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[COURT of SWORDS // E92 // Q&A] Whelp Whelp Whelp


(AdamKoebel) #21

Nope, a servant of a powerful mara, an embittered former soldier who hates the government that robbed him of his life.

(AdamKoebel) #22

maaaaaaaaaaaybe. probably.

ok yes.

(Ty_martinez) #23

As another question that tao ti creates hell adam did he inadvertently create the Mara and that is probley why he was Imprisoned in a teenage girl?

(AdamKoebel) #24

I think it was eradicated by the power of Big King Tao Ti.

I’m not sure who would win that. It’d be a good-ass fight tho.

Yup, laying on the ground amidst corpses.

Oh hell yes. Huge deal.

(AdamKoebel) #25

Nope, the Mara are enemies of Tao Ti, too. His hell was just a place where people got horribly tormented before they get reincarnated.

(morharna) #26

Just a quick sketch goodbye for the scaly guy

(Scara29) #27

Cool, I will have to go back about watch all of the old Court of Swords episodes at some point. Thanks for answering my question.

Also, right after I hit send on my message I saw that someone else has asked some of the same follow up questions as I did and you’d just answered them XD

(Scara29) #28

Thanks Adam : D

Oof whoever stumbles across this bloodbath is likely to encounter two VERY powerful objects if they happen to look in the river as well as stumble across the dagger.

(AdamKoebel) #29

Yoji basically got Smith July’d or else, if you know about Exalted, became a Sidereal with like, 10 points in Arcane.

(Olf_Himself) #30

Fuck, feels like I’m going full Stages of Grief for Kalimat lol.
Not only has he been around for like 41 episodes, which is a long time, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the longest time a character has been around uninterrupted.

Ramus died and came back many episodes later. Berg was away for several episodes with various arcs - Angels, Necromancer, Primordial, Current.

Man… :itmejps:

(The_Newspaper) #31

What happened to the gnomes? I thought Persnidgetron(Day9) helped them thrive?

(apepi) #32

What happened to Yoji’s soul? Was it deleted? Removed from the Wheel?

Adam, you have made choice a theme in your campaigns(Nebula Jazz and CoS). Do you feel like it just fits the setting in your games? Is it just a theme that you just enjoy? Is it being inspired by anything(media, events)? And what is your thoughts of when you take that away from players?

Also what is your thought on Kalimat be willing to just follow the wheel? Do you thinking following it rewarded him for doing that? Was his destiny on this ‘path’, even though weirdly it took him out of the wheel?(since his two part of souls merged?)

(AdamKoebel) #33

oh, nothing just yet…

(AdamKoebel) #34

Yoji’s soul is already kind of a special case, given what the Cult had done to him, so it’s kind of up in the air what the difference might be.

The most important thing in games above all else is making choices. Without choice there is no game. So making players make decisions and choose between complicated options makes the game feel real for me. Consequence and reality. When players lose that choice, it illustrates what makes it so valuable. It plays nicely into randomness by way of the dice, too.

I love it, he’s a divine man who was given what he deserved. A form of magical, powerful ascension. It’s pretty cool, I think!

(KidCronos) #35

So now that Big King Tao Ti is back does that mean hell is, um, open for business again?

(AdamKoebel) #36

He will certainly return to Heaven to punch some faces and then see about instating some sort of torture dimension, yes.

(stevenx) #37

Best party wipe ever? I was NOT expecting Yoji to just leap at the chance to vanish. Yoji is one strange character, even for the Court of Swords. Kalimat choosing to become a dragon was less surprising to me because, like… why ever not?

The gears in my head won’t stop turning about the ways Ramus hunting a soul from this fire cult, but also being in the realm of a Necromancer King, could possibly turn out. Gonna be some willllld things in the future.

(AdamKoebel) #38

I am very excited about the threads this will bring together. Imix, the fate of the Xulin Valley, the Court of Swords itself. It’s gonna be awesome.

(Jewbobicus) #39

Wow I love that Kalimat basically got his happy ending. Totally feels like a reward for his following fate and allowing the transformations of self he underwent. I really think the story of Kalimat is beautiful.

Do you have a solid idea of the deal that went down between heaven and the primordials? I’m super interested in the cosmology of the world with the questions about the soul, relative power between Arcana gods and primordial gods. Personally, I hope they keep waking primordials, and that sparks a war between primordials and the Arcana. To me, that would be exciting to watch the party just try to survive the shit storm.

I know this is probably heavily player dependent, but do you think that with this Ramus soul arc coming up we could learn more about the nature of the soul in this world?

Final question regarding cosmology, is there a lot more of that kind of information in the Zine? I’ve been considering getting access but haven’t been sure if it would interest me personally or not.

(AdamKoebel) #40

I do! I have been saving it and threading it out - I don’t want to like, spill it all out of context. I don’t think the arcana and the Gods of Heaven are in a war-state with the Gods of Earth but like, there’s definitely tension and bad blood. There’s a lot sleeping in the world, sealed up and slumbering since 10,000 years ago.

I’d be surprised if we didn’t, but I kind of think much of that is laid out - the interactions between the hun and the p’o and the way the duality of souls exists in mortals. Thinking on it, I’m not sure what else is to be said!

Here and there, when it’s appropriate. I haven’t like, laid out any big setting secrets without game context. I think I’d still love to put together a big 300 page Court of Swords campaign setting someday, but that’s pretty far off.