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[COURT OF SWORDS // E65 // Q&A] Carrying the Burden of Dharma


(AdamKoebel) #1

Strange foes and stranger allies caught in the shadow…

(Twitch: Brooster) #2

The “right” thing for Berg to do here is definitely to give the girl up, right?

(shellbell02) #3

@AdamKoebel is it even possible to extract tulpa from berg at this point?

(AdamKoebel) #4

definitely still possible, yep!

(Twitch: Yggddrasylle) #5

Good kid, Maad city

(Partor6) #6

Also, is Tulpa dead and is it his soul in Berg?

(Space_Waffles) #7

I was wondering how you would work out the Tower-Aharisa alliance and I like this atm. I was thinking the Tower would join the Aharisa and not burn the city, but I really like the idea of the other way around. Seeing how that goes will be fun!

(AdamKoebel) #8

Farang don’t have souls!

(thatshawwwn) #9

Burg might have learned something from the desert tower after all.
Maybe this girl is what he needed to get some hope back, and push him over towards the Star?
Funny that his hope might be a “parting gift” from his old slave master…

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #10

Absolutely love how completely useless the “ambassador” for the Aharisa was. Plus, more Tulpa lore is great, seems like were getting closer to confirming the exact relationship between the two kinds of elves. We already kind of knew they hated each other, but the why is still a bit foggy.

I’m also getting so hyped for the Heaven Heist that might take place in the future. The absolute last place any of these characters should be right now is Heaven, which is why I think is’s going to be so fun if the party makes their way there.

(Partor6) #11

Oh yeah, make sense, as they don’t have connection to the fountain… :slight_smile:

(AdamKoebel) #12

The dharmic debt he is incurring for holding on to her / azure’s memory, etc is certainly accruing but I don’t think “right” and “wrong” are exactly the correct way to look at it.

(Qu4resm4) #13

@AdamKoebel I’m not sure if this is the place to point this out, but shouldn’t Berg get 400xp for pursuing the keep the girl safe goal, instead of the 350 you said on stream? Thought it was 50 x Level, and Berg’s 8, so… just pointing it out.

But GODDAMN things keep ramping up and getting more interesting =D I wonder what will happen when Hassan realizes that Berg’s really not about letting things go. And Ramus realizing he might be invisible in Heaven if he tries to Heist his soul up. Cannot freaking wait for the next session!

(Pierzing) #14

It’s cool seeing the team try to walk the line and get an alliance between the factions, I’m really pulling for them and hoping they can work it out. Also, like someone pointed out in chat, the parallels between Left Alone’s riddle and the caretaking of Maad is absolutely delicious.

[spoiler]I’m surprised that Tulpa shared that he wanted access to the Fountain with Berg, I didn’t think he would try to get Berg’s help so explicitly.[/spoiler]

(AdamKoebel) #15

yeah! i caught that at the last second, i’ll give it to him in the post show

(shellbell02) #16

does berg even want to get rid of tulpa though?

(sinderfell) #17

First time in a while I’ve actually managed to catch the full stream live. I’ve been loving every minute of this show ever since the return the the City,but man am I itching as a viewer for someone to finally stand up and say the Tower might actually be in the wrong this time around. Their whole salted earth campaign is built around this future the bureaucracy of diviniation has fortold, but by their own admission they can’t actually see the Farang except by their absence.

It’s a tricky prospect when most of the party has existed under the Shadow of The Tower for so long, but I feel like it’s not a huge leap to go “wait, if Heaven is blind when it comes to these things how in the hell can they be certain the divination is the only possible outcome for an unrazed City of Brass?”

The last couple months of CoS have made me want to PC at this setting so hard, which I guess is the highest praise I can give for an RPG show?

(AdamKoebel) #18

Yeah it’s neat huh? I think the whole situation is a philosophical conundrum and I’m not specifically about a particular ending or goal, so whatever happens will be cool!

(Partor6) #19

Maybe he’s getting desperate and doesn’t want Berg as a vessel die.

(Pierzing) #20

I think the convo that Berg had with him this episode where he asked if Tulpa was like the Farang set off some alarms for him, so perhaps it is becoming more of a possibility in Berg’s head?