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[COURT OF SWORDS // E65 // Q&A] Carrying the Burden of Dharma


(Twitch: eyearcana) #81

Correct he has the 18th in the news thread.

(ZHermZ) #82

@AdamKoebel If you continue with [spoiler]the checklist for the progression of the arc (i.e. the Goal-check-mark-thing-document from the GM prep for the live show), then there will eventually be a way to battle the Farang directly, no? When this “cure/weapon/weakness” is discovered, will you present the party with another opportunity to convince the Immortals and The Tower to combine forces and drive out the Farang directly?[/spoiler] In the episode, it was said by Hasan that heaven had no way to destroy this things; however, [spoiler]we know that the Immortals are trying to find way through the Sahir. We don’t know if the Tower is attempting to find this “weakness”, but I would assume not because they already believe they have found a solution to the problem (burning the city). What I’m saying is if the story maintains its natural progression and the Immortals and the Ahari’sa do find a weakness, and the party is notified of this, will you present them with another opportunity of creating a 2 sided war rather than a 3 sided?[/spoiler]

God I hope so. I really want the party to pursue this alliance/true enemy path of the arc. I think it’s the most entertaining out of all of them. And MAYBE. JUST MAYBE. The Mara, Heaven, and Earth could combine forces and drive out these Farang, once and for all? Just a thought :hushed:

Edit: Also I wonder [spoiler]if the way to stop the Farang was held[/spoiler] in Utrix’s domain? How else would he have [spoiler]contained such a powerful entity in a prison so simple?[/spoiler]

Edit: Spoilers

(profnesbitt) #83

I’m very curious about the prison that was holding him as well. I got the feeling he was trapped there long before Utrix came around and Utrix built his seclusium around the oubliette.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #84

I think I remember Adam specifically saying at some point that the oubliette was there before Utrix built the seclusium, but I might just be remembering it wrong.

(notNOTjack) #85

No, he definitely said that. Now how did that Farang find himself trapped in a oubliette that “no one” built in a plane that Utrix later found?.. Big mystery. Maybe in answering those questions, the solution to the Farang problem is, hmm? (I turned into Yoda midway there for some reason :stuck_out_tongue: )

(TwilightBorealis) #86

It is possible that “no one” built it because the entity that built it forgot. That seemed to be the power of the oubliette, after all.

[spoiler]It is also likely a hint on how to deal with the Farang. Tulpa is so named because Adam described the Farang as not of spirit but of mind. Thought-forms, essentially. Without a mind to perceive them, without memory of them, it is possible they may cease to exist in our plane. Perhaps that is also how the anti-magic, and the soon to be anti-anti-magic works. They are somehow incepting the idea that magic will not work, and in so doing block the intention of the caster to the pathways of the Fountain. Anti-anti-magic would work in such a way that the caster is no longer throwing a ball of fire, but instead manifesting the idea of a fireball into the same idea-space as the Farang target. If it works in this way, the onlookers would not see the fireball, but they would see the damaged Farang. The witnessing minds would make it real.[/spoiler] I don’t know if Adam is going for something like this, or has even gotten that far along, but it certainly would fit with psychological scifi concepts.

(notNOTjack) #87

That’s an interesting concept to be sure.

(ZHermZ) #88

Yes, I 100% agree [spoiler]there is definitely something that built not just the oubliette, but somewhat of an Island before Utrix went there. I’m not sure if the Gith came on the island before Utrix or vice versa, but I remember Adam saying somewhere that Utrix had “found” an island in another plane and called it his home. So the original maker of the island is still unknown, and I don’t think we’ve had any clues to what made it? Unless the mindflayers has something to do with this (which I don’t think so) then I don’t know who made it.[/spoiler]

Also just a random side thought: [spoiler]I 200% believe that Berg is a reincarnation of Emporer Fei. Just saying. Remember when he went through the ring and Adam said Berg saw a vision of wanting to return to his wife and kids? That was definitely Fei. No doubt in my mind. Just something I’ve been thinking on for a while. We know some of the story behind Emporer Fei, so yea. Cool. [/spoiler]

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #89

I’m not sure about that. While it’d be a wicked cool reveal, Adam has said (I think in a Patreon Video?) that since Emperor Fei was such an incredible hero and lived so long ago, he had probably reached enlightenment and rejoined the fountain. Of course, Adam could have been intentionally misleading us, or might settle on the idea later, but he seemed pretty genuine when talking about Fei. [spoiler]Plus, the Emperor would have had to have done something really bad to descend all the way from near enlightenment to potentially cursed Half Orc, but I suppose anything could have happened in the millennia between the two. If Berg was an incarnation of Fei though, it would be really cool to see Berg try to track down the rest of Emperor Fei’s artifacts. I remember Adam listing several of them back when Berg got the hammer, but I can’t recall any of them specifically besides his chariot being one.[/spoiler]

(ZHermZ) #90

Only one person who knows for certain :thinking::smirk:

(Elyoslayer) #91

I am 100% certain that Berg has nothing to do with Fei, simply because Berg came first and the hammer later as loot, logically it can’t happen, if Adam wants to make a connection then fine, but by default there is no way for Berg to have had a connection, (again, if Adam decides that he should have one then a connection could be added in the future as a “side story” by him).

(profnesbitt) #92

Yea I think the whole wanting to get back to his family stuff was Tulpas memories not feis. It makes a lot more sense that way anyway.

(Kol_Saresk) #93

I mean, this is a universe that exists on the concept that fate and reincarnation are real so while it may have originally been a random dice roll on the loot table, part of rpgs is developing a story. So it wouldn’t be that big of a hassle for Adam to decide, “Hey, you know what Berg? Maybe you are the reincarnation of Emperor Fei, several lifetimes removed.” And it wouldn’t be a retcon because there is nothing saying that Berg isn’t a reincarnation of Fei.

But hey, fan theories. Might be true, might not be true, might be the source of inspiration for the next big plot reveal.

(ZHermZ) #94

Tulpa has kids. Good to know. :joy:

(SilasTheInuk12) #95

It definitely makes sense that he would be the reincarnation though, even if they didn’t think of it when Adam gave him the weapon. If the way reincarnation, dharma and whatnot works. Then, he probably just went lower into the line of people who needed to suffer, as Adam said.

(apepi) #96

I was pretty sure that was the dwarf’s soul that Berg sucked and not Fei

(profnesbitt) #97

Oh yea I didn’t think of that. Definitely could have been that.

(Twitch: UserRequired) #98

I believe that ties into Berg being an orc and that being a racial of his.