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[COURT OF SWORDS // E78 // Q&A] Little Brother Shadow


(AdamKoebel) #1

what a packed episode! hope everyone had fun!

(Bgriffs) #2

Mecha Berg is gonna be so good.

Ramus’ scenes this week were 12/10.

(Flyingphish) #3

I’d give the episode a Ramus/10

(Zectorman) #4

I was mad for a long time, then i was way to excited. I hate love you.

When does the character creation for Max’s rerolled character come out XD

(Partor6) #5

One of the youtube comments mentioned “Max’s new character” so I quickly closed that comment, and cursed myself for spoiling it for myself. I’m glad it didn’t turn out the way I expected and we are getting Berg back. :smiley:

(Dalon9) #6

Week 78 roll results and statistics:

Ramus Krill (DansGaming):
Roll 1
  • type: Skill check
  • Skill: Religion
  • Roll: 18
  • Modifier: +5
  • Result: 23
  • Advantage: -

Kalimat Alfida (Ezekiel_III):
Roll 1
  • type: Skill check
  • Skill: Sleight of Hand
  • Roll: 13
  • Modifier: +7
  • Result: 20
  • Advantage: +
Roll 2
  • type: Save
  • Skill: Wisdom
  • Roll: 18
  • Modifier: +1
  • Result: 19
  • Advantage: 0
Roll 3
  • type: Skill check
  • Skill: Performance
  • Roll: 9
  • Modifier: +7
  • Result: 16
  • Advantage: 0
Roll 4
  • type: Skill check
  • Skill: Investigation
  • Roll: 12
  • Modifier: +2
  • Result: 14
  • Advantage: 0

Berg (GassyMexican):
Roll 1
  • type: Save
  • Skill: Wisdom
  • Roll: 4
  • Modifier: -2
  • Result: 2
  • Advantage: 0
Roll 2
  • type: Skill check
  • Skill: Religion
  • Roll: 7
  • Modifier: -1
  • Result: 6
  • Advantage: 0

Yoji (itmeJP):
Roll 1
  • type: Skill check
  • Skill: Perception
  • Roll: 20
  • Modifier: +5
  • Result: 25
  • Advantage: 0

Average Results
  • Ramus Krill: 23.000
  • Kalimat Alfida: 17.250
  • Berg: 4.000
  • Yoji: 25.000

Average Rolls
  • Ramus Krill: 18.000
  • Kalimat Alfida: 13.000
  • Berg: 5.500
  • Yoji: 20.000

Overall average (since Week 74)
  • Ramus Krill: 18.028
  • Kalimat Alfida: 17.379
  • Berg: 16.644
  • Yoji: 17.657
  • Ramus Krill: 12.389
  • Kalimat Alfida: 11.103
  • Berg: 10.822
  • Yoji: 11.800

(Olf_Himself) #7

Fantastic episode. Love that Berg is the star of his very own Karaethon Cycle.

(Monstercloud1) #8

Was Dan given Inspiration earlier in the episode (had to walk away a few minutes), if he didn’t/doesn’t already have it, it should of ABSOLUTELY have it after today.

(Scara29) #9

The two week wait was well worth it, there was so much packed into this episode! I loved tonight’s show, it was a roller-coaster. I was mourning Berg and then to have him ‘still alive’ I’m so happy, it’s a fantastic and very interesting turn of events. Also I think myself and most of chat were surprised that Berg didn’t rage and beat the God of Bad Luck upside his enormous head with his own arm or something similar.

Will be interesting to see Berg’s return to the mortal realm. Also I wonder if Angi can sense the loss of Berg’s connection to her via the fire in his lava arm going out upon his death?

(Scara29) #10

Agreed, that whole RP of Ramus’ room was hilarious and fantastic, definitely deserves Inspiration.

(putridcheese) #11

fkin amazing episode. Great RP all the way.

(profnesbitt) #12

What an amazing episode. So much happened. As awesome as I think the CyBerg is going to be, there is no one more I wanted Max to play than Ramus’ man servant after he was introduced.

