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[COURT OF SWORDS // E84 // Q&A] Eye on Cthaabbar


(AdamKoebel) #1

I only have eyes for you, Zeke

(Possibly Batman) #2

So happy to have Court of Swords back!!

I had this scene idea pop into my head when @Ezekiel_III went blindfolded briefly

Adam: “OK Kali, give me an attack roll at disadvantage.”
Zeke: Rolls a con save
Adam: “No an attack roll.”
Zeke: Rolls initiative
Adam: “You’re on the wrong tab, switch to…”
Zeke: Closes roll20 by accident
Adam: sighs “You missed”

(TwilightBorealis) #3

My favorite part of the episode had to be chat trying to determine if the loot was cursed or not by judging Adam’s facial expressions. I still stick with the point that Adam’s gigantic grin could either be from the party taking the bait of a cursed treasure, or equally as likely from the fact that the party was constantly hesitating because they were certain that a trap was there while there was none.

(sythmaster) #4

Awesome start to a new season! Way cool!

Kali & Yoji’s interactions reminded me of this gif:

Was awesome to see some of the tweaks from the GM Prep, I’m sure w/ the goals added in things are percolating pretty nicely! Also excited to see where this lore w/ the Not-Giants Peeps and the arcane thingy goes!

I guess with Kali’s new predicament, will you try to give more non-visual descriptions of places? (Smells, textures, sounds?) I’m sure there are a efw cool lists of descriptors around!

(profnesbitt) #5

I’m just excited for the Big Bad of this arc that Kalimat inevitably wakes up derailing all the original plans for this season.

(Nekya1268) #6

Toward the end of the episode I started to think that Adam is just a genius DM. He had multiple options for that Sarcophagus, and since Kalimat was the one to get blinded, he had to strengthen the team by giving Yoji a magical weapon in which to do full damage to the “final boss”. If more than 1 person would have gotten blinded, he could have given more powerful items, or if no one got blinded it would have actually been a trap. Looking back I think he does this a lot, and it just goes to show why we love to watch these awesome Rollplays!

(AdamKoebel) #7

ahahah jesus.

(profnesbitt) #8

If they all had got blinded he could have easily put an ersatz eye in the coffin and they all could have fought over it so one of them could see.

(Ventus24) #9


so is the mirror a portal and if it is if they were to smash it would that count as defeating the demon or is the mirror a prison?
also are mechanical body parts a thing and if they are if kalimat were to get mechanical eyes would you give him predator vision instead of nornal vision or both?

(Ventus24) #10

whats a ersatz eye?

(profnesbitt) #11

A common magic item in Xanathars. Literally does nothing except replaces one of your eyes and gives you the ability to see through it like you would normally.

(profnesbitt) #12

I bet if Zeke is willing to put up with being blind for a long time and makes it a goal to learn of the darkness Adam will give him blindsense of at least 10 ft range at some point.

(Possibly Batman) #13

@AdamKoebel with Kali being a special dragonborn that does thunder damage for this racial ability, would you allow him to change this (via time and training?) to act more like a bats echo-location?

(Nekya1268) #14

not only a dragonborn, but also a bard

(Scara29) #15

It was so nice to see Kalimat again…
Guess Kalimat’s days of eating fish are over. No more sea food for him.
I think the Oculo Swarm was just misunderstood, no one could see eye to eye with it…
A blind dragonborn walks into a bar…and a table…and a stool…

In all seriousness though it was a great episode, unfortunate that Max couldn’t join I hope he’s feeling better soon. Jadara seems like a great character and I look forward to getting to know more of her backstory and her history with Yoji and the Death Cult. Thank you Adam, Dan, Zeke and JP for another great episode and I can’t wait for the rest of this seasons Yoji/Kali arc to unfold.

(AdamKoebel) #16

I feel like echolocation needs specific structural shit to make it work but who is to say that a Dragonborn might not have that?

(AdamKoebel) #17

we’ll have to see about that!

I think mechanical prosthesis are totally a thing, though magical eyes are a bit harder to come by! if he wanted special ones that gave him specific sight I’d be down. the best place to get those would be the City of Brass.

oh wait.

(sythmaster) #18

I’ve been thinking about non-magic item ways to sort of, skirt around the mechanics issues. The Alert feat is interesting because it doesn’t specify needing to see. Just that those you can’t see don’t get advantage?

I know chat was going into theory mode w/ things like blindfighting and mecha-eyes. I don’t think that’s the most narrative way it’d make sense.

Although, Kali is about to meet a group of people who know people who make deals. I’m sure they could work… something out with him…

(Olf_Himself) #19

I was worried about the party without Berg tanking but Dan’s new character is a beast with that flourish ability.

(Agkis) #20

Humans can use echolocation. Real life humans can learn it.
it’s called Human echolocation

But it takes a lot of time and effort to learn.