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[COURT OF SWORDS // E90 Q&A] Flock of Sparrows

wow! thanks for watching everyone, except that person who kept busting my frickin nuts over the horse thing. everyone else, thank you :wink:


Math Squad, assemble!

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Would the forest have gone to war if shadrick didn’t escape or was that always gonna happen?


If Shadrick hadn’t escaped there would definitely have been more time while they had to figure out what happened to him.


Adam, I knew that you hated gnomes, but I did not think that you hated them that much that you would dedicate a whole episode hunting them.

but he ran. he ran so far away.

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I really like the part with the math! Also birbs!

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Ah, thanks! and great job on the Nat-Geo/Math crossover, great episode!

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Ended up being one of the most ridiculous episodes, I love this show so much, A lot of this arc has been comedic tragedy, serious heavy moments with injections of comedy and it all works so well.

Max has played Shadrick incredibly and it’s been good getting to know him, glad that he got away and that its caused a new front of conflict to open, certainly going to make things even more interesting.

@AdamKoebel congrats on coordinating that last section it must have been hella difficult, especially with having to do math on the fly (pun not intended). Thank you for doing it and for putting up with all of the sparrow and coconut jokes from chat.


This might have been one of the episodes of CoS, or possibly even of Rollplay, that covered the least amount of in-fiction time so far. The entire episode must have been less than 30 minutes, if not 20. And it was great.

Really happy Shadrik managed to escape and that everyone, even despite the initial attempt to make the party work as a whole and stick together, stayed true to their characters’ beliefs, goals and ideals and lead the scenes to the (in my eyes) inevitable conflict.

This was a fight so full of meaning and emotion… As I write the comment I realize that there have been entire episodes with basically just one fight, which would make them even shorter in the in-fiction time span, but I doubt they were as meaningful as this one. Great job everyone and now we get another character which is always interesting :slight_smile:


it was both the best and worst ever


The outsider boar aberration reminded me of this music video for a song from Meow the Jewels:

Looking forward to his space age love song with a forest spirit on one of the other plains of existence.

That was the weirdest D&D combat I’ve seen yet. Series never fails to find new wrinkles, lol.

interesting how Kali talks about being in fates hands when all he is doing is not so much walking in fate as choosing to be used by whoever comes along instead of just owning up to his own feelings or logic. Fate is whatever you make of it.

Pretty disappointed in Kali as a character, but hey kudos to the cast for making me feel this way. Emotional investment is a hallmark of good role-play i feel, even if it makes me dislike the characters.

Yoji is a hypocrite, Jadara is …well idk how I feel about Jarada other than just another neutral evil character. Big props to Gassy for sticking to his guns on Shaldrick and not just conforming for the sake of the party.

For the first time this whole series, I hope the party is destroyed! Where is Berg when we need him.

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I don’t agree with everything you say here but I do agree I kind of want the party to be wiped. Good and evil might not specifically exist in Court of Swords but it does exist in our world so we still see good and evil actions. Shadrick was a breath of fresh air and really gave a great contrast to the bleak world of the Court of Swords. I’m really sad that he’s out now. For once I am rooting for the other side to destroy the party which is really strange to me. I hope the forest spirit elevates Shadrick even more and he comes back with a vengeance.


Completely off topic because fake sports commentating came up again on the show. I still say there is a market for a fake sportscenter/dropped frames style show that compiles the “best” dnd moments from the week and provides “analysis” and “play by play” for moments. “This here is the difference between a good wizard and a franchise wizard. Good wizards place their fireballs well on a horizontal plane. Franchise wizards think three dimensionally.”

Edit: not to steal a joke but I love the example, I’m pretty sure the 3-D Fireball joke is one Adam made on a show or twitter.

Maybe this can be interesting with the other party now? Both parties’ end goals are to awaken the old gods in a way (Berg is a toss up but Ramus is all for the Old Gods now)

Maybe the other party can be the “Good guys” portion of the party. Just a thought, here is hoping. Berg is a good boy and Ramus deep down isn’t evil.

And lo, on the ninetieth episode the Good Gnome Shadrick did ascend from lowly PC to blessed NPC, and sitteth now at the right hand of our DM.
Shadrick of the forest, beloved of the Green Lady, long may he Front.
REFRAIN: Long may he Front.

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Sorry long post lots of thoughts incoming. Another entertaining episode. Random question since I haven’t played a Druid at any significant level. Would Shadrick have stayed invisible if he had wild shaped right after casting it and flying (or if it had been thought of BURROWED away hehe)? I’m reading invisibility and it doesn’t look like wild shape would cancel it and I know you can concentrate on spells while wild shaped. Also how much of the forest attacking was caused by the group trying to kill Shadrick instead of just letting him leave?

Also if max is looking for a cult character I don’t know all the details of the cult but it seems like a Way of the Shadow Monk would be right up their ally (and side bonus, monks are the pvp kings, their one niche I really like is a monk will pretty much fuck anything up one on one) or a Shadow Sorcerer from Xanathars would fit. or…

The players are getting to levels where wizards get some crazy spells and depending on the cults interaction with the mara if they call on them or are trying to harness their powers they definitely have a wizard since the following spells exist on their list.
Lv 4 Summon Greater Demon (summon a demon).
Lv 5 Infernal Calling (summon a devil not sure if the mara are demons or devils or if those are the same thing in this world).
Lv 3 Magic Circle (Trap celestials, elementals, fey, Fiends or undead).
And finally Lv 6 Planar Binding (Bind a celestial, elemental, fey, or Fiend to your service).
I’m just going to leave this here.

Does anyone know what list Adam was using for the sins that he told JP?