2 episodes of CoS so I have 1 or 2 questions about that that im going to have some questions about that as well as this week ok so lets get started

1 I was wondering if you would be willing to post the character class and stat info of the people that the part fought trying to get to the girl?

2 did the girl know that kalimats dagger was special or was she just in constant pain from being injured all the time and wanted to die or did kalimats bell just push her over the edge?

3 when kalimat killed the mage did the mage make a deal with the mara or was that thing that came out of her the daggers doing

4 is the night serpent that grants kalimats dager power the same serpent from way back when JP was playing the kinku ? also did you base the night serpents story that it gets biger the more people that are afraid off of yormingandir the world serpent or the version of yormingander from Marvel comics that Thor fights?

5 If yoji had ask the big old god ( bear with me ) to join the party would you have done like would you allow that or would he jus like laugh at yoji?

6 if yoji had asked asked for his father to die would that have been in his poer to grant

7 soo is yoji effectively dead or just forgotten

8 what would have happened if kalimat asked for the power of a god or to have been born a god or be a god?

10 if kalimat had asked for the farang to be extinct would the the god not have any power over that?

11 wait soo what happened to the bell??

12 so whats going to the cult since now they no longer have the bell, jadara, yoji or kalimat

13 soo has berg and ramus leved at all between the city of brass being destroyed and now or they going to stay at 10 or maybe bump them to 11?

14 is Twee still alive and if she is whats the likelihood of her either being completely against the party or willing to ally herself with the patry?

15 if Twee is alive do you think she would be an extremist freedom fighter or a mara worshiper

16 once kalimat hatches will he be a playable character for Ezekiel ?

(Olf_Himself) #3

Wow it’s going to be weird not having Kalimat around. Especially since he’s the only character Zeke has played.

(DansGaming) #4

Who is that?

(Olf_Himself) #5


(AdamKoebel) #6

They were a bunch of miscellaneous humans i’d modified. I started with a Gladiator, a Transmuter, a Noble and an Earth Elemental. The driver was a Commoner.

She knew she wanted to die - Big King Tao Ti’s death wish was always present, but she didn’t know the dagger was special or anything.

She had a summoning spell that would go off when she died as a sort of insurance.

Yes. She’s the same Serpent that Morgan’s character woke up.

Hah, no, Big King Tao Ti had his own agenda.


Yoji doesn’t exist - he’s just like, vanished from everyone’s memory and thoughts. It’s like he never existed.

I’d just have made him a god. A god that serves the Wheel of Fortune probably.

Nope, the Farang can’t be touched by Heaven.

Poof! Gone!

They’re going to have to deal with going to war with the Forest.

Nah, it’s pretty instant from the last time we saw them.

Thuy is a mystery!

See above, re: Mystery.

Nah, I don’t think D&D handles “you’re a dragon” very well.

(AdamKoebel) #7

I think it’ll be neat to have Zeke get the opportunity to play someone new!

(Decidophobia) #8

Awesome show it was nice to see Kali get his wish.

Also what are the chances of the Welp Kali and Berg Divine Hammer buddy cop show in Heaven?

Also what are the chances of murder lesbian Thuy in some form with the new arc?

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #9

Big King Tao Ti’s still got it. I wonder what the repercussions are going to be now that he’s back…

Definitely going to miss Kalimat, but that was a hell of a send-off. Besides, we get Zeke playing a drunken master monk next (assuming he doesn’t change his mind) and I am all about that.

Next stop - the Court of Swords, the Cult of Imix, and probably a lot of very, very dead gnomes.

(AdamKoebel) #10

so many dead gnomes

(AdamKoebel) #11

Kali will be an egg for a while, now.

Not zero, I’ll tell you that.

(Ventus24) #12

@AdamKoebel what would have happened if kailimat wish for when he dies to be reincarnated as a even stronger person and for the same thing to happen for when he dies again

(AdamKoebel) #13

Tao Ti can’t change something as fundamental as the Wheel.

(Olf_Himself) #14

I’m hoping, if JP is playing a Fighter, that he’s playing the Arcane Archer. They seem really powerful.

(Direwolf45) #15

Would the wish been able to save the City of Brass?

(Possibly Batman) #16

Hmm, I kinda doubt it. Heaven doesn’t seem to have any power over the Farang. So not sure they can undo what the Farang have done?

(almara2512) #17

“and so it came to be that kalimat alfida, the dragon of hell was born…”

haha i love the concept and it was nice that kali got his wish to become a dragon fullfilled

(Scara29) #18

Short episode, but it was so so good.

Big King Tao Ti reminds me of a mix between a Dragonball Z character and those legendary cloud Pokemon. I hope we see more of him in the future. Also how many Old Gods are now released into the world? The Night Serpent, Maru Bavati and now big King Tao Ti; anyone else that I haven’t heard about? Is the Necromancer King an Old God? I’ve only watched Court of Swords since the Primordial Arc so I don’t know much about what happened before then.

Yoji wishing himself to never be remembered and to just be elsewhere was so out of the blue but it was brilliant. Also as was mentioned at the end Yoji’s now demon father would not know him so if he were to ever kill him, his father would not realise the significance of it and then anyone who was there to witness it would not know who had slain the demon.

I love the change that was made to the !yoji command in chat “Yoji is not a bitch” and now it says “Wait… who?” XD

I love Kali achieving his goal of becoming a dragon and he’s now an egg in the care of Big King Tao Ti, does that make Kali his ward? I really hope we get to run into a newly hatched dragon Kali at some point in the future.

Few questions about some loose ends from this arc:

  1. What happened to the Bell? Did it get destroyed in Kali’s transformation or will he still have it when he hatches?
  2. Does the Forest front led by Shadrick and the forest spirit bird lady (forgotten her name) wipe out the Demon Cult that Yoji and Jadara were part of?
  3. What happened to the dagger/tooth The Gift of the Night Serpent? Is it laying on the ground in the middle of the bloody desolated farmstead?
  4. The tooth that Big King Tao Ti pulled out and threw into the river, would that have magical properties if someone were to find it at the bottom of the river?

(Ventus24) #19

@AdamKoebel what would have have happened if maxs character had still been in the party and wished for gnomes to be the largest civilization/ for there to be a shit ton of them

(Ty_martinez) #20

Adam I’m wondering did the Paige know that by killing the girl it would set big Tao ti free?