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[COURT OF SWORDS // E89 // Q&A] A Farmstead by the River

a simple pastoral life
that old time religion


I forgot that I had this question. You said that every member of the cult has a demon mask similar to Yoji, with their own personal demons. What does Jadara’s mask look like? Has Dan told you anything? Would love to see it in play too.

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I love how a well intention plan can go horribly wrong to the point of complete and utter disaster. Now there’s a circle of death so there goes any hopes of inconspicuousness with the traveling caravan and the lady. I love to see how this goes.


Holy shit! Great episode with some incredible character moments. Special shoutout to @gassymexican for the fantasitc moment with Shadrick and the raw emotion he showed.

Adam, question about the large bell Kali can use. Does it bypass anything in it’s path? 30 feet straight down through metal or solid rock as well? I love the idea if so.


Holy shit this episode… props to Adam for taking the peasant father’s reaction to a believable but horrifying conclusion.

I’m loving the direction Kalimat is going in, though I do wonder what Berg might say if he was there.

Also, Max bringing some great RP with Shadrick; it’s not easy being a moral, ethical character in a group like this.


Jadara serves the Queen, so doesn’t have the forest ninja outfit!


I think it’s just a 60’ sphere that nukes everything living.


Man, this party besides Shadrick are amoral dickheads.

Hopefully they face consequences.

Says SirKillsalot. :slight_smile:


Actually, Kalimat is a righteous person these days, following the path heaven lays out before him.


I would just take them not killing off Shadrick at the very least. Kali’s descent is making me sad though, as much as it is interesting.

Kali didn’t realise that he instilled the same amount of fear in the farmer that the remaining citizens felt in the City of Brass when it was falling, we had a scene there where a man had killed his family and then himself. Simple NPCs it seems are more likely to take such ‘drastic’ actions as they are just returning themselves to the Wheel and will be reincarnated for better or worse.

Shadrick’s outrage at the how the subterfuge turned out was really powerful, and it looks like he’s going to be working against the rest of the party.

There’s so much inter-party conflict right now, it’s powerful and hooking. The PCs goal is to kidnap the woman in the caravan and kill everyone else, Shadrick is likely not going to want to kill anyone, Kali’s been asked by the Page to kill the woman rather than kidnap her, Yoji is loyal to the cult, Jadara wants to steal power from the cult and doesn’t care if the cult lives or dies really because she just want the power to take revenge on the Knight of Cups. So much drama going on right now, I love it.

Also @itmeJP please put the bonus footage of Neville and Luna at the end of the YouTube video for this week’s episode they are adorable <3

Be interesting to find out eventually how much of Kali’s descent to darkness is himself after the events in the City of Brass, how much is the power of the Bell and how much is the power of Glory’s spell giving him a secret goal every session.

True about the changes the Bell and Glory’s spell can cause. He had started some descent back in the city though when everything was going wrong. Sort of gave himself up to stuff being fate then. In any case, no matter the cause it will leave him forever changed. Just feels like he used to be the one hopeful for a better way. The demoralizing of the characters.

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It will be interesting to see how it’ll interact with Ramus!! (And possibly other forms of undead?)

Assuming Kali continues to have the Bell at some point in the future if/when we see Ramus next and Ramus still does not possess something soul-like.

I’m curious if some things like “sanctuary” or “consecrated ground” or other forms of “divine/blessed protections” can be used as a wall or barrier…

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Not sure if we will see an undead Ramus with Kali or if they will do a storyline with Ramus and Berg with two new characters from JP and Zeke.

i dont know about you, but while i can accept kali using the bell to kill the farmer dad, i would prolly have acted differently than yoji, jadara and shadrick, as i would prolly have gotten a bit stabby with kali and put the fear of “the gods” in him so kali wouldnt use the bell near me ever again but thats just me.

Man I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Rollplay episode take a harder left turn than the comedy of the goat segment into what happened in that house. That shit is terrifying.


Sort of sad that the goats were all killed by the bell. Was hoping more of that comedy would play out.

The intent is that we do Berg / Ramus and two new characters and their stuff is happening at the same time as this.