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[COURT OF SWORDS // E78 // Q&A] Little Brother Shadow


(Olf_Himself) #21

That’s a really cool idea. Both Ancestral Guardian and Zealot paths would really fit the current flavor of Berg.

(profnesbitt) #22

Interesting how that key of Ramus’s happens to open a door of a temple somewhere near a village in the river lands of the court of swords. Are we finally going to see the necromancer king.

(profnesbitt) #23

Just now watched the exp portion of the show. So excited for Kalimat Bard subclass. I could see him going with any of the new xanathars subclasses would work great for him. Whispers if he wants to lean into the shadier side of Kalimat personality rp wise. Mechanically wise getting a form of at will psychic sneak attack is strong and goes really well with his rogue abilities. Swords probably doesn’t fit as well for rp but would make him tankier and eventually get him extra attack. The best fit for him I think is college of glamour though. Flavor of the subclass doesn’t fit as well but it could easily be reflavored and I don’t know if there is any ability more fitting of Kali than Enthralling Performance. Actually having a mechanic tied to his performances in front of people and being able to charm them when performing fits so well. So excited. This episode was so good not saying the past episodes haven’t been good but this one was by far the best one in a long time. Great work all you guys.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #24

I wouldn’t mind an entire episode in House Ramus.

(SirKillsalot101) #25

Man, Ramus is hypocrisy incarnate.

Constantly preaches about letting go and following the towers teachings but is obsessed with self preservation and worldly pleasures.

(sythmaster) #26

Loved the episode <3 awesome return from that cliffhanger.

Cyberg was a nice meme in the chat I enjoyed :slight_smile:

I guess my two questions/thoughts here are:

  • I liked the idea mentioned in chat, but (ostensibly if physicality is a thing) Berg is a war-forged in heaven? Would that be an option available to Max if he desired it? (Coming back as like a Paladin of Bad Luck and an Orc Aasimar sounds neat as heck also though)
  • While you’ve mentioned that lava arm is gone cause like - no body, have you thought about if Agni is still connected to Berg’s … whatever is left? I know she made jokes/comments about souls being a ruse , but does what she bind to… still exist for Berg? Something interesting to see in play… maybe… if Berg gets more wisdom to ask that type of thing. haha.

Looking forward to the next episode as always!

(Twitch: eyearcana) #27

The problem is that Warforged is only Unearthed Arcana which Adam doesn’t currently allow.

(Olf_Himself) #28

Yeah, it’s great! :itmejplol:

(sythmaster) #29

ah, fair. I was unaware if was only UA still. :man_shrugging:I guess.

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #30

Forget the promise of passing intelligence and wisdom checks, for in the grim dark future there is only Berg.

(AdamKoebel) #31

100% totally allowed.

(Possibly Batman) #32

New body, who dis? This is a really exciting idea. Also, will he have new racial bonuses? And what race does he now count as? Warforged seems the most obvious, but not sure if you and Max have already planned that out.

Regardless, I’m incredibly excited for where Berg goes from here! Amazing DMing as always Adam :adamwizard:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #33

Nice! I assumed this was probably in your head already. Will you mention his options to Max before next Tuesday? Keep up the good work by the way, the weird stuff is the best. Gimme more of that Appendix N goodness.

(profnesbitt) #34

I assume that will happen when Berg leaves heaven and officially gets his new body.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #35

Right but he’s not going to be like okay Max you’re now a Dwarf Cleric with 8 STR. In my mind he’ll ask what he’s interested in and explain possible options, he’ll then use that to base the story upon.

(jduats) #36

I think this was the two parts of Berg’s soul, the upper and lower soul. Berg would need both to retain his identity and memory when he comes back to “life”.

(Mr_Undergr0und) #37

Ah. Thank you. I forgot about their names but thanks for telling me what they actually are.

(Bil Kulp) #38

No shit, when you revealed MechaBerg, my mind immediately thought “Holy shit, CoS 40k, finally”

(profnesbitt) #39

I can’t remember for sure but elemental alignment is tied to a players soul right? So even with all this Berg stays Water? How do you treat monsters like the Rakshasa or items that require a certain alignment good/evil for an extra effect in the Court of Swords world (5e went away from this mostly but there seems to be a few holdover ones)? Do you plan on ignoring that mechanic, having it tied to their elemental sign, determining yourself based on how they’ve played their character, or possibly replacing it with their souls dharma/karma accrual based on how well they’ve followed their fortune?

(Twitch: UnkindledChaos) #40

Adam, i am having alittle problem with continuity on this episode Pravat Halfelven is dead, confirmed by yourself “smahed by justice.” so who really has Zeke’z dagger now?