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[COURT OF SWORDS E72 // Q&A] Boom Boom Bang Bang


(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #42

Yeah, its always fun to think about who they’ll play next. I know JP is really interested in more of the Xanathar’s Guide Subclasses, but who knows what they’ll do for races. They’ve hit most of the big ones, besides Goliath and a few of the ones from Volo’s.

(Scara29) #43

Silent Thorn is also the only member of the party telling the truth is his version of the tale he told about the events about Sallix being a Teifling, whereas the Dwarves in the party changed her to being a human.

(Scara29) #44

No problem.

I haven’t been back and watched any of the prior seasons. I did go back and watch the start of the Primordial Arc but have just watched from Episode 50 onwards, most of the important lore stuff is being explained as things go on due to Zeke being new, so I’ve just been learning along with him.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #45

I’ve been around since Day one, and boy has it been a journey. I remember the first time I was able to watch it live instead of on Youtube was the week of the first TPK, and then I missed the next week, so the second time I watched live was the week Wester died. I still have the screenshot on my computer of me pointing this out in chat, and JP replying telling me that it was all my fault.

(MikeBalzary) #46

Wester died because of you, you monster. i think i will watch it on my free time. Its just 49 eps, i already watched 32. A few months should do it.

(Scara29) #47

Wow! You’ve seen JP, Dan and Max go through so many characters then. :open_mouth:

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #48

Yeah, but that was kind of why I loved the show so much originally. The show filled (and eventually overflowed) the hole in my heart where West Marches used to be, so some difficult, by the books D&D made me so hype every week. Gosh, I’m getting so nostalgic now, remembering how excited I was when the show was announced.

I really like the new format too though. I tend to get really attached to characters, so even though I loved getting to see new ones be created, losing them was really bittersweet. I think I might have just wanted to watch some nice D&D played with a good DM and a bunch of friends having fun, and Rollplay has certainly provided that over the years.

Any of the crew reading this, never forget how much the content you make means to your fans. It really has helped me get through life these past couple years.

(SubSonicSpraak) #49

I’m loving the narrative the dice is giving to Kalimat.
First he loses his mojo in trying to be charismatic.
He slips into a small “funk” only to be able to get lucky again with some stealthy-stealth-ness and lock-picking… which of course leads him to become prey for a ravenous God Bug.
It’s TOO good.

(Ty_martinez) #50

Adam with the big reveal of souls possibley not being real does this mean the mara might just be gods trying to spread the truth of the lie of heaven?

(AdamKoebel) #51

thank you so much :smiley: it never gets old hearing it

(Qu4resm4) #52

Here’s my theory for this whole “awakening an old god” and the Silent Thorn cameo, and @AdamKoebel please feel free to respond with some cryptic non-answer or emojis and let me find out if I got anything right during play:
The god they want to awake is actually what is left of Parwat from the primordial arc. Naadi did flood him from the inside, he should probably be dead. But the formation of the Arcana happened, the most powerful gods ascended to heaven to drink from the fountain and call the shots. I bet that Naadi was one of them. And when she left, all the water of the place went with her, forming the desert. Not to mention, the Orcs were aligned with her and they lost the war with the dwarves. I bet that coincided with Naadi leaving to heaven and letting them fend for themselves, like she did before, cuz she doesn’t care for shit for mortals.
AT LEAST this is how I would’ve done it if I was GMing, but I bet whatever @AdamKoebel cooks up is gonna be way better than my expectations. Can’t wait for it all to unfold! Great work guys =D

(apepi) #53

Adam you forgotten God’s is giving me an American God’s vibe.

Possible Spoilers

Somewhat. I believe the souls are ‘real’ but more…torn apart? It was slightly talked about in the primordial arc. The gods were favoring the Dwarves but the new race the humans came about and showed great promise.

But let’s hold on a second here, before we continue, let’s talk about how the God’s and maybe even the Farang’s souls work. They don’t enter the cycle of the fountain(it appears) and their whole being is one thing.

But humans/other mortals? The gods saw potential in their souls, potential magical energy. So a group of gods got together and decided to split the mortal being into two things, their ‘soul’(potential magical energy) and the other side of them that houses their rest of their self being/alignment. But the group of gods can’t simply just use this potential energy, they have to convert it. And to do this the gods created the ‘arcana’, a path for the souls to be converted to go into the fountain. But because of this it made the rest of god’s who didn’t decide to help weak and forgotten.

Now the Mara I think are some of the forgotten gods and people refusing to walk the Arcana and it changing their soul’s with no where to go, it creates ‘negative’ magical energy. Let’s remember the Fountain is about unity, harmony and selflessness. Now the Mara? Direct opposite. They come when a person is greedy, needy and selfish, they only seek to help those who’s actions push towards these things and away from the Arcana/Fountain.

Which is why people see the Arcana as fake(it kind of is) and the souls being a lie, as it is partially artificially engineered.

(TheDesec) #54

B: You know how bad things always kind of keep happening to me and those around me?
R: You know why though, Berg, right?
B: No, not really
R: 'Cause you never let go […] Let go of your rage for once!
B: Ramus, the rage is all I have!

The rage glows red from my eyes tonight
Only foes are to be seen
A kingdom of gore and murder
And it looks like I’m the king

My rage is howling like a swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried
Don’t let them live, don’t let them see
Be the bad Berg you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care what they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on
Some blood never bothered me anyway

(SojournerBurns) #55

I can’t help but wonder… would the PCs be able to hijack Hassan’s sacrifice? Might be able to wake another god… say… the orcs’ Black Worm? If Berg is currently being worshipped something akin to the way an Ancient Greek hero would have been, imagine what the Orcs would think of Berg happen if they woke THAT god?

(saberthedarklord) #56

If I remember from the primordial arc, gods are killable, but killing a god affects the aspect they represent, so killing this god of forgotten knowledge may cause said knowledge to flood back into the world somehow.

(Twitch: InvoluntarilyHuman) #57

I mean, if Souls don’t exist, then how would that explain the reincarnation of Azure Vortex? Or the vision of the room full of ‘souls’? Or Utrix’s “Soul Cube” thing that Berg smashed because Berg Smash? Etc.

(Monstercloud1) #58

We’re going into Gantz territory…