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[COURT OF SWORDS // E61 Q&A] Hope Is Foreign To You


(kingofgriffons) #21

Also, would it be possible to re purpose Tomb of Annhilation into a hex crawling quest to kill the Court of Swords Undead Lord instead of Acererack for my own game?

(Tofo145) #22

I’m always looking forward to CoS, and it continues to be great! I made a little verse for fun about Ramus. Maybe I’ll continue it tomorrow.
Melody: Rasputin by Boney M

There lived a certain man in the Courts long ago
A nose for finer things, in his eyes a greedy glow
Had the gods abandoned him was his greatest fear
A world in which the Arcana they did revere
He’d smite his enemies with power
Just himself did he admire
Before him his enemies would cower
Fleeing his holy fire

Ra ra Ramus Krill
Servant of the Tower’s will
He had a soul, but now it is gone
Ra ra Ramus Krill
Refound his faith and a thrill
From a life that he just recalled

(Qu4resm4) #23

that Ra ra Ramus Krill made me think it was Lady Gaga untill i read the rest of the comment XD

(Twitch: arielleej) #24

I love the idea of clerics changing their deity of worship as they themselves change. Viconia was always an interesting character to me because of this (going from Lloth to Shar fo finally potentially Sylune (sp?)). It’ll be fun to see where Ramuis ends up going with this.

(TheDesec) #25

Imagine some enemy being bagged by “Ramus and the Bag” and it turns out that it really is a portal to some greedy wizards’ treasury… then starting to stuff his pockets and thinking to themself:

“Man, I thought those assholes were trying to kill me, but they just want to make me rich! Maybe those ‘scam scrolls’ from some prince in the Court of Coins were true after all!?!??!”


[spoiler]Moments later I reached the point in the VOD where this was debunked. (I think)[/spoiler] :itmejps:

(Tarras_que) #26

Well I guess the changes to the bag rule out it’s use as a crapper without some significant set up. Plus if they had, it would’ve been doubly awkward when Sali took a peek.

So in this universe Dharma is universally bad (from a Fountain-centric perspective of course)? I’d love to see what the enlightened ideal for a soul would be. Is it purely following destiny or are there some universalities?

(Twitch: Brooster) #27

“Ramus and the Bag” immediately embedded itself into the melody of “Benny and the Jets” the moment I read it. I want to hear the full version now.

(Joshkie1973) #28

The first half I had the song Nowhere Fast from the movie Streets of Fire playing in my head.

It had good pay off in the end, but sometimes I’m like hurry up and get to Nowhere Fast.

(Pierzing) #30

Ramus’ RP this session was so on point, and got the rolls to go with it. I haven’t been expecting an attempt at redemption from Ramus, but I think it would be terrific thing for Dan to shoot for. He has been sprinkling in this kind of character change with his goals, like in Utrix’s realm, where he wanted to ‘Get everyone out alive,’ or ‘Save Xeritas.’ I’m really excited to see how Dan chooses to play Ramus from here on out.

(suchacrap) #31

cant wait to see the party at higher level so sali has plane shift and they start their journey in the magical-bag-of-random-shit-floating-around-in-space. from my understanding of the description a few protection spells would allow them a few hours inside with a plane shift to get out. would be a nice little adventure where they could find some weird shit

(Thekontiki) #32

I like to think Jeff Goldblum rules somewhere deep in the bag of devouring

(Arraxis) #33

Spoilers about Ramus from the recent GM Prep vid: [spoiler]It’s a shame that if he makes a genuine effort to redeem himself it won’t be counted when it comes to his soul being reincarnated. He’s still doomed to be reincarnated as a farm animal or something like that.[/spoiler]

(notNOTjack) #34

Well, it makes for an even better story, no? [spoiler]There’s a change of heart, an effort to be better, to be good even, and with the path to redemption trod, finding it was all for the benefit of others and not for his own (in a way), that it is all null in the eyes of the Fountain and the reincarnation process, it makes it all that more meaningful, more impactful. There’s no reward at the end, the reward was the journey, the good things he did and the people he helped or changed. And if Ramus happens to find this out while still alive, instead of Dan finding it out after Ramus is gone, his reaction to that knowledge and the actions he takes from then on will effectively prove or deny his redemption, it would be an incredible character defining moment.[/spoiler]

(holiestdiver) #35

WTB Berg + Horse with no name mash-up.

In the desert Berg can’t remember his name…

(apepi) #36

I was thinking… The alignment system(fire, water, etc.) seems like an old antiqued system for the world now. People have left behind those…‘earthly’ ideals and now are trying to reach more divine ones such as the arcana.

Does the common person care about the old ‘alignment’ anymore? For the players, do you look at your alignment when you make a decision? Why was it decided to make the alignment more earthly than divine/arcana?

Also have you considered rewarding players from following their alignment?

(Pierzing) #37

I’m on the exact same wavelength. [spoiler]I know it’s fruitless to hope for any scenario in particular with the way this game goes, but my dream is that Berg and Ramus find themselves in Heaven, the world is dying around them at the hands of the Mara and the Farang, and then the gods tell the two of them to fuck off for one reason or another. Seeing how Berg and Ramus would react in that situation, whether they try to save the world for no karmic benefit or just to let it all burn, is the most tantalizing idea to me and I really hope we get to see something like that ;__;[/spoiler]

(AdamKoebel) #38

Alignment is tied to your soul - it’s the part of the cycle of elements that predates the arcana.

(TDavpat) #39

Great Episode!

How far is the astronomy knowledge have been pushed in this world?

Can’t wait for next show :grin:

(apepi) #40

So since Ramus does not have his soul he can not truly change his alignment even if he wanted to? Damn.

I do love the poetic justice that try all your might to become more divine/a perfect being for the fountain, your soul is still will always be connected to the elements.

Though I guess for Utrix’s case he tried to take his soul and untie the fountain/Arcana parts from his soul and be more of the elements(or the opposite) . Maybe even that is what the fountain is trying to get rid of when ‘you become one with it’, getting rid of the elements part of a soul being truly just divine with no earthly ties. But then that makes me think that if that is possible, what happens when someone tries to take the earthly part out? Skipping the whole process of being cleansed, causing the fountain to not be able to technically cleanse you because you are already cleansed, albeit forcefully.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #41

@itmeJP If you get some free time can you update the overlay to show Berg’s INT as 8 instead of 6?