I hope at some point at the end of all this when Ramus ascends he gets his own worshippers, no not clerics, Ramus has all the makings of a Patron for Warlocks.

(profnesbitt) #13

Oh yea I forgot. Did they build Bergs new body with the lava arm?

(AdamKoebel) #14

Clive and / or Clyde at your service oh mighty one.

(AdamKoebel) #15

They did not. It is inert and a part of the corpse.

(Mr_Undergr0und) #16

Even now we see more of Heaven’s hypocrisy. In the most pure form of hypocrisy we see exemption from the wheel. While before we learned of Anne working for a group of celestials who didn’t want the oblivion of becoming one with the Fountain, here we see a human who’s very loyalty and accomplishments instead freed him away from the Fountain. Everyone is taught on the material plane that they will eventually become one with the Fountain, yet here Emperor Fei relaxes in Heaven, being exempted from the recurring process of enlightenment. little brother is also another form of proff, if that is the correct name for the celestial who caused everything bad happen to Berg. Proof that not even celestials are perfect. Little Brother, a god who represents bad luck, causes bad luck onto others. He tipped fate by creating a path for Berg to follow, a path not laid out for him by the Fountain, but by an individual in Heaven that doesn’t even represent Heaven’s goals as a whole but individually.

I deleted a lot of what I wrote because I realized I lacked enough information from the streams to even present my hypothesis. I shall hold off from giving my hypothesis on Heaven because it would coincide with the other gods who didn’t join Heaven and also the Mara. PERSONAL BIAS ALERT: I love the Mara not because of the corruption, persistent annoyance on the party, and the fact that they have been conveyed as evil this entire time by Heaven with “proof”, but because what we’ve seen of Heaven, the shortly mentioned and seen “Hell” in Utrix’s domain, the other gods, and the imperfection of Celestials. When you are taught how the way the world works yet its mostly just a facade to how things really are, you have to think about who is really what. We have heaven and everything we saw about Heaven already, no need to point out everything we know already. But what about the Mara? They corrupt at any chance. Seeking those who lost all hope and providing them an alternative. All to provide some sort of base, infrastructure, etc. You talked in one of your GM Prep shows how the Mara wants to set up the city as their own capital of darkness. You remained vague on everything else, the question why. Why Adam. Why must you let the Mara exist. Why must you hold these secrets from us. ALSO WHY WAS THERE 2 LIGHTS (SOULS) IN THE JAR THAT LITTLE BROTHER INSERTED INTO MECHABERG INSTEAD OF ONE? WAS IT BECAUSE OF THAT CON SAVE WHEN BERG TOUCHED THE FORGOTTEN KNOWLEDGE GOD CORPSE. DID HE ABSORB THE SOUL. I HAVE QUESTIONS AND LACK ANSWERS.

This setting that is CoS is wonderful for making me be so into every little bit of it. How dare you hold us, the audience, on the edge of our seats. How does this make you feel?

(Twitch: Brooster) #17

How many years will have passed outside when the party leaves the Devil’s Vault? :itmejplol:

Also, another amazing episode, thank you so much to Adam, JP, Zeke, Dan, and Max! Y’all still killing it!

(AdamKoebel) #18

Court of Swords 40,000

(Tragicweather) #19

Would Berg be able to come back as a different class if Max wanted? Realizing that I subconsciously don’t want that answered, this episode was a great example of how awesome being an observer is. Not having control over the end result makes finding out dramatic. Props to everyone this was an awesome episode Yoji is probably my favorite character JP has RP’d with the Kenku being real close if not slightly ahead. Ramus trying to wish away Maud was amazing. Watching Kali sacrifice and giving up the knife for Maud had an odd pairing of the teaching of the devil, tower, and star 10/10. Lastly I’m just jacked to see where Adam and Max land on Berg. :100:/:100:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #20

Great episode, I really thought he was gone. Lots of fun with Ramus too.

It would be cool to let Max respec the character. Give Max the chance to re-roll stats since he will be coming back into a new physical body. Maybe even let him rechoose all levels of Barbarian and pick a different archetype if he wants and choose different feats. What are your thoughts on that?