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[COURT OF SWORDS E72 // Q&A] Boom Boom Bang Bang


(AdamKoebel) #22

Yeah, it never really needed to be a fight, it was just an intense pursuit.

(Partor6) #23

To me it just seemed like he wanted to completely subdue Kali and savor the moment. He definitely wanted to eat him but not for the sake of just killing him off.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #24

Fan Art of this is something I NEED.

Also, I I’ve been watching the streams since forever ago, and I’ve been posting stuff here on the community sight for a while, but now with the addition of the Discord, It’s really exciting to me that I am starting to recognize more and more names in chat that I know from here and the Discord (And Vice Versa).

Also I freaked out at the Silent Thorn Cameo. A++

(sythmaster) #25

Or this one?

(ZHermZ) #26

Itihas kinda reminds me of my ex.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #27

Not sure what that says about that relation ship, but I think I’m glad they’re your Ex.

Although Sali X Itihas OTP

*Edit: Actually Sali X Brilliant Corona OTP. He’s going to be so upset when Sali ditches their lunch date

(Scara29) #28

I gasped so loudly at the Silent Thorn statue that my partner came in from the other room to check I was ok XD

I loved that reference to the Primordial Arc and Max’s smile at one of his characters having a statue was priceless :smiley:

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #29

The newer people in Chat were all “Wait, who is that?!?”, and meanwhile I was just wildly flailing and screaming at my computer

(profnesbitt) #30

Any chance you will treat the time sali spent in the hut with the bug god like schrodingers questions? In case JP thinks of something later on he wanted to ask it he can say “ yea I would have asked the bug that”

(sythmaster) #31


The callback to the Primordial Arc. The Knowledge Dumps. The Senile Old Gods who Hunger.

Great Episode!!! And while the ending will probably be the most remembered - the interaction at the Wheel of Fortune temple was also great!!

So… theory/weird fan question…

Wild Speculation

So if Salihafa (or Kali I guess?) eats the God of Forgotten Knowledge before the God perishes, will Salihafa become a lesser God of Forgotten Knowledge because he consumed something forgotten of this world? How much corruption can we get the PCs involved with? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #32

I’m worried it will eat one of them, and everyone else will forget they ever existed…

(Scara29) #33


So I just @ people to explain that it was one of Max’s characters and the one from the Primordial Arc

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #34

I did that to a couple times too, but it eventually just got too crazy. Giant Bug God awe kind of took precedent over explaining lore.

(Scara29) #35

Yeah, Itihas possibly doing something that could turn out to kill him and going after the rarest of delicacies in Kalimat took over fast

(MikeBalzary) #36

This primordial arc is from the first season of CoS, or another thing altogether?

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #37

I believe the arc took place between seasons three and four at some point? It was one of the live-live-shows

Silent Thorn basically goes down in history for killing some Gods and trying to save the world

(Scara29) #38

Primordial Arc was a few episodes prior to Zeke joining at Episode 50, it’s a great arc and the live show that ended that arc is what got me watching CoS last October

(sythmaster) #39

It was a mini-arc + Live Live Show, I think starting around here in the playlist:

(MikeBalzary) #40

Ah so this is just a one shot? I will look up on youtube as soon as i can. Thanks. And we had a nice chat about who will be the new PCs if this god have his snacks. GG

(MikeBalzary) #41

Thanks for scara29 and sythmaster for the extra information, i will check out as soon as i can. You guys recoment watching CoS from season 1? I started on S4