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[COURT OF SWORDS // E73 Q&A] Sunset in the City


(Shadowmail) #21

Only if he starts at level 7, if he has the choice between a level 5 character and a wizard with level 4 spells and the extra spell book ramus has with fireball and lightning bolt…I feel like he will chose the wizard.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #22

Great episode. So much tension in the group. They should all just talk! Yes you too Sali, get up!

Noticed Adam was going for the more cinematic approach. It works for CoS aswell. Great DMming!

(sythmaster) #23

Goodbye Sun

Awesome as always! Interesting to see how all of this will play out! Definitely a few threads of really big shit going on.

I kind of want to see the spin-off tv show of Berg + the Orges as part of The Tower. In a sort of B99 type show :stuck_out_tongue:

As PCs usually do its fun to see them get so lost in tangents to the initial kernel of what was to be done. I’m looking forward to the last few bits of destruction now! haha. I’m sure all your clocks are ramped up close to midnight!

(Possibly Batman) #24

God I love Court of Swords! What a crazy show this has continued to be. Love every minute.

Ridiculous rules question of the day; If Berg was to strap Sali to his back (shell out) could he gain a benefit to his AC?

(apepi) #25

I think Sali would be fine with Berg using his corpse to make armor… He doesn’t need the body anymore(if he chooses not to come back).

(Twitch: arielleej) #26

This was a great show, and I’m really excited to see what happens next. I’m secretly hoping Ramus gives Hassan the middle finger and embraces the true destructive power of primal fire.

(profnesbitt) #27

@AdamKoebel Another great episode several questions not really related to this one but about events in general. I’m still amazed by the number of guards and priests that the PCs keep having get in their way. Is the farang situation not an all hands on deck situation yet, is anyone in the city even fighting them anymore or are they just taking over the city unimpeded? Is everyone just expected someone else to stop them?

Is the reincarnation the fountain does after a soul is measured and placed in a new body some variant of the Reincarnation spell since it seems similar? I might be reading way too much into this but it’s funny that the only PCs that have access to that spell are Druids and since they seem to get their power from the gods that didn’t create the arcana it might imply the reincarnation process used by the fountain is linked to the “old gods”.

I might be reading way too much into this I just love speculating about this world you all have created. Great work by all. It’ll be sad if Salihafa goes if for no other reason than because we won’t have someone who can make arcana and history checks to tell us about the world.

(apepi) #28

I wonder if the party will want to help the tower after this.

(AdamKoebel) #29

The thing is that it’s not really a clear war in any meaningful sense. Like, it’s an urban environment suddenly overrun in places by an opposing force that nobody knows how to handle. They’re invisible to some of the people who would oppose them and the ones who do see the threat can’t agree on how to handle it. The loss of the A’harisa and the Immortals hiding away in their Palace means there’s no force that’s really fighting the Farang at all.

It’s not, no. It’s a different process - reincarnation via the wheel means you’re reborn, not reincarnated into an adult form.

(SoCutey) #30

@itmeJP I just wanted to point out that on the stat-overlay it says that Berg has 8 charisma but he actually has 6 charisma because he gets -2 to charisma checks.

(Womprats) #31

Hey @DansGaming , so Hassan’s beef with Ramus seems to be that he’s accusing Ramus of not “letting go” in the same vein that Ramus is always hounding Berg about not “letting go”. Ramus was rationalizing that he wants Sali alive still for the sole reason that Sali is capable of destructive magic and thus is a useful tool, though it seemed like Hassan wasn’t really buying it. Do you think Ramus is lying to himself a bit here (i.e., he is not “letting go”), or was that the straight truth of it? With his affection for Berg, we already know that Ramus is certainly not just a heartless bastard. Curious if any of that care has extended to Sali.