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[COURT of SWORDS // E69 Q&A] It's a Small Price to Pray


(SlyChampion) #21

Dan has played a PaliDAN before and yes it was charisma based, though paladins pull directly from the fountain as opposed to being siphoned from a god.

(apepi) #22

I have always argued that Paladin’s more draw power from their own ideals, morality, and how people see them from just a god. It is much more complicated.

(Overboard9) #23

So if Kalimat manages to fix that toy beetle and somehow in future episodes they miraculously find Maude, will he give the toy beetle to her?

(Ezekiel_III) #24

Maybe… :slight_smile:

(hbbj0313) #25

Hey Adam, thanks for the awesome episode! Is there any planned tension between Agni and Tulpa? I’d love to see a thought creature and a person that represents a set of ideas duke out for Berg’s consciousness. Also watching you argue with yourself could be entertaining :stuck_out_tongue:.

(sythmaster) #26

I"m all game for seeing a three-way between Max and Adam.

(Thekontiki) #27

The dice had some interesting things to say this episode! And the players were in top comedic form throughout. An episode worthy of the number 69

(Tragicweather) #28

Awesome episode all around to the whole crew. I always find myself upset that the players don’t play their PCs the way I believe they should, only to be absolutely exctatic they did it their way in the long run. Absolutely love Agni as a character and the any development in her “arc”

(TheTrueAndOnle) #29

You can say she is on Fire…

(TheWorklessGamer) #30

Berg is gonna have a horrible nightmare, who makes a clockwork rust monster. Crazy toymakers that’s who.

(snip_cz) #31

Another great episode, pleasure to watch these awesome rol(e/l)play moments and learn more about the characters. The trade-off for making the campaign less PC murder-deadly and allowing more space for story and characters to develop is definitely paying off. (Agni is the best NPC btw :itmejp10: )

Still looking forward for more combat as well and the conclusion of this city arc.
Also, #LetThe’Dead’LIE! :itmejpgg:

Cheers and have fun at PAX :itmejptip:

(DesmondDentresti) #32

Adam has already said Wisdom, but it could be Charisma if its treated as a heavenly ability like the Deva. A channelling of spirit rather than communal with the gods. That would make it -1 rather than -2.

Constitution is loosely plausible if we reeaaally want to push it in the characters favour and discuss what it is to be ‘innately’ magic in CoS. With a +1 that a 3 increase over Wisdom. Some ‘innate’ abilities use Constitution like breath weapons from Dragons - although these were clarified by Sage Advice as not actually being magical effects in Traditional D&D, Adam may say that, due to EVERYTHING in the world being spiritually ‘magical’, Dragons and their breath weapons are also magical in the CoS setting. Probably not though.

In short, although Adam specifically said Wisdom, I would push for Charisma as both making sense from a roleplaying perspective and not basing the ability on the characters actual worst stat (even thought it isnt much better).

(DesmondDentresti) #33

Elves are extradimensional. They didnt exist within the planes of reality. They arent of fire, air, earth or water, nor are they of Heaven or the void. So if the Underdark does exist and it is another ‘plane of existence’… then nope. Farang wouldnt have come from there.

(ovis_alba) #34

I feel the very “unusual” relationship Agni and Berg have could open up a lot of possibilities. The thing Agni e.g. was most interested in during the first meeting with Berg was his Rage, but he wasn’t willing to give her any of that back then, so maybe letting her tap into that thing would manifest that connection.

From a mechnical point I’m going a bit wild here but I can’t really see Berg going in a Cleric direction, so maybe their connection would be based on his Barbarian nature instead. Could be something like once Berg shares his Rage with her she could offer him an alternative to his Bergserker Rage, so instead of getting a bonus action attack with the price of exhaustion, there could be an Agni/Fire related Rage.
(Thinking about it, Xanathar’s actually has the path of the Storm Herald with the desert type that e.g. creates a fire aura, so maybe just like Ramus who would be able to switch his Cleric domain now due to Agni’s mark, Berg could be allowed to do something similar with his Barbarian path or simply gain a very specific limited feature of that fire related one)

(DesmondDentresti) #35

I like that. I hadnt read much into it because it never suited the settings I have played in.
Court of Swords could use it though. That would be well suited.

(TwilightBorealis) #36

How does the fire aura work? I’ve always thought that the flames of the arm becoming defensive would be a cool thing. Considering how quickly Berg goes through armor, armor of flames would do him well. And they fit thematically since Agni is a forgemaster.

(TheWorklessGamer) #37

At 3rd level you emanate a stormy magical aura whilst you rage. The saving throws against these effects are 8+Prof+Con mod. Desert aura: Whilst your aura is active creatures inside your aura take 2 fire damage, this damage increases when you level.
At 6th gain resistance to fire damage and are immune to the effects of extreme heat environments, additionally as an action you cab touch an object that isn’t being worn or carried by anyone else and set it on fire

(ovis_alba) #38

It’s a 10 ft aura that activates when you rage and you can then activate it again as a bonus action each turn. The “desert” one deals fire damage to each other creature (starts with 2, increases to 3 at level 5 and theen to 4 at level 10 etc.)

(TwilightBorealis) #39

This sounds perfect, if Adam would allow it.

(seassnake) #40

I like it too but I think Path of the Zealot actually feels a lot more Berg-like, maybe just swap the divine fury damage to fire.