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[COURT OF SWORDS // E83 // Q&A] Maru Bavati


(TwilightBorealis) #21

I think the “what does Yoji do?” part would also make a great animation. Super-serious scene of the Mountain and the other characters and then shift into a more cartoony style when JP delivers that line.

(Vukith) #22

He took the half damage from the rage not the save.

(AdamKoebel) #23

Which I actually think was wrong, now that I look at it.

(profnesbitt) #24

So many questions.

What hints did the PCs miss to tell that’s what nameless was going to do?

Was the nameless fight just a stall until the old god woke up or could they have taken the sword and killed him?

Did you guys stop doing group quest experience or have they just never completed one because they haven’t returned to Innanna?

And the question that’s been bugging me the most. The episode after Salihafu died. You narrated a guy eating a meal or something and then killing himself almost ritualistically. What was up with that guy/scene?

(Vukith) #25

Oops. That would have changed things slightly.

(Scara29) #26

I think that was just Adam highlighting the desperate and distraught nature of the remaining citizens of The City of Brass. The City was starting to go to hell, the situation seemed hopeless, so the man in that scene killed his family to spare them from suffering, made a ritualistic meal (bowl of rice which he then placed a lit incense stick into) and then committed suicide to return himself to the wheel.

(profnesbitt) #27

yep willingly fail it and berg dies and is blasted into the pit. Not the best ending for Berg

(Scara29) #28

@AdamKoebel @itmeJP @DansGaming @Ezekiel_III and @gassymexican, thank you all so much for this wonderful show, I have loved every minute of this arc, the RP, the jokes, the fails and the crits.

I look forward to seeing what your characters (current or new) decide to get up to once all of the travelling is done and Adam has had time to do some GM scheming… I mean… GM prep :grin:

Love you all <3

(Memitim) #29

Yeah, mechanical stuff aside, I was mainly just thinking about that alternate universe where berg goes down, Nameless downs everyone and escapes, then the Farang completely take over the city…and how interesting that would be.

(Rinion87) #30

I think the end result wouldn’t have mattered too much, if Kali didn’t Thunder Wave Berg was throwing himself over the edge anyway, we know that he didn’t break free from the grapple, but it’s cooler this way!

Awesome episode, not often I get to stay up and see live as an EU person but it was too exciting to sleep!

Lots of questions about what’s next and how Ramus can get his groove back with the time limit. Kalimats finishing blower two bosses with that dagger now too, as a bard we might not hear the end of it!

(grahamtugwell) #31

I’ve not encountered a piece of media with such formidable depth, with such tragedy and humour, joy and despair, filled with moments that could swing from tender intimacy to great upheaval and change and world-cracking awe, with so many vivid, complex and imperishable characters, since I first picked up Final Fantasy VI all those years ago. The City of Brass arc of CoS is an absolutely monumental achievement and I was moved, captivated and thrilled by every second of it. Max, Dan, Zeke, JP, Adam, thank you.

(AdamKoebel) #32

Oh yeah! That was definitely Mara Shit In Action

(AdamKoebel) #33

I don’t know if you know how much FFVI means to me and so this is a huge compliment thank you!

(AdamKoebel) #34
  1. the orb was a special artifact, summoned at the death of the immortals, sacred to Death

  2. self-sacrifice is generally considered a saintly virtue, so yeah, maybe his soul would escape orc-hood

  3. if they didn’t stop nameless, he would probably have ended up corrupted by the mara and they’d fight a war with the faring over the city

  4. I guess we’ll NEVER KNOW

  5. maru bavati is a primordial earth god, what relationships that has to the dragons will have to be explored in a future arc

  6. yeah, I think it qualifies

  7. I do not remember, maybe the bag ate it.

  8. heaven is really really pissed off that they woke up Maru Bavati.

  9. nope

  10. have to wait and see!

  11. that’s possible - there are other Farang, less ostentatious. this was blow to the Gold Faction.

  12. yes!

  13. it’ll depend on the players’ choices

(profnesbitt) #35

I think the easiest way to do the party split is something pertaining to Yoji directly calling him away from the group that’s in a direction Kalimat wants to go. That way there is a reason he doesn’t join Ramus and Berg for their primordial Agni arc. I will point out though Berg is aware of a mechanical brass dragon that is in the last place that Agnis brother was seen and that seems like a draw for all of them.

(Ventus24) #36

if the group decides to do the thing you sugested and have a episode for there specific things they each want to get down (if they dont bring it up/ remember will you remind them about the ruby)

also you said the party waking up pissed off heaven i have 3 questions about that

1 didnt hazan have a meeting in heaven in whitch they agreed that waking up maru bavati needed to happen so why are they pissed?

2 how did nameless actions effect hazans darma if at all is nameless still considered apart of hazan?

3 was little brother also mad that maru bavati woke up and does that effect his and bergs relationship

(Mr_Undergr0und) #37

I believe Hazzan’s plan with Maru Bavati was secret among the Tower. The Tower was just doing it’s job in razing the city in order to destroy the invaders. The logic being better to have a primordial God reawaken now that we are already familiar with than to have these completely unknown invaders that are invisible to Heaven continue to run rampant.

In the recorded Annals of Heaven in the far future this was probably seem as a time of temporary resurgence among the old gods. This will be taken care of in time. That is, unless Heaven destroys itself from within.

(Olf_Himself) #38

If they’re splitting the party for the mini-arcs I hope Berg sticks with Ramus. You can’t break up the dynamic duo.

(Twitch: arielleej) #39

It would be an interesting twist if the party became, essentially, the four horsemen.

(Thrishmal) #40

Is group quest xp not going to be a thing? I remember you wanting to give xp for completing arcs/quests when the system was changed up. Did xp for working towards a goal end up taking its place since it is more consistent?