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[COURT of SWORDS // E69 Q&A] It's a Small Price to Pray


(AdamKoebel) #1

i remember when this game wasn’t pray2win.

(Partor6) #2

Ramus is awful and I love Agni. LOL

(Possibly Batman) #3

I can never get enough Angni! Awesome RP this whole episode

(Mr_Undergr0und) #4

A good portion of the episode: Does praying achieve anything?
Kalimat: I can cast stuff now with this flute!
Salihafa: But why tho
Ramus: It’s called faith, and its faith that you all lack you bunch of heretics.
Berg: What is pray.
I love this episode.

(TwilightBorealis) #5

If Berg does get spell-like powers from Agni, what stat will it roll off of? If it is wisdom, like normal cleric spells, then Berg won’t do very well… he has a -2. Not everyone can have 20 wisdom after all.

(Partor6) #6

I have always wanted to ask, Adam, is there an Underdark in the Court of Swords universe, or anything resembling it?

(FatalFlesh) #7

that scene with Angi gave me a funny thought. What is Berg is just schizophrenic and there are no voices in his head? I think that could be a fun thing to get into or even educational for some who dont know what schizophrenic is really like. I think with Berb not being the smartest character it would be kinda cool to explore the idea of maybe he is just schizophrenic or maybe there is just a lot of magic working in his head because of all the “empty space.” :stuck_out_tongue:

(CaptainKirkZILLA) #8

I feel as though Berg has a bizarre thread of fate when it comes to Primordial entities. He and Agni seem to be getting real cozy with each other. I love her though. Goddess that totally downplays herself. It’s great.

While Ramus is undoubtedly a despicable person, I can’t help but notice all his backhanded mini-sermons. Ramus/Dan has a really neat way of being an asshole but teaching an important (to him) lesson, and being a good and loyal friend at the same time. It’s one of the reasons Ramus is one of my favorite characters.

(Olf_Himself) #9

Agni is love but Ramus is also love. :itmejpheart:

(AdamKoebel) #10

All divine magic in D&D is tapped from Wisdom, so yep, it’d be that.

(AdamKoebel) #11

Yeah, probably? I hadn’t really thought about it. No drow tho.

(profnesbitt) #12

Great RP episode. Great work by everyone.

So uhhhh what was the wisdom save for and did Kali succeed or fail?

(Scara29) #13

Agni is both the coolest and the hottest character, I love her and I hope we get more interaction between her and Berg in the future.

(AdamKoebel) #14

Failed to avoid being noticed by the SPOOKY PSYCHIC POWERZ

(Warrewal) #15

Hey Adam, not a question about this episode specifically, but I’ve been wondering what do you use for treasure gen?

Also with magic items, do you replace whatever comes up in the generator with your own table, or go along with what you get?

(Partor6) #16

Awesome, I wasn’t thinking about drows in particular just a deeper layer of the world with different species and cultures. Could the Farang have come from there? Or are they more like an Alien race?

(NicVspz) #17

The new(-ish) goal oriented style is really paying off. It really allows the characters to have much more roleplaying space than D&D usually affords, and I think we’re really starting to see that with the players making more and more interparty goals. It’s cool stuff and the current cast of characters is easily the most likeable in the shows history because of it.

(AdamKoebel) #18

I use and then I give the items I roll a little special court of swords flavour

(sythmaster) #19

The idea of Agni becoming a Fledgling Deity with her first Follower is great. I loved that whole exchange. Both Adam and Max played it sooooo well.

With the Prisoner’s … uh… “offer” to thank Kali, and the demise of the Harissa (more or less), it definitely seems like some of those Fronts you did prep on are ratcheting up! [spoiler]We also haven’t quite seen Tulpa’s reaction to that yet. A Kali / Berg conflict w/ the Farang will be interesting to see if it develops![/spoiler]

How close does it feel like the City of Brass has left if the cast sort of keeps on its current pace? I think you mentioned that you’re starting to see the end point for this arc, definitely seems like some shit is going to go down soon.

Awesome Episode, you really brought it even in this busy week!!

(Twitch: Brooster) #20

If somebody played a paladin, that’s Charisma, though, isn’t it? Could the argument be made that it would be CHA-based?