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[COURT OF SWORDS // E73 Q&A] Sunset in the City


(AdamKoebel) #1

rip “the sun” or whatever?

(ZHermZ) #2

Some of the most beautiful hypocrisy I have ever witnessed.


(Bgriffs) #3

I have a feeling SaliHafa is just gonna say nah, this tortle is off to the big sea in the sky. New character hype.

(Mr_Undergr0und) #4

First off: What was that con save you had Berg made when he touched the corpse of the god of forgotten knowledge. Second, about how much of the reason why Hassan doesn’t want Sali to come back because of the knowledge he did learn?

(Olf_Himself) #5

So that Star lady… Is she Hassan’s equivalent?

(CrustyFapRag) #6

Yeah, I have the feeling JP wants a new character

(ZHermZ) #7

Probably. She seems like it.

(Overboard9) #8

I will miss the tortle

(Overboard9) #9

I definitely like the preparing to go to war stuff they had

(TwilightBorealis) #10

Very fun episode. Kalimat totally understands theology now. It was also great speculating about Ramus potentially losing his spells, etc.

If Sali were to come back as a revenant until the end of the mission, would that not please the Tower? He would be able to complete the mission and not stick around as Ramus’s dharma (I know he can’t accumulate it) afterwards. Especially if the mission is only one more episode so JP can play next week until the new book comes out.

(Partor6) #11

I mean he’s been doing this for quite a while… I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to stick to one character for a bit more time tbh

(AdamKoebel) #12

Secret secret i’ve got a secret.

(AdamKoebel) #13

Hard to say - I think if anyone were to ask, I’d probably say they’d recognize her as Tian Shi, and so a long time visitor to heaven, and she says she knows him, so they probably just have a history. the Star and the Tower work closely together.

(Overboard9) #14

I want to think it was the likelihood of transference of godhood

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #15

So much philosophy! Plus the death of my favorite turtle and a cool silverfish god. Oh and the sun. It also died?

This episode was wild! It should have big implications on the future. I’m wondering if being killed by the god of forgetting will have an effect on Sali. Maybe he’ll come back with Amnesia? (If he comes back at all)

(Twitch: BambiNevermore) #16

Was the God taking damage throughout the fight since he disembodied himself?

(Syldari) #17

see you at the crossroads Sali ;A;

(apepi) #18

Without the sun’s light a shadow can not loom.

(Overboard9) #19

I believe he might have been. I expected a god would be a lot harder to kill

(Shadowmail) #20

Since JP gained the 100 exp to level, Would his new character start at level 7? Or does the psuedo death state he is in prevent the level gain thus not pushing the cap to 7.