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[COURT OF SWORDS // E79 // Q&A] Heaven's Hammer and the Thing in the Woods


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This show just keeps getting better and better I’m really excited to see the demons and celestial creatures the courts have to throw at our heroes now that they are reaching higher levels.

@AdamKoebel Two minor things that fall under the grey area of the rules (And it didn’t matter at all with this fight the way it was but could come up in the future) is the interactions between shields and going unconscious. I believe this came up in your TOA game as well with Ishi and if there is an exact rule on this I can’t find it so it falls under GMs decision so let this be my attempt to persuade you to rule differently (unless there is a rule and I just can’t find it).

1st thing. Whether your shield comes off when you are knocked unconscious? Can’t find a specific rule anywhere outside of page 146 of the PHB where is says how long it takes to put on or take off armor and shield is listed as having a Don time of one action and a Doff time of one action. I know this is primarily used to keep players from just dropping their shield during combat to switch to range attacks and then reaqquip when in melee. But it implies that the shield is possibly strapped to your arm and since you can’t just drop it as a free action like you can your weapons it would make sense it wouldn’t fall off when knocked unconscious.

2nd thing. Do you add your shield to your AC when unconscious? Again can’t find a specific rule and it makes logical sense that you wouldn’t add it since you can’t wield it intelligently while unconscious. However I believe in the design of 5e they waved this logic by giving advantage on attack rolls and autocrits on unconscious people so that players didn’t have to worry about subtracting AC in specific scenarios. Once the question is asked how does your shield help you when unconscious it leads to then asking how does your Dex help you when unconscious? Should you remove Dex from players AC when they are knocked out? I think the advantage and autocrit method was used so you didn’t have to go through all that.

Sorry if I’m being an ass. Love the shows and wanted to share my two cents on these interactions that rarely come up but when they do it’s usually (not in this case) when a player is about to have to tear up their character sheet. Thank you guys for all the amazing content.

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Cool. Thanks Adam :smiley:

I hope we get to see her again perhaps when we next see Berg doing the final prep for his mission.

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I see what you did there… Hehehe Robo-Berg.